It's time to Sell or Die!


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Raw, real, and simply legit!

The sales experts bring proven strategies, FUN, and no B.S. tactics that actually WORK! Don’t attempt to make another sale without listening to the Sell or Die podcast.

Simply the best!

Jennifer and Jeffrey--a dynamic pair that bring practical, how-to advice on how to improve your sales skills. So many podcasts nowadays are total fluff, but not these two--their content is timely and relevant and the guests that they bring on are the same. I’ve been listening to podcasts since way before the medium became popular and these two get it right! Great stuff, five-stars—Subscribe if you need to improve your sales skills!

Great Stuff. I am back!

Been a while since I listened to or watch Gitomer in action. Jefferey & Jen make a great combo. Very entertaining and motivating. I’m back on the train!


I have been a long time fan of Jeffrey’s ever since one of my mentors quoted him 7 years ago. I discovered Jen a couple of years after that. They offer engaging content that’s relevant to now. I find it consistently gives me the inspiration I need to be a relevant salesperson constantly honing her craft.


Love the new format

Ingrain in the Brain

I’m a career changer. A chef for 28 years who’s made the jump to selling to the food serve industry. Your podcasts are so excellent I listen to each one 2-3 times to make sure of maximum Sell or Die retention! I’d give 6 stars if I could!

Credible, Concise, Quick

I've been following Jeffrey's work for more than two decades because he knows sales inside and out--literally and figuratively. He's credible because he's done it, and he's practical because his listeners HAVE to do it! That is, he knows we're listening for quick tips to apply immediately. That's exactly what I expect and get from his work.

Awesome podcast!

Jeffrey and Jennifer run a great show. I've been a fan of Jeffrey's since I started doing sales as a freshman in college back in 2008. The Little Red Book of Selling was the first personal development / sales book I bought. I love Jennifer and Jeffrey's no BS approach to sales and since listening to the podcast it's been great to learn about Jennifer and her philosophies as well.

Must listen podcast

This is a must listen to podcast. Jeffrey and Jennifer both bring a different style of sales leadership that their chemistry works so well together. They invite world class guests on their show that bring advice on how to grow grow in sales and, yes, make MONEY 💰💰. As a new sales person in outside sales this podcast has helped me tremendously. I look forward to listening each day.

Love the Show

Listening to these podcasts is like sitting with them and their guest, in their living room, having a glass of wine and listenting to the conversation. It's casual, unfiltered, stimuating, entertaining and informative.

Your work is a Godsend!

I’ve been reading, and using, your information since I first read the ‘Little Red book of Selling’. I’ve read, and continue to read your other books, ‘21.5 Laws of Selling’, ‘Very Little, but very powerful, book on closing’ and of course your latest ‘Sales Manifesto.’ All signed but the last one. The information they provide continues to make me a better sales person. I will continue to implement your teachings as I strive to give my customers the quality selling/consulting experience they deserve. Thanks again and I’ll always remember. “It takes sales balls to make sales calls” PS - Are there any recommendations you have for door to door sales?

Best sales podcasts

I wish every podcast was as good as Sell or Die. Jeff provides valuable content on every show. I have been a customer of his for 15 years.

Most valuable podcast there is!

The only thing I can think of better than Jeffrey and Jennifer’s books is getting new, relevant, and useful information from them five days a week.

Energizing and Informative, Every-time!

There isn’t another sales podcast that delivers as much relevant content as consistently as Sell Or Die, period. That is fact! JG, JG and the company they keep are living examples of the fundamental components that make great sales people. Each episode is presented with enthusiasm, heart and a passion for translating a wealth of real life experience and the wisdom gained from it into actionable lessons aimed at developing sales champions. It’s always simple, rarely easy and always worth it!! PS- Truthful Living is a book worth buying and reading 10 times, in the life manual category I’d rate it a 10 out of 10! Napoleon Hill as you would expect is as always absolutely amazing and Mr. Gitomer’s annotations offer clear translation where needed, reiteration where it can only do the reader good and from beginning to end conveys his love of and respect for Mr Hill. Go Die Hards!!!

The Holy Grail of Sales Podcasts

WOO!!! In today’s world, there is no shortage of information or ways to get a hold of that information. So when standing on line at the buffet of information, where do you go? That’s where Sell or Die comes in. Jeffrey, Jen and all their guests, cut right through the fluff and leave you with Grade A Red Meat. Bite sized chunks that you can immediately go out and apply to your life and your business for real world results aka MONEY! If you’re hearing this 5 star review on the podcast then you’ve clearly made the right choice to listen in, so here’s to your success! Thank you Jeffrey and Jen for creating and cultivating this network of sell or die hards that I am humbled and thankful to be a part of. -Jason Hershkowitz, The Daily Woo

Sell hard

Always be learning and develop your Yes attitude with this wonderful podcast

Great listen

When I started my sales career five years ago, I knew nothing about selling. All of my company provided training consisted of product training, i.e. features and benefits. Then I had the opportunity to hear Jeffrey speak at my company’s annual meeting and from that moment on, a light bulb went off in my head. It’s my job to train myself in sales. I’ve been hooked ever since. This podcast is incredible, so many different perspectives, topics and tips...and it’s free. C’mon - what else could you ask for? If you are driving around and you’re in sales, you need to be listening to this. I only wish I started sooner. Thank you!

Long time fan!

I've been reading Jeffrey's books for over a decade and they have had a profound impact on my life and how I conduct business. This podcast is equally as powerful!!!

Top Podcast for small business, salespeople new or been around awhile

I have followed Jeffrey for many years. Purchased his material and have helped a lot of newbies using his principles. There are very few of the gurus that really know what they are talking about and even fewer that you don’t have to listen to them convince you of their prowess. The podcast are always informative, actionable: you always bring something that we can apply every show. Keep up the good work JG and team, we continue to appreciate your succinct sales training and your 5-Star business acumen. Jon Floyd and my company is LeadValets in St Louis MO.

Phenomenal podcast

Motivation Monday’s are great. The guests and wide array of sales, attitude, and motivating topics is balanced well. Jen is great. I liked Gitomer more when I didn’t know he was an Eagles fan. All kidding aside, if you aren’t listening to this, you’re foolish and don’t manage time well.

Gym time

Each morning I wake up at 4:17 to head to the gym. The time always passes fast when I listen to Sell or Die. Jeffrey's quick wit along with Jennifer's contagious laugh and thoughtful insights keep the podcast fun while also being informative. In fact, it is my second favorite behind "Get in the Door". Just kidding--both podcasts are outstanding. Thank you for the material which can immediately be applied to increase my sales!

GOOD stuff

Jennifer and Jeffery, along with their constant line up of relevant guests, is a goldmine of selling information. Like ther boy scout motto "Be Prepared ! " THIS podcast will prepare you for more sales and more success .

Five stars

From motivation Monday to great interviews Always informative and entertaining. You will be left with something to think about and apply. Simply the best !!!

I was in Dallas!

I think I have all of Jeffrey’s books, and I have seen him 3 times. I listen to Darren Hardy too. Things have changed for me physically, but I’m hanging in there. Reading Truthful Living and the Platinum Book of Chi-Ching! I love the podcast, and have several books by people on the show. You should see my library! It’s growing! Georgina Milum

Keeps you confident!

Listen to Jeffrey and Jen every morning on my way to appointments. Keeps my confidence level high and psychs me up to follow thru. Love the content and guests! Best sales podcast by far. Keep it up! 5 stars 👍

Simply awesome!

Jeffrey and Jennifer make learning fun and entertaining. They can take any sales topic and make it interesting.

The BEST thing you can listen to today!

What can I say about this show... I've been following and learning from Jeffrey Gitomer for years. Everything he does is A+. This podcast is the first thing I do every day to keep myself motivated and continue to learn. Great work Jeffrey, Jennifer, Doug, Zack and everyone involved in this superb show. Keep it up! Need more more MORE!!!


I stumbled across this podcast a month ago, and it’s perfect for my commute. It’s not stuffy, Jeffery and Jennifer are very relatable and are spotlighting modern sales methods. This podcast has helped me as a sales manager to grow my knowledges and pass along to my team

Reputable, Knowledgeable, and Honest

These are the few words (of many more) that describe the intangibles brought by Jeffrey and Jennifer to their listeners. It was such an awesome experience to see y’all in Dallas! I was able to learn some new strategies and pick up the new book.

Go SEO yourself with Emily Journey.

Loved the podcast with SEO expert Emily Journey. Extremely insightful, thanks Jeff!