It's time to Sell or Die!


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I began reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s work as a young sales person in Washington, DC. His words profoundly changed my view of professionalism and success. Almost two decades later, this podcast continues to remind me of my ongoing potential as well as the potential that can be achieved by countless others.


Jeffrey and Jennifer are truly helpful and amazing! One of the best podcasts out there. ~ David Mammano

I don’t listen to Podcasts

This is such a great podcast! I’ve listened to a few of them now and love the content and guests they’ve had on! I don’t have the time normally to listen to podcasts. Can’t stop listening to Jen and Jeffrey!

New to Jeff and Jennifer

I turned 25 this year and among a few other major life events have caused me to truly evaluate my life. I just recently got a job as a life insurance agent and in order to be the best leader and salesman I can be I went to my local book store and came across Jeffrey's Little Red Book of Selling and burned through the first 40 pages. I was hoping Jeffrey had a podcast and as it turns out he does! While I have never heard of Jennifer, she seems very knowledgeable and well versed in sales and I am excited to learn and start my journey to success and wealth. Thanks Jenn and Jeff!

Sell or Die is the Best Sales Podcast on iTunes!

Thanks you guys for keeping it real, having great guests, providing real insights on how to grow your sales individually and organizationally in this new world. I love hearing Q&A whenever possible on your podcast just like the Q&A webinar you put on last week because the advice not only helps the person asking but thousands of listeners with the same question. Happy Selling!

Highly recommend!

I love the actionable and inspiring lessons that Jeffrey, Jennifer, and their guests share on Sell or Die. Highly recommend listening if you want to increase sales and grow your business!

Insightful Tips!

Jeffrey and Jen are the dynamic duo of sales advice! Highly recommend this podcast for practical everyday sales tips and motivation.

Amazing podcast!

Seriously my new favorite podcast. Love the tricks, tips, and real talk with no bs.


I love podcasts and this a must listen each week, especially if you talk to customers and prospects!

Motivation to succeed!

Jen is fantastic and motivates me to improve myself each and every week! Great to listen to!

***important*** (unclassified)

This is a great podcast. Gitomer is one of the best out there for sales training. I'm only writing 4/5 stars because there are not a lot of podcasts for lower to mid levels sales people. Most of the podcasts are for big business and very high dollar sales. I know I'm not alone when I'm asking for more "down to earth" sales podcasts. I do like the fact that hopefully some day I'm selling to the big ceo's of the world and when I get to that point in my career I'll come back to this podcast, but for those of you who don't sell to the CEOs and such this might not be for you. Read his books (twice at least) and make them applicable to you and watch your sales rise.

Awesome podcast

I have read both Jennifer and Jeffrey and love their stuff. The podcast is a phenomenal help week in and week out. Subscribe!!!!

Jeffrey SOLD me.

We can all agree that in sales we face some pretty tough challenges. Jeffrey has helped me and many of my colleagues with many of the challenges we face on a regular basis. His YouTube videos get passed around the office all of the time as instructional and motivational tools and these podcasts never get old. I look forward to the upcoming webinar on the 14th. Registering today. Thanks for all the help, motivation and support you lend to us sales people on a regular basis. You're appreciated!!!!


WOW…Master Mind Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Jeffrey. Keep bringing it.