It's time to Sell or Die!


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Great resource for sales training

This podcast is so valuable for learning more about Sales training and SEO. What a great resource!

Protein Packed Sales Podcast!

Jeff and Jen are incredible! Love the strong guests that are brought it week in and week out as well as the fun, value driven content! What I really love about this podcast is how well they balance each other out.

Bobby King

Wonderful podcast! Full of powerful knowledge. I’m on the road many hours a week and I’m able to train myself with the help of your podcast. I’ve shared this with my sales team. Keep up the great work!

Every Morning Listener

Jeff and Jen are great! I work for a wholesale distributor in Dallas. As a OSR, I’m on the road all day every day. I listen to sell or die on my way to my first call every morning. Jeff and Jen help me stay sharp and motivated every day. Thank you!

Listen or Die

Sell or Die has become the go-to podcast for my commute. They provide relevant and actionable information that can help everyone in sales. Whether you have been in sales for 10 days or 10 years, there is always something to be learned and this is where you can learn it. Along with providing sales red meat, they have fantastic guests who provide fantastic insight from a variety of positions, industries, and backgrounds, plus they have some great book suggestions as well. It’s entertaining and you might just learn a thing or two.

Sell or Die Podcast

I love sales and I find that Sell or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow is actually helpful. They are interviewing real leaders who make a difference in the field. Its rare to find a resource that’s not just recycled buzzwords. The ideas they present can help me solve problems and bring in more income. Love it! Bryan Jory Kansas City

Kyle Wilson, author of 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends

I’ve been following Jeffrey for over 20 years! He and Jen are both RockStars! There show not only educates but also entertains!! It’s pure awesomeness!!

Asking better questions for over 10 years

My sales world was turned upside down when I read in The Little Red Book of Sales “if you are a realtor, don’t ask how much do you want to spend on a house, ask what do you want to see when you look out your window?” I am not a realtor but it made me look at the type of questions I was asking in my field of business. Since reading that book, I have been the #1 seller in my line of business for the last 10 years in the largest credit union in my state. Jeffrey and Jennifer are amazing and I get something out of EVERY episode that I can take and turn into “cold hard cash in an AZ minute!!”

The Best Sales Podcast In the Universe

I have read Jeffrey’s books and have followed him on line for years. For years, starting my Tuesday without reading Sales Caffeine made the day incomplete. I listen to Sell or Die everyday between calls. I can think of no better way to prepare for a client meeting than tipping off with Jeffrey and Jennifer’s no nonsense, get off your rear because you are responsible for you motivational advice. Want to get better at what you do? Then subscribe to Sell or Die and go out to make things happen.

Impactful & Engaging!

Jeffrey and Jen do a great job with this podcast. Each time I tune in there is always some piece of knowledge or advice I can take away and eventually apply in my sales career. I appreciate the guests they have on the show and while some of them hit home to me more than others, it goes to show they have a wide variety of audiences they can speak to. They are consistent with posting new episodes and do a great job of keeping the listener engaged. I recommend their show to others especially if you’re in business and sales.

Listen or Die on the Sales Vine!

I look forward to listening everyday to Jenn and Jeffrey! They are entertaining and inspire me to be better. Great creative tips and ideas and great guest speakers. Jenn and Jeffrey are great coaches and I learn something new everyday, I love being a student of sales! I start my day with this podcast and listening has made me more money to better provide for my family! Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

Nothing more motivating than this

Jeffrey and Jen... you are truly amazing!! I’m 22, a recent grad from Florida State, and just started my career in sales after moving to NC. I’m currently a Lead Generator for my company, and I’m using your advice to earn my promotion as a sales rep. Using your tips, I was able to generate a huge amount of sales for my company in my first month of employment. I’m so motivated and will update you on my progress!

Been a fan for over a decade!

Loved Jeff’s books for years now and the podcast is amazing! Jennifer’s added insights are as well great!! Thank You both!

Good Sales Info, Not Funny

Well worth a listen to expand your sales acumen. They have top of the line, proven guests covering every aspect of being a successful salesman. I would have given 5 stars except for the high volume of corny jokes that are almost painful to listen to at times. Even the guests laugh uncomfortably throughout many episodes. Jeff and Jen should focus strictly on the information instead of trying to make this entertainment. There are plenty of other podcasts for that.

I am buzzing (in a good way)

Just finished listening to all and i mean all the podcasts from May 1, 2018 to today... my head is just buzzing... and not because i ingested or drink something I shouldn't. Jeffrey and Jennifer have left me wanting even more after all of this. Everyone should just listen to them!! That is all you will ever need to be successful!!

Sales podcasts

I have been listening for a long time and have tried many other sales podcasts to listen to as well. No other podcast stacks up against sell or die. The content they bring every episode is amazing and well worth every minute.

A Sales Training Feast

This is the red meat and potatoes of sales training. Not only do Jeffery and Jennifer bring a full coarse meal for us to feast on and grow, they have access and a large enough platform to attract other high level sales professionals who add so much value to the feast before you. As with any great meal, it’s always better when shared with friends. The style in which Jeffery and Jennifer serve up this meal makes you feel like you are with the best of friends. - Doug Walz /

Jeffrey is great, Jennifer is outstanding

The approach of value first is something I believe in and promote to everyone in my company. Jeffrey is certainly my favorite sales coach. I've listened to LRBS for years now. I like Jeffrey's authortative style of presentations and his wit. Jennifer's insight and wisdom comes across authentically and her viewpoint is enough different from Jeffrey's which makes it fantastic show. You'll receive my highest recommendation for all business owners and sales people. However If you are a commercial real estate broker I DO NOT recommend you listen to this podcast nor read any of Jeffrey's or Jennifer's books. What the hell does Jeffrey and Jennifer know about selling commercial real estate anyway. John Thompson Office Building Brokers Atlanta GA

Referrals are Priceless

The qualification of a "referral" needing both a personal connection and an existing need has to be identified, not just you guys shoud meet, etc. is GOLD! Totally changes the outlook from simply offering an introduction to actually connecting two people that can immediately exchange value. Keep up the Awesome job!


Thoroughly enjoy listening to this show because of the incredible guests they interview, the very minimal amount of ads, the tremendous amount of value, and the sell or die community on Facebook where us listeners can talk about the most recent episode. Any more, all these podcasts out here are plagued by ads at the beginning, middle and end of the show, often interrupting the train of thought. Jeffrey and Jen seem pretty selective and loyal to the few companies that have ads on here. These two give value first, and it seems like they genuinely want to help as many salespeople / entrepreneurs / business people as they can.

Mind Motivation

Jefferey and Jennifer delivery some of the greatest podcasts. Definitely give their podcast a listen. They are the first thing I put on in the morning. It puts me in a great frame of mind before I head out to visit customers. If you need a pick me up or some positive motivation turn on Sell or Die.

The Muhammad Ali of Sales

Ali is famous for his “I’m the greatest of all time” line. Pretty accurate to use that same tag line for this podcast. Whether from their own experience or from that of their guests, Jeffrey and Jen deliver some of the absolute best ideas and techniques for the sales professional. I pick up a useful “red meat” tip with every episode. They also make me want to get my butt in gear to get my own book written and podcast going. Thanks so much, and keep floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!

This is the best

Your show is very practical and it helps sales people sell more. Keep going

Making Windshield Time Productive

Great podcast for motivation and sales tips.

Fantastic Sales Training

One of the most entertaining sales podcast!I listen on the road or while exercising and I always walk away with something I use that day! My sales calls have gotten better due to bigger sales balls!

I want a mug

I subscribed awhile ago and only listened to a few minutes but, decided to download a few more and I listened to Matt Manero and the the why and buy guests. Completely different but, so many good nuggets in both episodes. Thanks for keeping them under an hour.

Best dang podcast ever!

Quality edutainment of the highest order. Every episode is a gem, packed full of sales wisdom that will live on long after the rest fade away. Sales truth. Period.

You MUST listen to this show!

I would recommend this show to ANYONE in any sort of sales related job. The great guests reference many of their books, podcasts, and companies which are all sales related. A great show to expand your thinking.

Love this and am happy I stumbled on it

Recently I was searching to expand my podcast library. I stumbled on this one and the first episode I listened was with Michael Pedone. Love the approach and knowledge I learned. Am excited to dive into the episodes and be a sponge so I can further my career and make a fortune, not my quota.