It's time to Sell or Die!


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Expert Insights on Boosting Your Sales Game

The Gitomers have a unique and engaging style that keeps the listener engaged throughout the episode. Their practical advice and real-life examples make the content relatable and easy to apply to one's own sales career. Additionally, their interview guests are top-notch and provide valuable insights and perspectives on the world of sales. Overall, I highly recommend "Sell or Die" to anyone looking to improve their sales skills and achieve greater success!

Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠

This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Jennifer and Jeffrey do such a great job of sharing their wisdom and I love how they lead meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!


Not only are the podcasts gold, videos platinum, but the books are amazing. If you haven’t already purchased Jeffrey’s books, stop, go online, and order every one of them now. You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Every episode provides ideas to utilize as a sales professional

World class content!

Not only are they inspirational but they provide helpful and actionable content to improve selling skills🔥

🎧 Sales Tips & Gold Nuggets!

In my ears whenever I’m walking my dog! (Yes, even the archives) thank you both for being awesome.

Episode 538 on the money

Jeffrey and Jennifer provide great, in your face, advice that is easy to implement if you are willing to do it. On episode 538 they broke down a bad sales pitch. I get and give many pitches as a small business owner. I will definitely make some tweaks after this episode.

Great content for salespeople and business owners

This podcast is for anyone looking for ideas, encouragement, motivation, and constant reminders to build your personal brand to be professionals that people want to buy from.

Best sales step and tips to apply on the go

Been in sales for over 20 years plus. in the health industry and timeshare. jeffry really breaks it down in a very simple and easy way to learn and grow your sales career. Love it

Best Podcast for Salespeople

Jeffrey and Jennifer provide relevant content in every episode. They give valuable information for salespeople to apply to their profession. Their positivity has helped me through some tough times, even before the Covid epidemic. I’m very thankful I found this podcast. Thanks for all you do! Rod Martin

Must Listen for Young Sales Professionals

Jeffrey has had my ear as a sales leader ever since I read the Little Red Book of Selling. When I heard he had a podcast I knew I had to give it a listen. In short, I was blown away! This podcast is a must listen for aspiring sales professionals who want to learn how to become leaders and top performers.

Great content, great team.

I’ve been listening to SORD for a while and love the content and energy they bring to the table. The guests have real experience and provide actual answers to questions we all ask. Give it a listen!

Love It!

I love this podcast. It helps me to get focused and concentrate on different ways to get more customers, keep existing customers, and enjoy the journey.

Great podcast for entrepreneurs … or anyone!

There's a lot of business podcast content out there. However, Sell or Die is one of the few podcasts offering a unique blend of humor, insight and straight-talk. Jeffrey and Jen create a wonderful show leveraging their substantial experience and respect for one another. Make no mistake… there's no baloney here. Only real-world thinking about personal development, business advice and sales training. The kind of advice you can go off and immediately apply in your day, every day. The Die Hards are lucky to have Jeffrey and Jen. Count me in!

Mike Brooks Flying Past The Gate Keeper

This episode is loaded with nugget after nugget of content. If you consider yourself a master sales person or just getting started, what Mike offers along with Jeffrey Gitomer’s wit and wisdom is a must listen not just once, not just twice, not just thrice however 4 times was my number. I can’t wait to read Mike’s Book, “POWER PHONE SCRIPTS!” If you are looking to take things to the next sales level get Mike’s Book and keep on keeping on listening to the Sell or Die Podcast. Jennifer and Jeffrey Gitomer are the bomb as they are constantly providing relevant content!

Learn From the Masters

This podcast and Jeffrey and Jen’s message has directly impacted my business, sales, and wallet. If you’re serious about sales, this is a must listen.

Great podcast!!

My name is Melissa. I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year now. The knowledge and humor they bring for each episode is amazing. I always pick something up from them and the speakers they have. I sure it with my coworkers and repost lots of takeaways in my Linked In. Anyone can benefit no matter your level. Worth the listen!!!


This is a must-listen for anyone and everyone in sales. Jen and Jeffrey are raw, authentic, and no BS. They up my sales game EVERY WEEK! #sellordie loyal fan forever

Fraser Engine Rebuliders

My name is David Fraser, I am the CEO of Fraser Engines.. My business is tough, and very volatile; your talking has been extremely helpful to me and my staff...

Love. Love. Love.

Even though I've been a sales pro for many years, Sell or Die still delivers incredible insight, inspiration, and a couple of much needed laughs for anyone toughing out the true sales existence. I highly recommend for any salesperson, of any level.

KILLER sales advice

Thank you for the interview with Oren, Jeffrey and Jennifer. The "proposal shopping" example, I hadn't heard before. Features and benefits isn't good enough anymore. Only weapons of mass persuasion cyt it. Looking forward to more!

Fun listen while I'm prospecting

I am a VP of Sales in the CPG industry. I actually listen to this podcast WHILE prospecting (I am a sales leader who also sells) -- I enjoy the insights and the quirky hosts and their high energy. I'd share this podcast with my sales team but I work for a conservative company and the swearing makes it a ”no”. I will listen to the same podcast several times as I always pick up something I may not have heard the first time.

Good stuff

Little less advertising would be nice. Let’s get to the meat before we get to minute 12. We are all short in time!

Casey Graham’s Interview

This was truly one of the most useful and meaningful podcast Casey’s “Inbox” empty at 5pm is so powerful. And his courage or as Jeffry would say his “balls” to ask the tough questions! And taking care of the clients you already have. 5.5 stars for the Sell Or Die team!

a must listen!

Jeffrey and Jennifer's energy, humor, and obvious experience make them a powerful duo. The variety of guests keeps content fresh and relevant. They're easy to listen to, will keep you engaged, and you'll take in tons of useable advice. Any professional - sales or not- will enjoy learning from this podcast!

Great podcast

Sell or Die is a great podcast made by 2 really respected people in sales. Jeffrey and Jennifer do a great job of giving salespeople advice on how to sell with value.

Insightful about Sales!

In the episode of Assessing Yourself in the HEAT of the SALE Jeffery talk about how he listened to a recording of one of his talks and was brutally honest whith himself about how bad his talk was! He took notes of what what was bad and what he should have done around with him every time he gave a talk! This is just one of the insights I pickec up from this podcast about being honest and evaluating your own sales techniques!

Awesome Podcast!!

Jeffrey & Jennifer, hosts of the Sell or Die podcast, highlights all aspects of sales and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Jeffrey Gito-more

Love all of Jeffrey’s books. Own several with autographs. Discovered this podcast through the website and am pumped I get to learn more from Jeffrey while I drive. Get all his books, they are gold. One of them is literally!!

As expected

As expected, great coaching, advice and inspiration from Gitomer. I always pick up something new and refer anyone and everyone looking for help in personal/ professional development to “Sell or Die.” Thanks for all you do.