Trusting the Sales Process with Vince Beese


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Sell or Die with Vince Beese

Our guest expert this week is Vince Beese, founder of Sales@Scale.


Consultants are a part of every healthy business. When companies hit a sales slump, consultants are often brought in to help. Vince Beese joins Sell Or Die to reveal what differentiates the sales consultants that get results and the consultants that just get your money.

Sales@Scale has helped numerous technology, SaaS, retail technology, and venture capital backed startups develop sustainable sales programs and winning sales teams. Surrounding Vince at Sales@Scale are other like-minded leaders in operational, marketing, and sales roles that are available for client projects and in advisory capacities.

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On today’s show…

2:45 – Jeffrey and Jen are going WHERE for Thanksgiving?

8:50 – What is “churn?”

11:36 – Growing a business from 5 million to 150 million.

15:33 – Going from “Joke of the Day” to Sears.

18:42 – “I have a playbook for success, but it’s customized for every customer. There’s no such thing as a standardized hiring playbook.” – Vince Beese

23:19 – Vince’s first job is to build trust with the sales staff and remind them that he’s there as a resource and a sounding board.

26:56 – Personal connections are key.

31:48 – Stop focusing on the bullshit and focus on what really matters.

37:31 – If you’re not a good coach, you can’t be a good sales leader.

40:30 – Are failed sales reps who are now sales consultants, in fact, sales trolls?





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