Soft Skills Help Sell Hard Jobs with Greg Crumpton


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Sell or Die with Greg Crumpton

Service jobs. Trade jobs. In-Home Technician jobs. They aren’t glamorous and some are down right dirty. Our guest today, Greg Crumpton, says these noble professions take some serious soft skills training to establish trust, build reputation and survive in an industry that feels more commoditized by the day.

Greg Crumpton has spent nearly four decades in the critical emission and full mechanical service industry. Greg has since “retired” from to become the vice president of of Critical Facilities & Technology for Service Logic, one of the largest privately held HVAC and mechanical service providers in the United States.

Regardless of whether you’re in a service or trade industry or not, this episode is a look into how vital customer service and training can be in a growing but ever-shifting economy.



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On today’s show…

03:04 – How vital is your HVAC unit for your day to day living?

09:32 – Greg’s introduction into the HVAC industry

12:05 – The state of the service trade industry

18:11 – Glamorizing dirty jobs to help with recruiting

23:24 – Training customer service to salespeople AND technicians/in-home service people

30:19 – When you leave the customer is going to say one of five things.


More on today’s guest:

Greg’s personal & professional goals are to serve the people that he’s am working with and/or for. This mantra carries him personally and professionally. Having 36+ years as a full service mechanical and mission critical environments contractor with a heavy emphasis on service, maintenance and repair, Greg specializes in mission critical cooling (Heat Rejection) and electrical infrastructures, as well as the comfort cooling surrounding them.




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