Sales Manager Spotlight: Ryan Bramlette

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Time for anotherSales Manager Spotlight. We’re talking to successful sales managers across the country to find out how they lead, what challenges they face and their sales philosophies.

Today we’re spotlighting Ryan Bramlette. After a very successful insurance and risk management sales career, Ryan now leads the largest sales team within PayneWest Insurance, a Northwest based insurance firm that is one of the 50 largest insurance firms in the country.

Ryans division includes over 100 insurance producers generating over $65 million in commercial insurance revenue with clients in all 50 states. Ryan is responsible for orchestrating the growth and evolution of the sales culture, providing support to that vision through people, processes and tools and ultimately setting the framework towards a highly successful future for the organization.

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On today’s spotlight…

03:04 – Ryan’s biggest challenge as a sales manager

04:22 – “What you hear us talk about in our firm is sell the process, don’t use the process to sell insurance” – Ryan on his sales practices

07:28 – How Ryan and his team uses podcasts to reinforce sales practices

14:05 – How Ryan and his team generated 24 million dollars in 16 months.

20:31 – “Right now, year to date, our company is up 16 percent in growth, compare that to a year or two ago where we were only at three to four percent”


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