Sales Management Wisdom from Jason Scheckner, VP of Sales, HiredScore

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On today’s Sell or Die Extra

Time for another Sales Manager Spotlight. We’re talking to successful sales managers across the country to find out how they lead, what challenges they face and their sales philosophies.

Today we’re spotlighting Jason Scheckner, VP, Sales, HiredScore in New York. Jason hires the only the best candidates with automatic scoring features to save time in the recruiting process.

Leveraging big data and predictive analytics, Jared can help you find your best candidates more quickly and reduce cost per hire. In this episode, Jason discusses how to find, train, and lead enthusiastic salespeople.

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On today’s show…

6:30 – Adjusting to a complex sale in a niche market
8:58 – Jasons secret to finding enthusiastic salespeople
15:30 – Jason gets bitten by the leadership bug
20:00 – Jasons recommendations for your team
22:00 – How does Jason train his team?


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