Woman Crush Wednesday: Jasmine “JazzyThings” Shea on Eating and Thinking Healthy


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Woman Crush Wednesday - Jasmine Shea


Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday, a brand new segment on Sell or Die. Jen Gluckow interviews top women entrepreneurs who are certifiably crushing it and generating more business, more sales and more money. It’s an open, honest and sometimes “woo-filled” discussion about working your ass off to succeed and it’s a message every woman, man and young hustler needs to hear.

This week we’re crushing on Jasmine “Jazzy Things” Shea. Jasmine is the author of over a dozen healthy cookbooks, the host of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, and the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned: a membership site that offers the fastest and most affordable way for busy families to get healthy dinners on the table.

Even if you’re not on the road a lot visiting prospects and customers, eating healthy in sales is HARD. Sales and entrepreneurship can be stressful and time consuming. Neither of those things is generally considered conducive to healthy eating. But Jazzy is here to reframe how we think about healthy eating and how we respond to failure in food or in sales.

Jasmine’s vision via Your Dinner Is Planned is to empower people to value their health in a new way, and she spreads this impact by providing resources to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle with an approach that is simple and actionable.

In addition to expanding her vision for Your Dinner Is Planned, Jasmine is also a coach for digital entrepreneurs with unique training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and mindset coaching specifically for entrepreneurs.

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On today’s show…

4:26 – Jasmine’s love of food has remained as her relationship with food changed.

8:30 – Defining healthy eating: Eating food in a way that is sustainable for your sales lifestyle.

12:30 – There’s not a “wagon” to fall off of.

15:15 – Cookbooks that are more than recipes.

17:25 – How do you move on from the food mistakes?

19:45 – Re-wiring your brain to frame failure in a positive way in food AND in sales.

22:30 – Examples of Jazzy’s reframes.

32:45 – Tips and tricks for leaving the grocery store with food that will make us feel better and be sustainable.

36:00 – Knowing when you are an authority on your business.


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