Woman Crush Wednesday: Enneagrams, Hair, and Entrepreneurship with Kenna Ehman


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Woman Crush Wednesday - Kenna Ehman


Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday, a brand new segment on Sell or Die. Jen Gluckow interviews top women entrepreneurs who are certifiably crushing it and generating more business, more sales and more money. It’s an open and honest discussion about working your ass off to succeed and it’s a message every man, woman and young hustler needs to hear.

This week we’re crushing on…Kenna Ehman. Kenna is a midwest girl at heart. She was named one of Charlotte’s 2017 30 under 30 by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine. She has also been named by both Charlotte Magazine and Creative Loafing as the best stylist in the Queen City.

She has used strategic planning to build out her team, schedule more appointments and double her revenue. Kenna is a thinker and she has optimized her business and invested in her people’s education and happiness. Today she will share why she decided to make the entrepreneurial leap and how she got the door open and customers pouring in.

PLUS! Putting the right type of people together who will mesh and help your business grow is one of the hardest things we have to do. Jen and Kenna discuss how enneagram testing can help to discover how we best work and how to communicate with those we work with.



August 26 – Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 

August 28 – Columbus, Ohio

September 24 – St. Louis, Missouri

September 27 – Orlando, Florida


On today’s show…

1:34 – Stylist supply and demand.
7:15 – Leaping into entrepreneurship and creating whitespace on your calendar.
10:00 – Navigating the end goals of a customer and deciding IF you can help them reach them.
14:52 – Kenna uses ennegrams to find the right people for her team.
21:51 – A free ennegram assessment
24:00 – The fear of opening the door and finding business.
28:50 – People rise to the level of their leader.
32:40 – Strategic planning to double your revenue.
36:22 – The three categories of tasks.
39:33 – The value of paid internships.
42:17 – Everyone wants to try something a little different.
46:45 – Invest in yourself.


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