When Games And Sales Collide With Sam Caucci

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Our guest expert this week isSam Caucci,CEO of 1Huddle, a sales training company with a hyperfocus on what’s now in training, gameification.

With more opportunity and stronger competition in today’s flush economy, training and developing your sales staff has become even more vital. 1Huddle is one of many companies stepping into to say that sales training doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it can be entertaining and effective at the same time.

Why are those who use games as training methods retaining more information. Listen in and see how game training can eventually lead to more money for you.

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On today’s show…

12:28 – “Who wrote the rule that said learning had to be serious” -Sam on why game training is the future.

18:45 – Why game training programs need to be customized

26:13 – What keeps people coming back to game training after they first use it

31:51 – Why is it easier to retain information with game training?

42:23 – Why are big companies like ESPN using game training?

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