The Easiest Path to Becoming a Trusted Advisor with Jay Biss

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Jay Biss - Award Winning Trusted Advisor on the Sell or Die Podcast

Our guest this week is Jay Biss

Jay has worked with small businesses for over 15 years and is now focused on helping clients save money by finding cash management solutions and maximize their short/long term credit opportunities at a large bank in New York City, currently the top ranked banker in the US in his category. An avid football fan and runner, his motto is ‘show up and follow up’.

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On today’s show…

5:00 – The best way to get a testimonial for your product or service.
12:30 – The motto that has made Jeffrey more money than he can count.
14:10 – How do you become the number one person in your industry?
20:00 – They key is to make sure you show up again and that youre present.
21:54 – How do you organize your pipeline WITHOUT the help of a major CRM?
25:38 – Jay Biss tips on winning over a client who had a terrible previous experience with your company.
28:53 – The client comes to you, you help them…thats it!
34:45 – Maintaining a customer relationship and becoming a trusted advisor.


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