showing gratitude



Celebrate the Season of Giving: Showing Gratitude to Those Around You

In this episode of The Sell or Die Podcast, we discuss how the season of giving isn’t just about receiving. It’s about showing gratitude to those around you. We share our experiences and talk about how showing gratitude to others means more than just saying a simple “thank you.”

showing gratitude

But before we dive right in, let us introduce ourselves in case this is your first visit. Welcome to the Sell or Die Podcast. We’re your hosts, Jeffrey & Jen Gitomer. Between the two of us, we’ve written the books The Little Red Book of Selling, Sales in a New York Minute, plus 15 other best-selling books. We’ve also created the 7 figure sales formula program and the Breakthrough Business Babe Community. 

Sell or Die is for sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to sell more at full price, earn loyalty, and have an unlimited stream of referrals. Every single episode will give you real-world, easy-to-implement solutions so that you can get your calls returned, your proposals read and acted on while creating relationships that you can take to the bank. 

It’s time to sell or die…

Your sales and your customers are the people that you need to be the most grateful to and for because they’re the ones that are paying your mortgage and providing food for your family. So, diehard, we’re thankful for you and now we ask you: in the season of giving, how are you showing gratitude to those around you? 

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What are you thankful for in the season of giving?

In the season of giving, we focus so heavily on making sure we say “thank you” and showing gratitude. But, have you ever stopped to truly think of the meaning behind your “thank you”? Basically, the why behind your gratitude. 

Sure, it’s nice to tell someone that you appreciate them. But if you’re able to verbalize the why, to clarify it; it becomes so much more meaningful and deeper to that person who is listening. Showing gratitude turns the top of the surface “thank you” into a deeper, more intentional meaning.

showing gratitude

Be specific with showing gratitude

For instance, as I look at Jen, I’m going to tell her, “I’m grateful for what a great person you are, what a competitive person you are, what an intelligent person you are, what a giving person you are and what a well-meaning person you are. Not just to me, but to other people in your circle of influence.” 

When you’re specific with your gratitude, there’s a purpose behind what you’re saying and the other person is going to really appreciate that. Then, because it’s so purposeful, you’re not just going to express your gratitude because it’s the season of giving, you’re going to start showing gratitude on a daily basis.

However, because the season of giving is the topic at hand and I know you’re going to attend to a lot of holiday parties, I want you to single out a few people and be specific about showing gratitude about how they serve you, what they give you, what they mean to you, and who they are to you. Give them the opportunity to feel something deep down with the assurance of knowing that you mean what you say.

Ways of showing gratitude

We know it’s standard to send holiday cards during the season of giving, but what if instead, you sent gratitude cards? Think about it, where do you put all those generic holiday cards after you receive them? If you were sent a gratitude card with a unique message inside just for you, you’re going to hold on to that card and keep it in a special place.

If you need help finding gratitude cards, our good friend Kellen has actually created subscription boxes for gratitude cards. Not only that, but she has boxes for kids that are out of this world. If you have kids or a younger family member or friends with kids, this is such a fun way to teach them how to show gratitude. 

The envelopes in the box are pre-stamped too, so that’s nice not to worry about. These boxes are not only a fun activity to do together as a family, but they will also help to teach a valuable lesson of gratitude. The definition of the season of giving starts to change from being expectant of gifts to shifting the perspective to who, what, and why you’re grateful.

Attitude of gratitude

Speaking of kids, I (Jeffrey) have to tell you what I did with my children one year during the season of giving. As their father, I felt it was my duty to instill the important lesson of showing gratitude with my girls at a young age. Christmas is a big deal for children, so this particular year, I said, you know what? We’re not doing Christmas this year. Instead, we’re going to give Christmas away to someone else.

We asked the welfare board if there was a family we could bring Christmas to. So, with the family’s permission, we brought a turkey dinner and presents for the parents and children. You’ll never know the overwhelming feeling we felt of gratitude and thankfulness from the family. This family, who had little to nothing, beamed with gratitude and the feeling illuminated the room. 

What that meant to us was everything. Being able to share the warmth of gratitude to those less fortunate really opened our eyes to what’s important, and you can’t put a price on that. Showing gratitude is not just for the “season of giving,” it’s a state of mind. It’s a journey that you continue to learn about and constantly share your experiences so that way you can always embody the attitude of gratitude.

We’re thankful for you

We are thankful for you, for your listenership, loyalty, and sticking with us throughout this journey. Thank you for being a diehard and always coming back for more. 

We have something in common because we both are going out there and doing the thing that most people in their life could not ever imagine doing: making sales every single day. Not only that, but we do it with the attitude of wanting to make this world a better place through our sales. 

Your sales and your customers are the people that you need to be the most grateful to and for because they’re the ones that are paying your mortgage and providing food for your family. So, diehard, we’re thankful for you and now we ask you: in the season of giving, how are you showing gratitude to those around you?

About your hosts

Known as the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer is the Author of 16 best-selling books including the Little Red Book of Selling, the Sales Bible, and his newest book Get Sh*t Done. In 2008, he was inducted in the Speakers Hall of Fame – the highest award in the speaking industry. His world-class list of clients include companies from  Fortune 500 companies around the world. His digital Learning academy and signature course, The Seven-Figure Sales Formula, offers individuals and teams real-world sales strategies they can implement immediately.

Jen Gitomer gained her prowess in NYC as both a salesperson and award-winning sales leader for a Fortune 500 company. She is the best-selling Author of Sales in a New York Minute, CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Business Babe and a master business growth coach.

Jeffrey and Jen thank you, Diehard, for helping Sell Or Die achieve more than 2 million downloads!

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