Selling to High Wealth Clients with Richard C. Wilson


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Our guest this week is Richard C. Wilson, CEO of the Family Office Club.

Have you ever had trouble selling to someone that made WAY more money than you? Ever hesitated before revealing price. This episode will help you tremendously.

Richard C. Wilson helps $100M+ net worth families create and manage their single family offices and currently manages 14 clients including mandates with three billionaire families and as the CEO of a $500M+ single family office and Head of Direct Investments for another with $200M+ in assets.

Richard literally wrote the book on the family office industry, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating, and Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office and a recently released book called How to Start a Family Office: Blueprints for Setting Up Your Single Family Office.

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On today’s show…

6:09 – What is a family office?
10:08 – The best way to build trust with ANY client
16:27 – How Richard discovered an industry and made a choice to dominate it
21:54 – The secret to tripling your sales
23:20 – Installing the service mindset


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Richard Wilson: There was one line in one of your books, where you said, “I’ll give away my best secret of all. Out of all my books, the most powerful thing I could tell anybody is to give away value consistently. In a year or two, you’ll be a local expert. Two-four years, you’ll be a regional expert. In five-seven years, you’ll be a global expert. And, I remember reading that, and I said, “I’m going to be the son of a bitch that does that.” And, now I’ve done it. I’m here on your podcast.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Cool. Where do we start this? Answer doesn’t matter, we’re having a good time, right?

Jenn Gluckow: He couldn’t wait to get in here.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You need sales balls, to make sales calls. I’m tweeting that puppy. Okay.

Hi, everybody!!! Welcome to Sell or Die. My name is Jeffrey Gitomer, I am the author of ‘The Little Red Book of Selling.’ And …

Jenn Gluckow: I’m Jenn Gluckow, founder and CEO of Sales in a New York Minute. This is Sell or Die.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Sell or Die. It’s a podcast about how to make more sales. We have about 50,000 diehards now, per month, and we’re growing. I’m looking for the day when I can announce we have 100,000 diehards. But, for the moment, this is all about how you can win more, and be more, and earn more, and have a better …

Jenn Gluckow: … and sell more.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, sell more, of course, and have a better time at what you do. Because, we’re having a good time at doing this, and we want to transfer that good time to you out there in podcast land.

Jenn Gluckow: We’re having a great time. I dance every time our intro music comes on. You can’t see it, but I do a little corny dance.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, it’s very corny. Okay, so here’s the challenge today. We’re going to talk about a topic that you may not relate to, immediately. It may be something that you don’t quite ‘get’ at the very beginning, so we’re probably going to give a little bit of an explanation. Do you want to explain what it is again?

Jenn Gluckow: Yeah. We’re going to be talking to Richard C. Wilson. He is our guest expert today, and he is going to be talking about family offices, and how he became a leader in consulting with, and managing, family offices. We’ll explain what that is, but it’s a pretty niche industry, and it’s unique. He’s dealing with ultra-high net worth individuals.

The thing you need to listen for is the principles he used, in order to gain attraction, get in front of these customers, and win over their business.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. Win the confidence of people that are millionaires and billionaires.

Jenn Gluckow: Who trust no one, and want to speak to no one.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. I mean, I don’t.

Jenn Gluckow: As you’re listening just pay attention for those principles.

Jeffrey Gitomer: For the insights.

Jenn Gluckow: That’s right. That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Think about how you have to get through to somebody, and convince them that you have a value, rather than simply you have a product. Because there is a value to what this guy is doing, and the value is high and the people are willing to pay for the service, so that they feel safer.

The whole thing is, it’s not like an insurance policy, it goes way beyond that. It is a family wealth program, that … Anybody who has money, has to guard their money all the time, because every shyster’s at their door, saying, “I can make you a lot of …”

Jenn Gluckow: Shyster. He’s a shyster, that’s a good word.

Jeffrey Gitomer: “I can make you a lot of money, all you need to do is give me a pile of yours.”

Jenn Gluckow: I love those sound effects. So, listen, Richard C. Wilson is incredibly intelligent. He’s going to drop a lot of knowledge, and a lot of helpful strategies, to get past that gatekeeper, get into the customer.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Clearly, this is a podcast I want you to listen to twice, at least, because the first time you’re going to listen to learn, and the second time, you’re going to listen to, “Oh, a-ha. That’s what that guy was talking about. That’s what that guy meant.”

Jenn Gluckow: All right, let’s get into it. Richard C. Wilson.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, we have a big question. What does the C in Richard C. Wilson stand for?

Richard Wilson: Carroll.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh. No wonder you don’t say Richard Carroll.

Richard Wilson: Yeah, it was my grandpa’s name, so …

Jenn Gluckow: Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So it’s a family name?

Richard Wilson: It’s a family name.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You’re in Florida. Did you grow up in Florida? Or, did you grow up some place else?

Richard Wilson: No, I grew up in Oregon and then, at one point the business took off, and I looked around and said, “I live in Oregon, where you can buy a house for about $20,000. Why am I working so hard, if I live in this rainy place, with no family offices.”

Then I said, “Well, let’s move somewhere tropical, and has more family offices, and actually makes me want to get out of bed in the morning, and keep working hard.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Where did you live in Oregon?

Richard Wilson: Portland, Oregon. It was actually a neighboring [inaudible 00:05:00], by the Intel headquarters.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I love the Oregon coast. It’s one of the coolest places on the planet.

Richard Wilson: For sure.

Jenn Gluckow: To visit.

Richard Wilson: Dungeness crab … Yeah, exactly … and smoked salmon. What else could you want in the world?

Jeffrey Gitomer: You now live in the Miami metropolitan area. What have you found is the difference, family business wise?

Richard Wilson: There’s just so many family offices here. The way to describe it best in a sentence is that I ran my business for six years and I met one family office that’s based in Portland Oregon. I moved here to South Florida and in the three years since I moved here I’ve met over 50 that live here locally and just at the average three year old’s birthday party I go to, there’ll be two or three family offices at the birthday party of my three year old friend’s parents. So, I don’t even have to try and I make friends with Family Offices. Like you say, all else equal, life is not fair and people do business with their friends, so it helps.

Jenn Gluckow: So, it’s strategic to have a three year old kid these days.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Define for audience, what is a family office?

Richard Wilson: It’s basically a more holistic way to be managing your wealth if you’re worth 10 million, 50 million, 300 million dollars. So, for example, if you made a 1% mistake on your taxes, but you’re only worth 100 thousand dollars, who cares, and you’ve probably made several of them, and still who cares. If you’re worth 100 million dollars and you make a 1% mistake, that could pay for a full time team. And the people who are worth 100 million dollars are being clawed at by everyone in the world: their team needs them, people trying to sell them things, they’ve commitments, they’ve assets, they have boats and houses. They are more likely to make mistakes because of the complexity and the lack of time they have to do things holistically and carefully in every part of their life.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, the family office is basically making certain that the assets that you have compiled over a life tie are not only protected but they are in growth mode that so they can become double …

Jenn Gluckow: … for the next generation.

Doug Branston: So this is interesting, Richard. So you’re protecting them from people that want to sell them things that maybe they don’t need. How do you sell someone on a service that protects people from people who sell things?

Richard Wilson: One thing is I listen very, very closely. If I was to sit down with Jeffrey and say, and ask him 60 questions and more questions based on that it might come out that he’s interested in buying apartment buildings in Charlotte.

Jenn Gluckow: How about a home in France?

Richard Wilson: Or a home in France, if it fits his goals. Listening to the client a lot and then building a compass of where they want to go and why and there back story and their values, objectives and that way the only objectives that are shown to them is the one’s that make it through that filter. And, for many people, it’s where they made their money. Like, buying companies that are in the sales industry, so you can relate to it, you have a knowledge advantage, connection advantage, relationship advantage. And, then usually there’s a relationship component to that has to be aligned with the risk parameters, the timeline of when they want to be passing on assets or liquidating assets or paying for college, etc.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Is there a life insurance aspect of it, too?

Richard Wilson: For sure. And, most importantly it’s upgrading their service provider so that your life insurance agent doesn’t see you as a one whale client and he has all lower end clients, because he won’t be designing a practical approach for you, and same with a lawyer, same with accounting and back office administration. You need family office quality people in each spot or they’ll be holding you back, or you will be wasting a lot of money.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You select the provider, you may not be the provider?

Richard Wilson: Right. We actually don’t provide any of that. We know national law firms, national accounting firms that serve hundred of family offices. You might have grown up with the CPA and he knows your business very, very, well. You might not get rid of him. He can still do your book keeping, or your accounting or your pay roll. But you might want someone helping you with trust and estates, or tax structuring or more complicated issues that have to do with a family office level of organization.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Got it. I don’t know that I was familiar with the family office concept.

Jenn Gluckow: I sort of grew up around it in New York City.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It wasn’t called a family office for me, just different nomenclature.

Jenn Gluckow: That’s fair.

Richard Wilson: Sure.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Is that something that has appeared over the past 100 years of the past ten years.

Richard Wilson: Over the past 20-25 years the term has become more popular, but especially the last five years. I started 11 years ago, but just last year there was a billionaire based in New York, who made is money in real estate and I was taking to him here in Miami and he had never heard the worked family office before in his whole life and he lives in Manhattan, in the real estate space. You would think for sure he would have. I think a lot of people have not heard of the term, especially if they don’t live in the U.S. …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now I don’t feel so bad.

Jenn Gluckow: So, how do you build enough trust even to have that initial conversation? Because, these people already have or think that they have their people.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. And, they’re on guard. People who have lots of money …

Jenn Gluckow: Oh, totally on guard. Especially if you’re trying to talk to them about their money. How do you begin that conversation to get your foot in the door?

Richard Wilson: Somebody from Goldman Sachs came in and they said how do we hunt down more family offices? I said, “Well, you don’t. You have to attract them to you like Excedrin to their migraines.” So, I just look for different migraines, knee pain, etc… and then we try create the different color pills for that, so that they are coming to me as an authority person and they’re cold calling me and emailing me.

Jenn Gluckow: What do you do to attract them?

Richard Wilson: I started out not very intelligent about how to navigate the family office space, so I wrote a book called, ‘The Family Office Book,’ and I wrote it through Wiley so I could feel credible. Then I realized the only book sales were done by me …

Jenn Gluckow: Shocking.

Richard Wilson: … so I wrote a book called, ‘The Single Family Office’ and I was like no one has written a book on that topic before, so I’ll be the first one to do it and interviewed 30 single family office, which grew my credibility and my connections. But, then I got smarter and said, “Well, the people who don’t have as many gatekeepers and just have the liquidity events are the most valuable and I could the most value to them.” So, I wrote a book called, ‘How to Start a Family Office.’ No one else on planet earth bothered to put in a few weekends of work to write a book on that topic. And, so, now, when you search that on google, you’ll find my book, and we’re able just to have a one-to-one match with that intent if someone wanted to do that, and then, providing them value and then they lean in and want to potentially work together in some way.

So, that’s why I was excited to do this podcast, because my business literally would not exist without Gitomer’s materials. And, I read your stuff back when I was in College, and I went to your events back when I was in College and there was one line in one of your books when you said, “I’ll give away my best secret of all, out of all my books the most powerful thing I could tell anybody and none of you guys are going to follow it and none of my competitors are going to follow it, so I’ll just tell you it. It’s to give a way value consistently, every month, every week, you’re giving away value and in a year or two, you’ll be a local expert; two to four years you’ll be a regional expert; and in five to seven years you’re going to be a global expert.” And, I remember reading that, and I said, I’m going to be the son of a bitch that does that. And, now I’ve done it and I’m here on your podcast.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Cool.

Jenn Gluckow: That’s really cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s interesting.

Richard Wilson: Thank you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let me define it more clearly. My marketing mantra, which will appear in no book anyplace is very simple. I put myself in front of people that can say yes to me and I deliver value first. And, the consistency of that is what wins. You can’t do it one time. You can’t tweet out one valuable thing to the world …

Jenn Gluckow: It’s doing it every day.

Jeffrey Gitomer: …when you have nine followers. Right. You have to take the perspective, that okay, I’m going to be a value provider. And, Richard, one of the reasons that most people won’t do it is that they’re afraid that they’re giving away their secrets, or they’re afraid that they’re giving away their strategies, and then someone else will copy them. My advice to those audiences: don’t flatter yourself. It ain’t that good, number one and it ain’t a secret, number two. Just be a value provider and the world will be the path to your door.

I can tell you from your seminars, I’ve done 2500 talks in the last 20 years. Never made a sales call. Never made one. And, that’s a mantra that most people cannot duplicate because they don’t give away enough value. They’re trying to make a sales pitch or make a cold call or send a post card, or do something, I don’t know what they do.

Richard Wilson: Right. For sure. I also find that sometimes people hesitate and say … I was in Morocco, speaking at an event and the lady was like, “Oh, but I’m so busy, when am I going to have time to write content?” Well, drink more coffee or just write for 20 minutes a day during one lunch break on Fridays, just write for 20 minutes once a week. Lots of people I find, if they don’t have the conviction in their niche or in the space they want to occupy for the long term, then they don’t want to put in that hard work because they know it’s a long-term strategy and it says a lot about how comfortable and confidant they are that they’ve found what they want to do.

I always tell people, if you’re not so confidant that you need five years or ten years to get on top of that sand box and dominate it, then don’t eve start. Wait and go after another space that you’re so excited about it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Empty parking spaces in Miami beach, that’s a good topic.

Richard Wilson: Yeah. Exactly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: There’s only nine of them.

Jenn Gluckow: Jeffrey, we have a lot of seller die hards who do international business.

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Jenn Gluckow: What got you so passionate and excited about going after and helping ultra high-net worth families in the first place?

Richard Wilson: I was raising capital in Boston and we were cold calling investors, 50 people a day and it was exhausting and no one wanted to invest in the managers we represented. I then saw that some of the wealth management firms we were trying to raise capital from called themselves a family office, not very often, but a couple. I found out that, that meant they had clients that that were 10 million net worth or higher and that they could actually invest in the hedge fund. They could say yes to me.

So, I said, okay, I’m only going to focus on family offices and I found it very hard to do so, because when I looked online there was lie a random Bloomberg article, a Financial Times article, and literally nothing else. I couldn’t learn anything. So, what I did, was every time I met with a family office or talked to one, I selfishly, to teach myself, I’d write about and I’d put it up on a blog for free. And I did that to teach myself, but then I started getting 70 hits a day, 400 hits a day, a couple thousand hits a day.

And, I got on the front page of the Boston Globe and then I just found by accident … I got flown to this European business summit, where there was like the Prime Minister of Turkey on stage. During the same conference that I was on stage. Now, I was 26 years old and they flew me over to Boston. I’m sure when I showed up they were like who’s this kid? But, I had written like 500 articles on Family Offices and 500 blog posts, so they just said in their mind, Oh, 500 blog posts …

Jeffrey Gitomer: He must be an expert.

Jenn Gluckow: He must know everything.

Richard Wilson: … he must know something, you know, he must not be a total idiot.

Jeffrey Gitomer: More than the Prime Minister of Turkey, I can tell you that.

Richard Wilson: So, I just kind of fell into it. I just looked around at that point and said, Wow, there’s no one else being a helpful trail guide. So, I’ll just double down on this and now a decade later, I’m still one of the youngest people at my own conferences. I did 1000 person conference last month. There’s probably on 10% of the room that was younger than me, so it’s still a little bit awkward that way. But, I’ve learned a lot over time.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, let’s talk a little bit more about these families, because I think that there is something that’s not being said. These people are preyed upon. It’s worse than winning the lottery, because when you win the lottery it’s like a one shot deal. These families have been in their communities for years they might be second or third generation by now. Everyone knows … Oh yeah, let’s go over to the Smith’s house, let’s trick or treat over there because they have all the money. Let’s hit them up for a charitable donation for the Indiana Home for the criminally insane glee club.

And, you have to put this into perspective that you are trying to be sort of a calming force for them, correct?

Richard Wilson: Right. Right. I mean you’re basically helping them say no to almost everything that comes at them. And, most likely unless they explicitly position themselves to attract a type of deal flow that makes sense for their specific strike zone for what they’re aiming to do, everything that comes at them is just noise. It’s not relevant to where they’re trying to go. And, that’s hard for a lot of people to understand and a lot of families because of privacy issues, they don’t talk to the public, they don’t have a website, they don’t communicate to third parties what they do or what they want to invest in and that really holds them back, so we help a lot of families in having a brand, whether it’s a holding company or a family office brand, a brand that’s out there, that will attract deal flow.

If you only wanted to buy sales industry related companies and protect someones private name, you come up with a family office name that is at sales conferences and has a booth, where all these sales softwares, cloud-based companies are at or something like that. We’ve been getting great deal flow in the sales niche, but that’s light years away from just going to the golf club and just getting pitched random things by somebody’s son who’s got some cannibus, crypto, crazy funds.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or growing marijuana in Colorado because he’s going to ake a bloody fortune. And many do, but you just can’t take a deal because the lights are shiny.

Richard Wilson: Right. Right. For sure. And, I think people think they have good deal flow and they really have almost none. And, if they haven’t done the work of knowing exactly where they want to go and what’s the best way to get there while mitigating the downside of risk, then they just learn the hard way. They just learn through braille and it can be very costly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. Braille’s hard to read.

Jenn Gluckow: For us.

This is totally cool. Jeffrey is back on the road giving public seminars. I love it. Jeffrey, you’re in high demand, man. People are emailing asking when you’re coming back and you’re back. If you’ve never been to Des Moines, now is the time to plan your visit. Jeffrey will be appearing live, delivering a seminar on leadership and a seminar on sales mastery on May 17th and May 18th. Go to seegitomer, and get your ticket and while you’re there, get one for your entire team. We’ll see you there.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And, if you’re from New York City, Des Moines is in Iowa.

Jenn Gluckow: Okay. So, we discussed over emails how you went from $220,000 in sales last year in one division to 730,000 so far this year, with still a month to go. How did you do that?

Richard Wilson: Consistently we’ve found that whenever a part of our business starts to produce 150 or 200,000 dollars a year we siphon that off and we dedicate a sales person to grow that channel. That’s been growing our revenue consistently. So, we find that on average we bring in two to three hundred thousand dollars per employee that we add to the team, including operational staff, etc… And, so that was sponsors for our conferences and we just found that the person who was doing that was also doing many other things in our company, so we just got someone who came from the commercial real estate space who was used to cold calling people all day long.

And, we told them you will never have to cold call again. We have people calling us and emailing us all the time. Just serve them, get back to them the same day. And, let’s try to be super helpful to them and we tripled our sales in that division by doing that. So, it’s really just focusing by adding sames talent to areas that maybe were ignored in the past.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, let me define it. It’s value out. Someone reads it. Someone responds to it. And, when they respond you respond as quickly as you possibly can with even more valuable information. And, then, they decide that you’re the person for them after maybe two or three or five contacts they want to hook onto your star. Is that a fair assessment?

Richard Wilson: Right. I appreciate it. Yeah.

Jenn Gluckow: And, I love the word you used, which was “serve them.” How do you instill that service mind set?

Richard Wilson: I’m still about sharing with people that I’ve been doing this for 11 years and I’m going to be doing it for the net 20 years, so we want to earn …

Jenn Gluckow: That’s it?

Jeffrey Gitomer: You’re going to work 20, 11 years?

Richard Wilson: It’s basically like we don’t care about making the short term money. We want to build long term value in relationships because this industry is only getting bigger. So I’ll just obviously shoot myself in the foot trying to squeeze all the juice out of it in 2018.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well, if you have 1000 people at your conference you’ve got to be doing something right. And, I think that you have to look at it and say to yourself. Okay, what am I offering this audience that will keep them my audience. And, how do I build it to where next year it’s 2200 because people brought someone with them.

Richard Wilson: Right. Right. I mean, just like you focused on sales for so long. I heard on someone else’s podcast the other day that when Einstein won the Nobel Peace Prize, they said, “Oh, well, you know, it’s so amazing that you discovered relativity.” And, he said, “No, I didn’t discover relativity, I just thought about nothing else for 10 years.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. Exactly. Exactly.

Richard Wilson: So, that’s my goal, is think about nothing else but family offices, so just I destroy the competition through genuine value contribution to my space. It’s a simple business plan.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I wonder if your competitors are all twice as old as you are?

Richard Wilson: They are. For sure. All my competitors are 48 to 62.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wow, 62. If I ever get that old I hope they shoot me.

Richard Wilson: There about to turn 63, I think next week, maybe.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right.

Richard Wilson: My wife always gets on my case for doing that. But, they’re older for sure. Like, Dan, Mr. Sullivan, I was talking to him the other day. He said, “You know when you can really beat your peers? Wait ’til they’re in their 70s. Then you can really run circles around them.” His point was that, like, sticking to what he’s done for so long just allows you to outpace people, because they just don’t work as hard as consistently in a valuable fashion.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, that guy can really talk to people with money. And, I can promise you that every die hard would love to know how to talk to people with money like Richard. I mean he’s just absolutely amazing.

Jenn Gluckow: Well, here’s the deal. He saw the opportunity when he was working in D.C., and he seized that opportunity. And, he not only saw the opportunity, but he took something that he knew he could be incredibly passionate about because you can’t write about something, you can’t fake it. If you’re not passionate about something and care deeply about it, there’s no point. He said it himself, like, if you’re not passionate about it go find something else that you are.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s obvious, though, he learned how to do his business from the ground up. He literally wrote the book on it. And, he convinced one or two people to do it. Refined it. And, then, let them tell other people.

Jenn Gluckow: And, he used a lot of your strategies. I’m sure it was very humbling. He gave you some really nice compliments.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, that was really nice.

Jenn Gluckow: And, he put himself in front of people who could say yes.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And, he did it in a way, where he targeted his market. And, then expanded his market by performance. And, he did it in a way where he knew that people who had money lived next door to people who had money. He didn’t have to go far to get a referral.

Jenn Gluckow: Well, I loved when he talked about going to three year old birthday parties. And, at every birthday party there’s two families with a family office. Like, that’s amazing crazy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, if you’re a die hard whose looking to be able to communicate with people that have money, which I think is everybody. And, you’re looking to be able to …

Jenn Gluckow: Well it’s not everybody.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No no, but the object is to in sales, they have money and …

Jenn Gluckow: You’re buyer has money.

Jeffrey Gitomer: … and your job is to get the money.

Doug Branston: It’s true. So true.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, if you do that in a way where the value exceeds the cost and you’re able to create confidence that you can do the job and do it well. This is a guy whose talking to families and saying, look, I can protect your money. Now, people who have money. They’re skeptical of everything …

Jenn Gluckow: They’re guard is up.

Jeffrey Gitomer: … and everyone.

Doug Branston: But Jeffrey, a lot of salespeople when they’re faced with a prospect or a client that does have a lot more money than they do, they tend to lose a little bit of confidence that they can sell them on that high value, high priced product.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That boils down to belief. If you believe in your heart, not your head … If you believe in your heart that the customer is better off having purchased from you, then you stay with them and you march to success.

Jenn Gluckow: Yeah, because you’re able to transfer that belief to the customer. I used to sell products, services and products, to school districts. Contracts could be $400,000 and up and some of the people I was selling to wouldn’t see that kind of money in a decade. And, there was this struggle of how I am going to spend that kind of money? I don’t even make a tenth of it. And, you’re right, Jeffrey. It comes down to belief and trust. You have to have the belief and they need to trust that you’re steering them in the right direction.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The one thing that you have to do as a salesperson, as a diehard, is to ignore the money if you believe in the value. Don’t worry about how much money the other person has or doesn’t have. You go from your heart and you will convince the other person that you are the right choice, or the best choice under the circumstances.

So, I’m going to implore you to go back and listen to this a couple of times, so you get number 1, the concept and then get how this guy did what he did. It’s amazing. He took a niche and dominated it. In fact, he took an unknown niche …

Jenn Gluckow: And, he created attraction.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Big attraction.

Jenn Gluckow: His writing created attraction. That’s a big key here.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So, look at it from that perspective. Have a cup of Death Wish coffee, which I think is a very important part of this whole thing because you’ll be staying up late studying. And, you may want to have a cup of America’s strongest coffee. Actually, it’s the world’s strongest coffee.

Jenn Gluckow: I love having Death Wish in our new Sell or Die mugs. I really like our new mugs.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And if you’re looking for a great mug deal, go to …

Jenn Gluckow:

Jeffrey Gitomer: and look for the mug.

Jenn Gluckow: And, look for the mug.

Doug Branston: There is a link in the show notes.

Jenn Gluckow: There is a link in the show notes. I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Very, very, very complete on our part. You’ll get two for one.

Jenn Gluckow: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But one get another one.

Jenn Gluckow: That’s right.

Doug Branston: And, share this episode with everyone that you know. We’re looking to get to 100,00 diehards, so help us do that. Just don’t share this with your competition.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Please do not do that.

Jenn Gluckow: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s for foreboden. But, I think if you have friends, or two friends. You can share that with …

Jenn Gluckow: Clients.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Huh?

Jenn Gluckow: Clients,

Jeffrey Gitomer: Clients, of course.

Jenn Gluckow: Colleagues. Share it out.

Jeffrey Gitomer: People who listen to it love it.

Jenn Gluckow: Subscribe, rate, and review. And, with that, I want to thank our amazing producer Mr. Doug Branston.

Doug Branston: Why, thank you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yep. He’s getting better every day

Jenn Gluckow: Yes. Where’s the applause?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Audience love that.

Jenn Gluckow: Oh. There you go.

Jeffrey Gitomer: My name is Jeffrey Gitemor.

Jenn Gluckow: And, I’m Jenn Gluckow.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And, I’m challenging you to get out there and sell something even if your ass falls off.