Sell or Die RoundUp – The Best of July 2018

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July’s episodes were absolutely packed with sales red meat. These are five of the best clips from our interviews with sales and marketing experts like Fred Shilmover, Rob Kll, Dave Ferguson and Matt Manero.

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1:09 – Fred Shilmover on where the future of sales is headed.

3:17 – Rob Kll on how artificial intelligence platforms are factoring into people’s bottom line.

8:14 – On Motivation Monday, Jeffrey and Jen discuss Microsoft’s new sales strategy how it is serves as a warning about the future of sales everywhere.

16:54 – Dave Ferguson on the difference between bosses and leaders.

20:29 – Matt Manero tells us why he completely tore down a multi-million dollar business and why if given the choice he’d do it all over again.

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