Sales Manager Spotlight With Lee Novak

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Today we’re spotlighting Lee Novak, VP, Sales, Exectras in Texas.

Exectras is a membership-based, discount services company that “optimize business performance” and “empower employees”. Companies pay a monthly fee which gives them access to performance business services at discounted rates. Exectras program also enables companies to provide unique perks and programs for employees. The more they use, the more discounts they get. In this episode, Lee discusses his experience in sales when he dropped out of college and how he has become successful without a degree.

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On today’s show…

0:57 – History of Lee
02:23 – How Lee got into sales
03:37 – What did Lee do after he quit college?
04:06 – Lees philosophy for how to get through working with a terrible manager
05:07 – How Lee transitioned from salesperson to sales manager
07:11 – Lees top sales techniques that everyone should know
08:41 – How Lee values people differently
09:33 – How much does Lee spend doing product training v soft sales skills training?
13:04 – Lees top qualities he looks for when hiring
19:03 – What are Lees top salespeople doing differently?
22:20 – What has helped Lee become successful?


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