Sales Manager Spotlight: Susan Harper

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Time for anotherSales Manager Spotlight. We’re talking to successful sales managers across the country to find out how they lead, what challenges they face and their sales philosophies.

Today we’re spotlighting Susan Harper, Senior Sales Manager for UniFirst. Susan has won Sales Manager of The Year 10 times. Shes a three time Presidents Club Award Winner and was inducted into the UniFirst hall of fame in 2012.

Susan’s sales team functions consists of heavy prospecting, creating interest, conducting needs analysis, making effective Sales presentations, and closing prospects that meet company account criteria. Her has has achieved and exceeded Locations weekly sales quotas and is a results driven Sales Manager with a billion dollar company in a very competitive industry.

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On today’s spotlight…

05:05 – What are Susan’s strategies to keep her team running at a very high level.

07:35 – “I can’t teach work ethic. So the place I find that is in the early years and I eventually work my way up to what they’re doing now. But I really look for anybody that can show and prove that they started work at a very young age” – What Susan looks for during the interview process

11:13 – Why the drive to succeed matters more to Susan than any other trait

17:13 – What are some of the methods that Susan uses keep turnover down in a high-turnover field


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