relationship between acting and sales



The Similarities of Acting vs. Selling

In episode 535 of The Sell or Die Podcast, we are honored to have special guest Glenn Morshower. Glenn is an actor best known for playing Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in 24. He has been in the acting business for fifty years, and now he is in the new show The Resident. From his experience in acting, Glenn brings us ideas, creativity, and humor that can be applied to sales. 

relationship between acting and sales
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It’s time to sell or die…
Check out the points below to learn from Glenn’s wisdom and learn more about the similarities between sales and acting. For even more details on each point, listen to ALL of episode 535 of the Sell or Die Podcast on your preferred streaming platform!

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Glenn shares his background and how he got to his success today.

Glenn first became interested in theater when he saw a friend of his perform in a theatrical production of A Christmas Carol. During the intermission, he asked his mother how he could do something like that. She enrolled him in acting classes the next week, and he’s never looked back. A few years later he got the phone call that changed his life– he was selected to be in a national television commercial. 
Glenn believes his success is due to what he calls “estimated haveability.” One of the things successful people do is estimate what others think is impossible as extremely haveable. Glenn saw his opportunities in acting as attainable. He didn’t doubt or question it. He didn’t see getting hired as an actor as some great challenge. He believed it was possible, and he did it. And because of that confidence and estimated haveablility, he had success in his auditions. He made the sale. 
relationship between acting and sales

Glenn defines what it means to truly live the part (or the sale).

Glenn truly embodies each character he plays. He does his scenes from an authentic, empathetic place. Glenn says there is a world of difference between from and about. He asked us– would you rather see a movie about the pain of divorce or a movie that comes from the pain of divorce? You would rather see something that comes from that pain. It’s the same thing with your sales. You want to embody your passion and not just talk about it. Speak from the heart!
Glenn also talks about bringing his own unique perspective to roles, something no other actor will. For example, he used a southern accent for one of his roles, even though that accent wasn’t specified in the script. But he felt it worked for the character, and the casting directors agreed. Think about the unique things you can bring to your presentations and pitches. What is special about you? What are you doing that no one else will? Embodying this uniqueness will give you a convincing edge.

Glenn gives hilarious advice on nailing auditions.

Glenn has an amazing track record of getting the part, more than most actors. He shares that one day before an audition, he listened to his intuition. He had the crazy idea to fill his shoes with syrup. Literally. He filled shoes with syrup, not to the point where it was overflowing. But just enough that he could feel it was there. Then he went to the studio, auditioned for the role, and he got it. The next time he auditioned, he upped the ante. He put marshmallows between his toes. He got the part. The next time he added more food, and he got that part too. It became a game to him. He added more food each time, even going so far as putting a piece of bologna in his pants. Seriously. He was able to land nine roles in a row, which is unheard of. It’s a record at the studio that no one has broken. 
Before you go out and buy bologna, let’s look at why this worked for him. The secret food gave him an edge. It was something only he knew about that the people evaluating him didn’t. It was something fun, and it helped him not take himself so seriously. His humor and spirit were evident in the audition (even though the casting directors didn’t know the real reason for that spirit!). This is the kind of energy you want to bring into sales. You can develop your own way of adding some humor and life to your sales (but please be careful of food in sensitive areas!) 

Glenn shares his take on desperation vs. celebration.

People can smell desperation from a mile away. It’s true in acting, and it’s true in sales. From his experience, Glenn knows that what made him stand out from other actors was that he seemed relaxed and not desperate. Here’s the truth: your talent isn’t enough. There are lots of talented people, plenty more talented than you. Casting directors see plenty of talented people. What stands out to them is relaxed confidence and genuine passion. And it’s the same for your customers.
Desperation is not attractive. People won’t want to hire you if you are coming out of that place. But celebration is dynamic. Excitement is contagious. What Glenn brings to his roles is a celebration. It’s genuine energy and enthusiasm. When you embody that, you’ll nail the audition and make the sale.

The Similarities of Acting vs. Selling: The Bottomline

Glenn reminds us to keep a spirit of humor and enthusiasm. When you bring that into a room, you’re interrupting the pattern in a creative, unusual, and fun way. Having fun is one of the best things you can do for your sales. Dare to be different, Die hards. 
To hear more ideas on how you can apply principles of the acting world to your sales, don’t forget to tune in to episode 535 of the Sell or Die Podcast.
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