Pitching your Story with Tyler J. McCall


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Sell or Die with Tyler J. McCall


“Give value first.” “The customer doesn’t care about you.” You’ve heard this prospecting advice a lot. You’ve heard it on this show. It’s great advice if you’re cold calling but on social media everything gets turned on its head.

Attracting people on social media, building a following, it requires sharing valuable content that people want but it also requires sharing YOU!

Today we’re talking to Tyler J. McCall, Instagram and social media marketer, strategist, and coach for creatives and online business owners . He coaches people everyday who want to grow their following to increase their revenue. He’ll tell us what he thinks the right balance is between sharing ourselves and sharing our knowledge. Tyler reveals practical tips that you can start implementing right after the podcast to get more followers and more engagement. These aren’t phony hacks, this will require work but if you want to generate business online now is the time to sweat and share.


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On today’s show…

9:07 – Non-profit work teaches Tyler valuable lessons on value that he takes into his Instagram work.

10:54 – Tyler starts a side hustle because people’s instagram accounts made him sad.

15:01 – Early business struggles and debt in the agency model shifts Tyler into coaching.

19:52 – The Follower to Fan Society.

22:23 – Getting clear on the ideal follower.

24:29 – The one metric you should paying attention to on Instagram.

26:53 – Mixing business and personal sharing on social media.

30:13 – “If you want to grow your following you have to be proactive and find your followers.”

32:43 – Stories are the gateway to a direct message.

36:07 – “I’m sharing but I’m not getting followers, what the hell?!”

38:39 – Going from instagram story to monetized member.


More on today’s guest

Tyler focuses on using Instagram and social media to tell stories, build relationships, and convert followers to fans, drawing from his 10 years of experience in non-profit marketing and management and community organizing. He’s taught thousands of entrepreneurs and managed dozens of Instagram accounts since getting into the online marketing game in 2015. Tyler is based in Chicago, where he lives with his partner Eric. When he’s not coaching or teaching, Tyler enjoys Target runs and road trips…that he documents on his Instagram Stories.


Instagram | www.instagram.com/tylerjmccall
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Facebook Group | www.tylerjmccall.com/group
Follower to Fan Society | www.followertofansociety.com
Tyler J. McCall | www.tylerjmccall.com





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