Motivation Monday: Changing Your Mindset


Get motivated with Jeffrey, Jen and Brent! Every Monday we hop on to have our weekly sales meeting help inspire you to LEARN and EARN!

This week we’re discussing your sales mindset. Mindset is connected to outcome. Mindset leads to defining your attitude. Recognizing mindset and using every opportunity to shift your mindset to the positive can lead to great things.

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Jeffrey Gitomer: Hello everybody, and welcome to Motivation Monday. It’s an offshoot of Sell or Die, the most amazing podcast in podcast land.

Jen Gluckow: What makes it the most amazing podcast?

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re over 50,000 downloads a month right now. Shooting for 150.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right. That’s right. We give real tips and strategies that you can use immediately after the show.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Take it out into the street and turn it into money one minute after you hear it.

Jen Gluckow: Cold hard cash.

Jeffrey Gitomer: This is Jeffrey Gitomer. I wrote The Little Red Book of Selling. This is-

Jen Gluckow: I’m Jen Gluckow, Founder and CEO of Sales In A New York Minute and we are joined by?

Brent Thomas: Brent Thomas is creator of all.

Jeffrey Gitomer: A creator of all. I read that somewhere.

Jen Gluckow: I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Are you in the bible?

Brent Thomas: I think it’s god who said that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I want to make sure that we are all on tap here. This is our Monday Sales Meeting, our Monday Motivation Meeting, our kick in the pants to you, the great Die Hards.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right. We want to know where you’re listening from. Write us a note in the comments. Where are you joining us from? What do you sell?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. Why aren’t both your friends on this thing?

Jen Gluckow: I don’t know. Share this baby out.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Bingo.

Jen Gluckow: Share this baby out. Give us some like. Share it out. We want to continue delivering this free content every single week. We need your help to share it out to your friends.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Today is a very monumental day because we’re going to go into the metaphysics of the world and talk about who you are as a thinker, not just as a doer.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right. Before we do, Jeffrey, do you know? Well, of course you know, but I don’t know if our Die Hards know this.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We went to a ball game this week?

Jen Gluckow: Jeffrey Gitomer is back.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh. I am. #gitomersback.

Jen Gluckow: #gitomerisback.

Brent Thomas: Gitomer is back.

Jen Gluckow: You are going back on live public seminar tour all over the country. This is super exciting. The first stop is Des Moines. May 17 and 18.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Second stop is Charlotte.

Jen Gluckow: Second stop is going to be Charlotte in the middle of June, I think the 14th and 15th. Dates will be released later today.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Then we have no idea where the hell we’re going from there.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I can tell you we will be in Atlanta. I can tell you we will be in Dallas. I can tell you we will be in Chicago. I can tell you we will be in the home of the Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. You’ve been getting a lot of requests from Canadians.

Jeffrey Gitomer: 41 to 33.

Jen Gluckow: I forgot the score [crosstalk 00:02:32], so thank you so, so, much Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, no problem.

Brent Thomas: Constant reminder.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’ll be in a bunch of places. Maybe Washington. If you want me in your city, all you got to do is just pop it in there.

Jen Gluckow: By the way, it’s not just on Sell or Die when Jeffrey brings up the Superbowl, in case you were wondering. It’s all day.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah. Exactly.

Jen Gluckow: I got a ding. I love when I get a ding. Thank you, Doug. Oh, we didn’t even introduce our people behind the scenes over here. We have-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let’s introduce Alex first.

Jen Gluckow: All right. We have the great Mister Vang, Mister Alex Vang and he is in charge of our, oh, all of our digital strategy and social media. Does he have a mic yet? No mic.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. He’ll be Tweeting this and he’ll be Facebooking this and all the other things that go along with it.

Jen Gluckow: That is correct.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The great Doug Branson who is our producer and intruder extraordinaire.

Doug Branson: Yes. Sums it up.

Jen Gluckow: I love that. Oh, man.

Jeffrey Gitomer: There we go.

Jen Gluckow: That is actually what we think of when we think of Doug.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, exactly.

Jen Gluckow: That was very appropriate. Thank you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He has come down from the heavens to join us just this afternoon and then he’s going right back where he came from.

Jen Gluckow: Oh, man. All right. We have a bunch of people who have joined us. I want to makes sure we’re giving you guys shout outs and saying hey. We have Rich from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanian. He says, “Visit us.” Andy from Las Angeles, Gregory William Harold Roberts from …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Dude, you need more names.

Jen Gluckow: From Saskatchewan, Canada Debt Help Services. We have Ron Goodwin, hey Ron. He’s driving in the rainy Boston Marathon Monday.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Is today the marathon?

Brent Thomas: It is.

Jen Gluckow: I think the marathon was …

Brent Thomas: Today, right?

Jen Gluckow: It’s today?

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: I thought it was yesterday. It’s not a Sunday?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. It’s a Monday.

Brent Thomas: I think it’s today.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: Oh. Okay. Cool. You might not be able to drive around far because it’s going to be a lot of traffic.

Brent Thomas: Boston strong.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. That’s right. All right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The Red Sox are in first place. The Patriots will lose again next year. Just a statement. [crosstalk 00:04:27] a lucky one.

Jen Gluckow: He sent you some things to look at on Facebook, but we’ll definitely be getting back to you, Ron. Thank you for all the beautiful images of the Boston team.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Boston, yeah. Thank you very much.

Brent Thomas: [crosstalk 00:04:39] team.

Jen Gluckow: Then we have Brian Silvers, hey, Brian. We don’t know where you’re joining from, but hey. Let us know what you’re selling and what you’re thinking about for this week. Do you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help with a specific sale you have going on. We want to help.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Boss have his foot up your ass? Making cold calls? Come on, tell us. We can take it.

Brent Thomas: Andy says, “Brent is coming to LA this week.”

Jen Gluckow: Oh, are you?

Brent Thomas: This is true. I’m going out there this coming up weekend.

Jen Gluckow: Cool, cool.

Brent Thomas: Andy is actually a very professional young speaker.

Jen Gluckow: That’s awesome. Hey, Andy, what’s up?

Brent Thomas: I’m going to have to get him on this show. He’s cool.

Jen Gluckow: Serial Entrepreneur, internationally acknowledged author. See how much you can find out about a person just by clicking their name? I love it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. I love that. Thanks for the link.

Jen Gluckow: No, no. I clicked on his name. He didn’t give a link.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s what I meant.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. Okay.

Brent Thomas: That’s what our names are. They’re links these days, links to who we are and what we do.

Jen Gluckow: That’s true.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I like when my name appears in blue. I don’t know about you, but I’m a blueby.

Jen Gluckow: All right. Andy says, “What’s up?” Brian says, “I’ve given away 20 so of The Little Red Book.” Thank you very much for that. You can get yours autographed at buygitomer, B-U-Y,

Jeffrey Gitomer: A lot of people like to do that. It costs a little more money to buy it from us versus Amazon.

Jen Gluckow: A little more than Amazon. Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You get a signed copy, you give it to somebody. That’s like a big deal. If you do it right, and you place the order, I will personalize someone’s name in it and sign it. Got it?

Jen Gluckow: It’s pretty cool. I like getting signed books. Therefore, I like giving them because I know I like getting them.

Brent Thomas: I’ve never received another signed book from any other author.

Jen Gluckow: What?

Brent Thomas: Yep, except for you and one other author, actually. Ginger Bell.

Jen Gluckow: Cool.

Brent Thomas: She sent a few things our way.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s nice.

Brent Thomas: I get a lot of feedback from people I talk to that have received signed books from you, Jeffery. They love it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s good.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. Hey, so Lauren Ashley K says, “Hey, Brent, can’t wait to see you this week.”

Brent Thomas: Yeah, Lauren.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The fans love this.

Jen Gluckow: Andy says, “Brent, you coming to Progression Conference with Ty Lopez and myself?”

Brent Thomas: Yeah. We’ll see.

Jen Gluckow: Cool.

Brent Thomas: Let me open up for you. The hype man.

Jen Gluckow: Very cool. All right. That said, this week we’re talking about …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Mindset.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right. Mindset. Your mindset.

Jeffrey Gitomer: What occurs? When I say mindset, what do you think of? What words come to your mind that give you the definition of mindset because we’re about to go into it pretty deep because it’s going to determine outcome. Outcome to you might be a successful meeting or making a sale or getting a reorder or overcoming a problem. Whatever it is.

Jen Gluckow: Or getting an introduction.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, you’re looking for an outcome. You’re going to a networking meeting. You’re looking for an outcome. You’re going into a sales call. You’re looking for an outcome. We want to talk about what the factors are. Jen’s going to kick this off and tell us what her thinking was when she came up with this [Spanish 00:07:45] topic. Take it away, Jen.

Jen Gluckow: All right.

Brent Thomas: That was good.

Jen Gluckow: I want you think about two times that you’re in the exact same situation.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let’s give it one time. Oh, I see.

Jen Gluckow: No, no, no. Two different times where the same situation has occurred but you’ve had different mindsets around each time.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You’re online at the grocery store.

Jen Gluckow: For example, you’re online at the grocery store, waiting, or you’re going to work and you’re in traffic. Sometimes you might have a super positive mindset about it like, “This is awesome, I get to hear one more song or the end of the podcast.” Who cares. You’re not even thinking about the fact that there’s traffic. Other times you might be thinking, “It’s raining and there’s so much traffic and I hate my commute.” It’s the same exact commute.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now I’m stuck in traffic and I’m going to miss my meeting.

Jen Gluckow: Right. The only thing, it’s the same exact commute. The only thing that’s changed is your mindset around it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Got it.

Jen Gluckow: This happens in our personal lives all the time. It also happens in your sales life. We’re going to talk about what’s going on in your sales life and how your mindset can effect that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I want you to think about it in a way that every single person who is listening right now can understand it. You’re sitting in your doctor’s office waiting room.

Jen Gluckow: Mine doesn’t keep me waiting. I can’t relate to that. Just kidding.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The bottom line is most people, Jen, they do.

Brent Thomas: Who’s your doctor?

Jen Gluckow: Doctor [Lipton 00:09:04] doesn’t keep anyone waiting, come on.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You’re sitting in the waiting room and you’re nervous because something’s wrong with you. You want to know what the outcome of that is going to be. Are they going to give you, Gabrielle wants to know, do I have to have a shot?

Jen Gluckow: Do I need a shot?

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s all the kid want’s to know.

Jen Gluckow: She tried to convince me, by the way, that last week she got a shot. I was like, “I thought there were no shots.” She was like, “They gave me one of those tetanus.” I’m like, “Really?” She’s like, “Just kidding.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: The bottom line is, everyone has had repeat situations. Mindset is going to determine how you enter it and how you exit it.

Jen Gluckow: What happens is people often blame it on the situation. “I’m so annoyed because today there was so much traffic.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or the weather.

Jen Gluckow: Or whatever. Last time there was so much traffic, you weren’t annoyed. What’s changed? The only thing that’s changed is how you’re thinking about it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. The way you dedicate …

Doug Branson: There can be circumstances. You’ve talked about those too, where you’re sitting in traffic and maybe you’re more inclined to be positive about it because you don’t have anything ahead of you, whereas if you’re in traffic and you do have a meeting, suddenly circumstances have changed. That can affect your mindset. How do you overcome that situation?

Jeffrey Gitomer: What you’re happening, and excellent, Doug, what happens is, you let things overcome your mental process. There’s, you’re riding along, everything’s fine and all of a sudden you come to a traffic jam. Whenever you’re riding along, you’re fine. You’re listening. You’re bopping, and then the traffic jam comes and you’re [crosstalk 00:10:41].

Jen Gluckow: Maybe you’re listening to us.

Jeffrey Gitomer: What’s this? Yeah. The Sell or Die Podcast. All of a sudden, the traffic slows down. It’s, “Oh, crap.” Your mindset goes from positive to negative in like a second.

Brent Thomas: I think, also, attributes before that have happened, circumstances before you hit that traffic jam. Maybe you were running a late, you spilled coffee or whatever.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You were just in an argument with your spouse. Your kid didn’t come home from school on time or back from a date on time. You’re thinking about the other things in your life and then what happens, your tipping point or your cup runneth over with negative stuff. It exacerbates everything.

Jen Gluckow: That, in turn, impacts or effects your attitude and how you’re going to, your actions and behaviors throughout the day.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. What we’re saying here is, mindset determines attitude.

Jen Gluckow: Where’s the ding?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I don’t know.

Doug Branson: [crosstalk 00:11:38] ding when you ask.

Jen Gluckow: Come on. Come on.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The dinger’s been thinking about it.

Jen Gluckow: Your mindset is your thoughts, what’s going on in your head?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, or your focus. You’re trying to make certain that you power through this in a positive way because you may be going to this appointment where there’s no traffic, but you’re sick. You have a cold or you feel a scratchy throat and you’re all pissed off about that. That’s mindset.

Jen Gluckow: Then your attitude, let’s define attitude for everybody.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. Think it’s good, it’s good. Think it’s bad, it’s bad.

Brent Thomas: Attitude is not something you just have?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, it’s something that you dedicate yourself to because if you just let it go, then you’ll react to the circumstance and the circumstance will determine your attitude, not you.

Brent Thomas: That guy doesn’t just have a bad attitude, that guy created a bad attitude via his mindset.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, he gave it to himself.

Jen Gluckow: Ding.

Brent Thomas: He let himself get a bad attitude.

Jen Gluckow: He chose it with his thoughts.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It was gifted to him. Now, let me go to a deeper thing and then you can continue.

Jen Gluckow: Okay, go on.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The word is resilient. Your attitude and your mindset are often triggered by your past experiences. It is how you react, respond and recover to what happens to you. Those three things create resilience. If you’ve been in a bad situation before and something good has happened as a result of it, you’ll remember that. That will prevent you from going deep into bad or vice versa.

You look at it from the perspective of okay what do I need in my skillset. In your skillset you need resilience in order to determine mindset. Resilience sets off to the side. They’re not part of the whole process but it’s part your being. Mindset, attitude, and then response. All triggered by your resilience experience. If you don’t know any better, you’re going to probably go negative. If you’ve had positive things happen to you in the past, as a result of it, you’ll go positive.

Jen Gluckow: We all agree this is important. Brent, did you have attitude or mindset training in school?

Brent Thomas: In school? No. However, through sports, yes.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s true.

Jen Gluckow: That’s interesting.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, the coaches encouraging community.

Jen Gluckow: You lose the pass, you have to keep going and not even think about it.

Brent Thomas: Right, exactly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: There’s no classroom.

Brent Thomas: You got to be mentally tough to get through the workouts just in general and then when you lose or you lose a play or you lose a game, you got to keep going because you got another game. If it’s baseball, you’ve got another game the next day. Football you got one week to recover.

Jen Gluckow: That’s why they say a lot of sports players are good salespeople.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s right. Not only do they have the will to win-

Brent Thomas: They’re competitive.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: … and be competitive, but they’re coachable.

Brent Thomas: Baseball, we were just talking about the Charlotte Knights, thinking about when you’re up to bat and you have two strikes, think about that mindset. Not only after a game but in the middle of the situation, you really have to have control over your mind.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now, let’s go into that very subtly. As a batter am I saying, “I hope I don’t strike out,” or, “I’m going to hit the ball?”

Jen Gluckow: I’m going to hit the ball.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Sometimes.

Jen Gluckow: Going to knock it out of the park.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Sometimes. Somebody might say, “I better not strike out.” They’re going to strike out. The likelihood is they’ll take a third strike with the bat on the shoulder, an upside down K if you will.

Jen Gluckow: Think about those words. We interviewed Mark [Englund 00:15:21] who’s going to be on our show this week, who talks a lot about your word choices and your thought choices, but think about those words, “I’m going to strike out.” What is standing out in there?

Jeffrey Gitomer: The word not can be eliminated. “I’m not going to strike out.”

Jen Gluckow: Okay, I’m not going to strike out. What are the words though? Strike out. That’s the thing that you’re focusing on rather than, “I’m going to hit it out of the park.” Is that the term?

Doug Branson: Yeah, you hit a home run.

Jen Gluckow: I’m a girl.

Doug Branson: A double. That was good.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hold on a second. There’s no gender deficiency in this world anymore.

Jen Gluckow: I happen to love baseball, okay. We have Zack [Krupp 00:16:02] here, hey Zack.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hey Zack.

Jen Gluckow: What up? Zack’s going to be joining us for our Motivation Monday and he’s going to give some tips.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He’s our young entrepreneur.

Jen Gluckow: He’s going to be giving some tips, I think, actually on mindset, which is going to be really cool. Anthony [Konkland 00:16:19], I better not lose. The think is your mindset perspective determines your results. Love that. Brian Silvers, by the way, Brian Silvers gave the applause and also he gave the ding when Doug missed the ding. Yeah. [crosstalk 00:16:31] I think Doug purposely missed it.

Doug Branson: That’s an unofficial ding. I don’t …

Jen Gluckow: That doesn’t count?

Doug Branson: Yeah, that doesn’t go into the record books.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. It’s a silent ding. It’s like a mindset ding.

Jen Gluckow: That’s so not fair.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The bottom line, listen, the bottom line is, we’re giving you the fundamentals of a better way to dedicate yourself to the way you think. It starts with how you get in the car to begin with. What happened at home? Did you kiss your kids goodbye or tell them that they’d better not do something or you’re going to punish them for a week and take their phone away? Are you okay with your spouse or is there a little argument brewing? Did you trip out of the shower or did you tip the scales a little higher than you wanted to tip the scales and you’re all pissed off or did you have that donut that kind of set you off? Whatever it is, that is part and parcel of the mindset process. The way you react to something that happens to negative, if you’re already set on negative, it’s going to be a double. Maybe a triple.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. They don’t give you attitude training in school. I didn’t get any. You didn’t get any. You guys get any?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No.

Jen Gluckow: No. Yet people always say, “Oh, you have to have a better attitude. You have to have a positive attitude.” Let’s get into how do you train your attitude? How do you train to have, to respond positively in negative situations so that let’s say you get to the meeting and the decision maker forgot about the meeting or isn’t there or gives you their person.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or sends you to somebody else because he perceives you as a less than worthy human being.

Jen Gluckow: How do you keep a positive mindset so that you can actually have a winning attitude and close the deal?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let’s begin here. What do you do when you wake up? Do you watch the news? The traffic? The weather? Most people do. Most people want to quote, “See what’s going on.” Which is total bullshit because it’s the same thing that went on yesterday or the day before.

Jen Gluckow: Even for [Brisio 00:18:38] who is joining us from Brazil, it’s the same thing on the news there. It’s no positivity.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Same shit.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: They just sent their [crosstalk 00:18:46].

Jen Gluckow: They don’t show puppies, like happy puppies.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. It’s not puppy day.

Brent Thomas: Puppies they have at home.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah, exactly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I can just see the 7:00 in the morning news with some lady comes on and says, “Hey, look at this puppy I just got this weekend.” I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’re going to tell you who got beat up in a parking lot and what burnt down.

Brent Thomas: Yep. It’s very interesting you say that because I never watch the news in the morning. However, one night I was staying at an ex-colleagues house. I woke up and I hear the TV on. I’m like, “Wait, why’s the TV on right now? It’s in the morning.” Apparently people do watch the news in the morning.

Jeffrey Gitomer: What they’ll say is it’s background noise. No it’s not background noise. It’s total negative bullshit.

Jen Gluckow: I used to not know anything different because growing up my mom would have the news on from the very second my dad left in the morning and he would leave at like 5:00 in the morning to go to work until I left at least until I left for school because I would go in there hang out an say hi and talk or whatever. The news was always on for hours. Hours.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wow.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. I didn’t know any different. I had to as an adult decide, “I don’t want this bullshit.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. That’s part and parcel of your mindset.

Jen Gluckow: Oh, Rachel Berlin, “Hi, just jumped on from Wisconsin.” Hey, Rachel. What’s up?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now, you’re in the car and your mindset is sort of halfway there one way or the other. Then you take in the circumstances of what happens in the car. Are you out of gas? Figuratively or literally? This morning the light came on in my car, the little gasoline tank.

Jen Gluckow: It did?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah?

Jen Gluckow: I hate getting gas.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I know, I hate that too.

Jen Gluckow: Can you get gas?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I know. You have to pump your own.

Brent Thomas: Guys I’ll go get gas.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. I got it already. It’s already too late.

Jen Gluckow: Oh, thanks.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. The bottom line is, it deterred my thought process. I was thinking about gas rather than my circumstance. I had to divert because I didn’t want to quote, “Run out of gas,” it’s like one of the dumb things you can do. As I’m turning left into the gas station …

Jen Gluckow: You do seem like an idiot in today’s world if you run out of gas.

Jeffrey Gitomer: As I’m turning left into the gas station, and it’s only like 25 feet between me and the gas tank, I’m thinking to myself, “Wonder what would happen if I just ran out right here?” Who would help me push the car 20 feet across traffic into the gas station?

Brent Thomas: How would that affect your day?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, exactly.

Jen Gluckow: It’s your choice, right?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Anyway, I …

Brent Thomas: It’d be kind of funny.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I decided that I was going to think during my pump. I thought about the three or four things that I wanted to do today that would have positive outcomes, who I was going to call, what I was going to do. In the meantime I let the gas sort of pump itself. It’s a little slower if you don’t like press on the lever, but I let it go slow this morning so I could think myself.

Jen Gluckow: I want to go back to something you just said, because you just asked about your morning routine. I want to challenge everyone, what is your morning routine? Write down what you’ve been doing for the past, I don’t know, three, four, five mornings. I know it’s Monday, but weekends count too.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m going to tell you something. If you use the word my …

Jen Gluckow: Sorry.

Jeffrey Gitomer: If you use the word my in your morning routine, something’s drastically wrong. I can’t do anything until I have my coffee. There are thousands of people who say that. Like, dude, you don’t need a cup of coffee. You want a cup of coffee. That should not be your mental focus to like zombie yourself over to a coffee machine and pour a cup of your shit coffee because ours is Death Wish coffee and it’s amazing coffee.

Jen Gluckow: It is really good coffee.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yours is probably like Folgers or something. I don’t want too strong of coffee, it’s bitter. No, no. It’s coffee. Otherwise it’s dishwater. There’s two kinds of coffee, dishwater and coffee.

Jen Gluckow: I love that. We just had something on there where we only drink Death Wish coffee. It’s true though. We do. This is 100% Death Wish in the [crosstalk 00:22:42].

Jeffrey Gitomer: This is our mug by the way, you can order them. Get two for one still. Go on buygitomer, or do you go on?

Jen Gluckow: Yeah, It says, “There’s no prize for second place in sales. Sell or Die Podcast.” Then on the back it says, “I’m a Die Hard.” Oh yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yes, ma’am.

Jen Gluckow: Look at the … That’s pretty cool. I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Doug is focusing in. I love that.

Jen Gluckow: We’re going to pop a link to the mug at the top of this. You can be drinking your Death Wish coffee out of the same mugs we do.

Doug Branson: Then you can be just like us.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, Doug.

Doug Branson: Yeah, I’ve got a question here from Real sales people on Reddit. They love to go on here and ask questions. I’ve pulled one here on attitude. Let’s take a look at that. It says, “This is from stinkymagenta.”

Jen Gluckow: I love these names.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, Stinky. One of my buds.

Jen Gluckow: They’re amazing.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Stinky Magenta. He must be a color specialist.

Doug Branson: I think I went to high school with that guy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I dated his sister.

Doug Branson: Stinkymagenta says, “I work for a digital marketing agency. Today I got off a call with a prospect that sounded like talking to me was a chore. Eventually invited me to check back when they’ve hired a dedicated digital marketing manager because I added value to the call. Now I know I’m supposed to be happy that I got a no, but their tone put me off and now I’m here trying to get centered again by basically asking this question. How do you deal with a call that throws you off psychologically?” This has a lot to do with what we’ve been talking about.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The answer to that is quite simple. You try to create thoughts and phrases that in the mind of that perspective customer create a positive response. For example, you might say, “Until you hire that digital person, what are you going to do to continue to generate leads? Could we possibly act as your interim person whether and wait and see you go through the hiring process?” I’m thinking this guy missed a huge golden opportunity here to put himself or herself, well Stinky is that a man or a woman? Is that a guys name?

Brent Thomas: Neutral.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah. I don’t know.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I think it’s a guy’s name. I don’t think a woman’s going to call herself stinky.

Jen Gluckow: Never, no.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. The bottom live, Stink, is that you missed the opportunity. You were willing to let that customer say, “We’re goin to hire somebody. I swear to god we’ll call you back.” You’re going, “Okay.” You weren’t happy with that. You could have created a happier response for yourself by putting yourself more into the mix.

Jen Gluckow: Okay. I’m going to add to that. I like that Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Go. Thanks, honey.

Jen Gluckow: In between calls.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m sorry. Can I call you honey?

Jen Gluckow: The next task for you is to pick up the phone and make your next call, you need to reset your mindset. You can’t just go into the next call and say, “Okay,” because you’re going to bring whatever that psychological negative feeling is with you and the next customer’s going to hear that too. Then you’re going to keep getting the same kind of responses.

Jeffrey Gitomer: What’s a good way to change that mindset?

Jen Gluckow: Okay. I have a few things that I do personally.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Have a donut?

Jen Gluckow: No.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s what I do.

Jen Gluckow: I don’t have donuts lying around, sorry. I’ll go outside and get some fresh air or I’ll do Headspace. I don’t know if you guys have that app. I personally love the Headspace app. Even if you take three minutes of mediation with Andy and Jeffrey hates Andy, he hates his voice.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, I’m not crazy about Andy.

Jen Gluckow: “Hi, welcome to Headspace. This is Andy.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: My name’s Andy.

Jen Gluckow: It works for me. It may not work for everyone. You may try it and it may work for you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m in the category of everyone, cause it doesn’t work for.

Jen Gluckow: There’s lots of different meditation apps. I think that one’s the best.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let me throw something at you. We’re doing Miracle Morning, thanks to Hal [Elrod 00:26:35], we’re giving him a little shout out here. This morning we were running a little late. I said to Gabrielle, I said, “You can do two things in Miracle Morning.” You should know that the six things of Miracle Morning are silence, writing, exercise …

Jen Gluckow: There’s an acronym.

Jeffrey Gitomer: … SAVERS. Visualization and …

Jen Gluckow: Affirmation.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Affirmation.

Brent Thomas: Silence, affirmation, visualization …

Jen Gluckow: Exercise, reading and writing, or scribing. [inaudible 00:27:07]

Jeffrey Gitomer: Gabrielle, you can only do two things, what are you going to do? Immediately she gets up and does 60 jumping jacks without saying a word. It pumped her up. If you lose a sale, if you’re not …

Jen Gluckow: Do 60 jumping jacks.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or 10 pushups.

Jen Gluckow: I promise you, in 60 seconds you will feel like a different person.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I can do like seven.

Doug Branson: No, I’d feel like a nap, I think.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You look like a nap.

Jen Gluckow: You think you’re going to want to nap after you do that, but what it does to your body is it actually pumps you up. You’re a sports guy, so I’m sure you can talk to this, Brent, but it actually pumps you up.

Brent Thomas: Yeah, increases the blood flow. Sports guy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Have you ever been in the shower after you’ve exercised and felt crappy?

Brent Thomas: No.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. You always feel good.

Brent Thomas: Absolutely.

Jen Gluckow: All right, guys. I hate to do this. We’re supposed to be on another call. We got to wrap this one up.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re done on MM. Motivation Monday for those of you not familiar with our dialog.

Jen Gluckow: Thank you guys all for joining us today.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We totally appreciate it.

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Jen Gluckow: That’s right.

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Jen Gluckow: Yeah. If you’re on the iTunes, write a review, drop us a line, we’re here. We want to chat with you. We want to connect with you. We’ll be back live next Monday. Until then, you can find us tomorrow on the Sell or Die.

Jeffrey Gitomer: On Sell or Die. Here’s wishing that your mindset is set on I’m going to get this sale.

Jen Gluckow: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Even if my ass falls off.

Jen Gluckow: I love it.