Motivation Monday – 3/12/18

Motivation Monday

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Jeffrey Gitomer: Hello America. Thank you for joining us this morning on Motivation Monday. We may have a third ‘M’ for you this morning.

Jennifer Gluckow: Lucky for you guys, it’s not just America, it’s people all over the world watching and tuning in.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, really?

Jennifer Gluckow: Thank you for you people who can speak English.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well okay, wait a second. If you’re somewhere else in the world, just stick it in the box there and let’s see where you’re from.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay. I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let’s see where you’re listening from this morning. But it’s going to be Motivation Monday Money.

Jennifer Gluckow: Money.

Brent Thomas: Money.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re going to talk about money this morning because there are several things that are more important than money, but I can’t think of them.

Jennifer Gluckow: I can think of another ‘M’ word.

Jeffrey Gitomer: What is it?

Jennifer Gluckow: Mugs.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, mugs.

Brent Thomas: Oh.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh mugs.

Jennifer Gluckow: We’ve got mugs. They’re Sell or Die mugs. How cool are these?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay. Sell or Die mugs. Okay, here’s [crosstalk 00:01:02]

Jennifer Gluckow: They say: There’s no prize for second place in sales. On the back they say: I’m a diehard Sell or Die podcast.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Cool.

Jennifer Gluckow: Want to cheers your coffee Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Gitomer: And ours only has coffee in it.

Jennifer Gluckow: Cheers and cheers Brent.

Brent Thomas: Cheers.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Brent. Cool.

Brent Thomas: Sure.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Cool.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay, so let’s talk about what is this? What are we doing here?

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re going to talk to people about why money is good in sales and how to close deals today.

Jennifer Gluckow: I love it. This is a segment on Sell or Die, it’s our podcast that airs numerous times a week. If you haven’t listened to it you might be living under a rock.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Live on Tuesdays.

Jennifer Gluckow: Live on Tuesdays, live on Thursdays, live on Mondays.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wow, we’re live.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah, we’re live.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And this is Facebook. I don’t see any hearts going across the screen. What the hell is going on there?

Jennifer Gluckow: I don’t know. Where are those hearts?

Brent Thomas: What’s happening?

Jennifer Gluckow: If you guys could share this out. We have been doing this for a number of …
Jeffrey Gitomer: Years.

Jennifer Gluckow: … Weeks now.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, weeks.

Jennifer Gluckow: No, we’ve been doing it on Facebook Live for a number of weeks now, but we need your help getting it out to your networks and people who can actually benefit from this. If you help us, we will potentially send you a mug.

Jeffrey Gitomer: There we go.

Jennifer Gluckow: We’re going to give one mug away on the show today.

Jeffrey Gitomer: When you listen live, you can actually ask us a question.

Brent Thomas: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeffrey Gitomer: And get that thousand dollar, five thousand dollar, million dollar answer …

Jennifer Gluckow: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Without a charge, unless it’s a real big one and then I will bill your credit card.

Brent Thomas: Yeah. Jeffrey, speaking of that, last week …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wait, wait, wait. This is the great Brent Thomas.

Jennifer Gluckow: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Go ahead.

Brent Thomas: Thank you guys. Last week we had some interaction with Mark [Cowsill 00:02:32] and he’s actually in Canada. We had a little bit of interaction with him on the comments.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yes.

Brent Thomas: He and I followed up together. He got a nice demo of The Learning Academy, found out that it was something that could help him.

JenniferGluckow: Way to go Mark.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wait. Mark. Did we get his credit card?

Brent Thomas: We got his credit card.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now you’re talking.

Brent Thomas: So Natural Elements Custom Homes and Footprint Log, that’s where Mark is all about.

JenniferGluckow: That’s awesome, Mark.

Brent Thomas: So check him out, people.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Where in Canada is he from?

Brent Thomas: I think it was Toronto.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’ve heard of that.

Brent Thomas: Yes.

JenniferGluckow: I like Toronto.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s like the city with the hockey team that overcharges but loses.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: All right, so Pat, hey Pat, how’s it going? Did you see our mugs yet? They’re so fricking awesome.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Greg is here.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, so if you’re from another country we want to see.

JenniferGluckow: Alex is here. Greg says: Mugs and coffee? That’s right. And Greg, do you know what kind of coffee we’re drinking, just for the record? It’s Death Wish Coffee. That is our …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah. It’s like … It’s real. It’s not bullshit coffee.

Jennifer Gluckow: We were almost out. We were onto our last pod and Jeffrey and I were checking the mail room, no joke, like multiple times a day looking for the coffee box.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s so funny.

Jennifer Gluckow: All right. Doug wants us to squeeze a little bit closer together.

Jeffrey Gitomer: All right. We’re squeezing.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I can’t squeeze any closer to you Jen, you’re chair’s in the way.

Jennifer Gluckow: Well I don’t know what … Okay, how about that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s better.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay, cool. Oh look at that, we only drink Death Wish Coffee. That’s pretty cool. It’s true.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Very nice screen Jen Doug.

Jennifer Gluckow: All right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re getting so classy here. It’s incredible.

Brent Thomas: He’s good at the graphics.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah, Doug is real good.

Brent Thomas: [crosstalk 00:04:02]

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, so what country. Come on, what country?

Jennifer Gluckow: Where are you listening from? What do you sell? What do you do? We want to know who you are. Dave Ferguson is here. Hey Dave. I hear you’re coming on our show.

Jeffrey Gitomer: By the way, California is considered its own country now, so if you’re from California …

Jennifer Gluckow: I know. They are their own country now.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. California and of course Texas has always been its own country since The Alamo.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But what we want to talk about this morning is: How do you hold onto your price? How do you maintain the integrity of your price? Because almost every single customer is going to ask you for a discount or some kind of a deal deal.

Jennifer Gluckow: I love being on the other end of it and being the one to ask for a discount.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay, so let me tell you what happened last week.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Please.

Jennifer Gluckow: I did my research and I really wanted to work with this lady, Jessica, who gets you booked on different podcasts.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Give her a break. Come on.

Jennifer Gluckow: Jessica Rhodes from Interview Connections.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now you’re talking.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay, and she’s phenomenal from what I can tell and she’s actually come to us referred by some of her clients. I gave her a call and she called me back within two seconds. Her sales pitch was phenomenal. I was actually wondering the entire time: Who has trained her? Because it was really spot on. We got to the closing part of the conversation …

Jeffrey Gitomer: And she’s from? What city is she from?

Jennifer Gluckow: She’s from Philly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, of course.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay, she knows her shit.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Which makes you an automatic salesperson.

Jennifer Gluckow: Well we learned earlier this morning that she actually went door-to-door, so she was used to rejection.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jennifer Gluckow: Anyway …

Jeffrey Gitomer: I told her that her plastic surgery was great from her nose being reconstructed from people slamming the door in her face.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jennifer Gluckow: Oh man. When you started going there I’m like: What plastic surgery? And then I got it, it was funny. So anyway, we get to the close part and it’s time for me to say ‘yes’. I said: Well, this all sounds great and your value is enormous and I like it, but I was hoping we could work out a deal where we pay you less money and maybe get you exposure or something like that. Her immediate reaction was, “My price is fair and firm and I can throw in maybe an extra booking, but I don’t discount my prices.” I thought: Okay, well think about it. Get back to me.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, exactly. Yeah, don’t just … We’re not taking the first ‘no’ on the price reduction.

JenniferGluckow: So now I’m trying to sell her on a discounted price and the whole sale has flipped. She said, “Okay, I’ll get back to you.” She emails me later on that day and she reiterates her positioning, which is: I’d really love to work with you, but my price is fair and I’m giving you tons of value so let’s move forward. It made me start thinking: How many of you actually hold your price because you have such strong belief in it, or you’re ready to negotiate like that and drop your price like that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or, you have to call your boss to find out if you can do that.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So you’re like calling your daddy and go: Daddy, can we drop our price because I think if we could get our foot in the door here, Daddy, we could really lose some money in six months. There’s no … I mean, you have a price. Come on, deal with your price. There’s another aspect to the price thing and that is: When two companies are going against one another, you bid or you send a proposal, which is like a bid, and one price is lower but they really want to do business with the other company so they call up and say, “Can you match this price?” At that point the salesperson will do anything they can to get the business because they think like the business is in jeopardy when in fact it is not. They want to do business with you.

Jennifer Gluckow: They want to do business with you. Right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s what ‘match this price’ means. They want to do business with you, otherwise they would have taken the cheap ass price and never called you.

Jennifer Gluckow: Okay, so no one tell Jessica how badly I want to do business with her so that she can …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Gouge us.

Jennifer Gluckow: … Negotiate with me, okay?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, negotiate. That’s what it’s called.

Brent Thomas: I think it’s clear she’s not willing to negotiate, though.

Jennifer Gluckow: No, I only heard ‘no’ twice.

Brent Thomas: Yeah. Okay.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. She’s [crosstalk 00:08:06]

Jennifer Gluckow: That was a ‘not right now’.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

Jennifer Gluckow: We have a few people who just joined us and I want to make sure we’re saying ‘hey’ to you guys. Ron, hello. Robin from Toronto.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Mitch, Hawaii, which is almost a foreign country.

JenniferGluckow: Anthony is here from Philly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Here’s a guy from Turkey.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah. Altan, I hope I’m pronouncing your name right, from Turkey.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Toronto.

Jennifer Gluckow: Mitch from Hawaii. Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s okay, but come on, get on there if you’re from a far away place. I want to see it.

Brent Thomas: Aloha, Mitch.

Jennifer Gluckow: Oh yeah, exactly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Mahalo.

Jennifer Gluckow: If you’re just joining, we’re asking if you could please share this out to your networks that would be awesome. All you have to do is hit the ‘share’ button so that other people can get this value as well.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re talking about money and how you can hold onto your price.

Jennifer Gluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Sticking to your price. Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: What you need to do, if you’re a salesperson and you’re thinking: My prices are higher than my competitor, which most people are, you have to understand before you ever walk into that sales meeting or follow up call, what is the value behind your price? Not the value add, but what happens, what does the person get of value when they buy your product and ultimately start to use it? That’s what you really need to know. If you look at it from that perspective and you walk in with half a dozen things that the person benefits from and you actually know the outcome of that sale, how they use once they purchase, then you can start to talk about that.
They want to know what’s going to happen after they buy the shirt or after they buy the copier or after they buy the car or after they buy the house. They don’t want to know about the price, they want to know about the value behind the price and that’s what will convince them to take the price or not.

JenniferGluckow: Someone just messaged me privately to ask us to put a link in the comments for the mugs. She said she wants to buy our mugs. So we’re going to pop that in there because these are our new Sell or Die mugs.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hold up mug.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yes.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, now we’ve got a screenshot of the mug. I love the-

JenniferGluckow: Yeah, we’ve got a screenshot. They’re just really cool. They’re your daily reminder to kick your own butt.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Think about this if you’re past 50 years old and you’re listening to this right now. Isn’t this amazing? We’re sitting here, we’re talking to the world, we’re talking about pricing, we’re talking about value, we’re talking about selling mugs, we’re talking about people subscribing to the Gitomer Learning Academy and we’re doing it live.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. It’s pretty cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Now, when this studio opened 19 years ago in 1999, we were broadcasting at 56K. We were streaming video at 56K and thought it was the cat’s meow.

JenniferGluckow: So the video had to be like this big.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah. The video was at least two inches square. I bought a 25,000 dollar machine …

JenniferGluckow: Oh man.

Jeffrey Gitomer: … That could go on the internet and do it live. That machine is now a paperweight.

JenniferGluckow: I was going to say, you can’t even give that thing away today.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. It’s a paperweight. I probably should donate it to the Smithsonian Institute of stupid things that people buy. But the bottom line is, look at …

JenniferGluckow: But it wasn’t stupid back then.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. Look at the … Well, I had the idea back then that the future of training was going to be right here.

JenniferGluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeffrey Gitomer: My strategy was correct, it just took two decades to get it to this point. Actually, only a decade and a half because it’s been around for quite a while, but it’s now only becoming mainstream.

JenniferGluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or livestream, as it were.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But this Facebook Live is a phenomenal thing. You can look at us, we can not look at you because we don’t really want to look at you. If you use Zoom or use another platform, you can easily go back and forth.

JenniferGluckow: That’s another way to stick to your price. If you use Zoom, we use Zoom all day long, and you can actually make that relationship face-to-face with your client.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Obviously nothing beats face-to-face, but …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Here’s what to do: Send your customer a $10 Starbucks gift card and a Sell or Die podcast mug and offer to have coffee with them online and do a Zoom call with them, or if your technology blows a Skype call with them, and look what you’ve done. You have a face-to-face sales call with somebody who wasn’t expecting it at all. They have the mug, they have the coffee, now all they’ve got to do is just drink it and you’re winning.

JenniferGluckow: Do you do Zoom calls?

Brent Thomas: Yeah, every day.

JenniferGluckow: What’s the difference for you, Brent, being able to see someone face-to-face and stick to your price?

Brent Thomas: Right. I’ve learned the hard way about sticking to my price, but the benefit is huge being able to see them face-to-face as opposed to just a normal conversation on the phone.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

Brent Thomas: If I can’t see them in person, the next best thing is: We’re starting at each other and it feels like we’re a foot away.

JenniferGluckow: In the same room.

Brent Thomas: Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I also feel like you can sort of get the feeling of the other person’s surroundings.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And see what’s their home office like or their office office like.

JenniferGluckow: I like to read what’s behind them on their desk, like if there’s a sign or a poster or whatever, I always ask about it. I genuinely want to know, but obviously it means something to them or they wouldn’t put it there; they have limited space and they chose that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I can also tell you that the more you become friends with the person, the more money they’re willing to part with.

JenniferGluckow: Is anyone having a price issue where you’re coming up against your competitors and they’re lowering their price and you’re feeling like: Man, to compete right now I have to lower my price or we don’t … For some reason, in order to win the sale you’re dropping your price every day, we want to hear about it and we want to help you out.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Because a lot of people think that their product is becoming a commodity.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah, that’s like the buzzword all the time.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, or a product is … Which is a real bullshit thing because pigs and oil and corn, those are commodities. Everything else has a value and even corn has a value or pigs have a value because they’re less fat or they’re more fat or whatever.

Brent Thomas: Right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But there’s a strategy that you have to use if you have a product that is being competed with. Even Amazon can turn you into a low-price competitor, but you’re there. If you’re going to buy something online, your value proposition is: I’m right here and I can serve you and I can serve you better and here’s my … I used to tell people: I’m going to staple my business card on the end of a baseball bat and if you need anything, just come down and start swinging. People, they were howling at that, but it was because I was local.

JenniferGluckow: That’s funny.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, it is funny.

Brent Thomas: And Jeffrey, I would challenge someone that if they’re only winning business by dropping their price or cutting the competitors’ cost or price out, how good of a salesperson are they if that’s the only way?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well, Gabrielle Gitomer, who’s going to be nine years old next week, can make a low-price sale, and she’s cuter.

JenniferGluckow: Right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: She said, “Hey, I just dropped my price. I’m lowering the …”

Brent Thomas: Sure.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But here’s the deal: If you win a sale because of price, you are vulnerable to someone who comes in one cent lower.

Brent Thomas: Yep.

Jeffrey Gitomer: If you can’t prove the value that you had for that product once it’s delivered and you start to use it, then you’re going to be vulnerable to everybody who walks in the door with a lower price.

Brent Thomas: If they bought only on price, they’re going to move on price.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I agree.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I agree.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. We have Robin who says, “Never charge full rate card and print these days.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Why?

JenniferGluckow: Wait.

Jeffrey Gitomer: She must be …

JenniferGluckow: Yes. “Working in media all the time …” and then she said, “Never charge full rate card and print these days.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: However, if you’re selling media and you sell below the rate card, if somebody comes in at a dollar a minute more than you, you get bumped.

JenniferGluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeffrey Gitomer: The rate card may be a perceived discount, but it also may give you a crappy view time.

JenniferGluckow: Right. Schedule.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It may give you no view time if somebody comes in a little higher, especially in a political season where people are willing to pay anything for time. You have to be real careful about a discount on certain things because you may not even get the product that you paid “less money” for.

JenniferGluckow: Carson says … Hey Carson. “DJ service, we stick to the price. If they pressure, we try and give an extra hour of service. Brides still think we are way too expensive and don’t get the value of our service, and selling that is tough.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Come on. Here’s the deal: If you’re having to justify your price, there’s only one reason: You have no testimonials to prove it. If you go out and get 20 other brides, dude, to stand around after the event and say, “I thought your price was way too high, but after seeing you and seeing the experience of my people, you’re the best value disc jockey we could have ever prayed for. You made our wedding the best wedding ever. I sure hope it lasts another couple years.” That was a joke.
But you’re going to win. You need social proof. You can’t just have … Sorry.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. No, it’s cool. I went to a wedding once where they cheaped out on the DJ service and they actually just plugged an iPod in.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh my gosh.

Brent Thomas: Oh, that would work.

JenniferGluckow: It was a little bit of … There were a series of mishaps, but anyway the music … Something was wrong with the speakers, I guess they didn’t set it up properly and the speakers blew.

Brent Thomas: They didn’t have any …

JenniferGluckow: Like a fuse.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Ooh.

JenniferGluckow: We were just trying to make everything still fun, dancing with no music for a really long time, because we felt bad for the bride.

Brent Thomas: Wow.

Jennifer Gluckow: But, you know, that is a critical moment, right? You only have four or five hours for your wedding and if …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah, you don’t want to miss a dance.

Jennifer Gluckow: No, you don’t. If you’re the bride, Jeffrey, you do not want to miss a dance, okay? You do not.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I agree. Okay.

Jennifer Gluckow: You can explain all the things that could go wrong if they cheap out.

Brent Thomas: Yeah. No matter how good the ceremony is, if the reception sucks …

Jennifer Gluckow: That’s what people remember.

Brent Thomas: … If there’s no energy.

Jennifer Gluckow: Right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The key of it is to make every wedding go perfect.

Brent Thomas: Everyone’s going to …

Jeffrey Gitomer: And the answer is: Elope.

Jennifer Gluckow: Oh man.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And then you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jennifer Gluckow: All right. So we have Wes Wyatt: Good afternoon guys. Hey Wes. What up?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hey Wes.

Jennifer Gluckow: Valorio.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well Frassineti is there. Hello Frassineti.

Jennifer Gluckow: Do you know Frassineti?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, he … Bill Frassineti is one of the coolest people on the planet.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah?

Jeffrey Gitomer: We have bumped into each other at least 500 times since I moved to Charlotte.

JenniferGluckow: Oh.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We live around the corner from one another. We meet at Einstein’s every [crosstalk 00:18:39]

JenniferGluckow: Why haven’t I met you yet, Bill?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I don’t know.

JenniferGluckow: That’s not cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Because you don’t go to Einstein’s.

JenniferGluckow: I don’t like Einstein’s.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Bill Frassineti used to be in the underwear and tie business.

JenniferGluckow: Oh.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I would buy all my ties from Bill after they were out of season.

JenniferGluckow: I met him.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

Brent Thomas: Ties and underwear?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I never wore the same tie twice to an event, ever.

JenniferGluckow: And thank you now for no longer wearing ties.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, no problem. And he no longer sells ties.

JenniferGluckow: Okay, cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He sells real estate now.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. We bumped into him when we were on a walk and he was at a restaurant and we sat down.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So Fras, hey. But it’s interesting how people evolve and their sales business evolves. He’s a really good salesperson and he’s a really good connector and communicator.

Jennifer Gluckow: Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s perfect for him to be in real estate where you have to
communicate hundreds of thousands of dollars and try to make a deal.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah, without dropping the price.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. You know what though? In real estate, everybody thinks they can get a cheaper price.

JenniferGluckow: I know.

Jeffrey Gitomer: They put in what’s known as an offer, except … Like I had … I wanted to own all the lofts in our building. We live and work in the old Lance cracker factory.

Jennifer Gluckow: Don’t tell people where we live.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh. Okay, we don’t live there.

Brent Thomas: Or work there.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah. We don’t know what the Lance cracker factory is.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We don’t live there or work there. It’s not in Charlotte. Right. But anyway, there was one loft left in the whole line of lofts and the lady wanted $145,000 for it or something. Somebody else wanted it, so they say: Okay, you’ve got to bid. I said: All right. So I bid 155.

JenniferGluckow: Okay.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No one could believe that I would go over the price. Somebody bids 144.4.

JenniferGluckow: No one’s going to live in the middle. Hello.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Do they know what the value is to you?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I bid $10,000 more for the loft and somehow I won.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Oh man. Okay, so Jean Francois is here from, he’s says, “Bon jour du Quebec.” Hello, hello.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh.

Brent Thomas: Nice.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He lives in almost France.

JenniferGluckow: Almost France, but yes he put a Canadian flag.

Brent Thomas: Parentheses Canada.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, exactly, but it’s freezing ass cold there.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah, really cold.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, totally.

JenniferGluckow: All right. Ron Goodwin: Low price is chum for price shoppers.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. I love that but listen, I know you’re engaged, I know you want to talk about price and money because in the sales world when you’re paid a commission, if you drop the price by $1000 and you’re paid 10% commission, you just lost 100 bucks.

JenniferGluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeffrey Gitomer: Why would you do that?

JenniferGluckow: Well, a lot of salespeople think: Okay, I’m going to lose 100 bucks but without losing that 100 bucks I can’t gain the 500 bucks that I might make from the commission. I’m just telling you what a lot of salespeople think.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, because that’s the easy way out. The bottom line is that if you had more value pieces attached to your sales presentation and you had more proof of … Social proof or testimonial proof.

JenniferGluckow: Proof is really key.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Obviously key. You go to Yelp, you go to TripAdvisor, there’s no difference.

Jennifer Gluckow: One of the things that works so much with the story I told at the beginning is that Jessica came to us …

Jeffrey Gitomer: You wanted it more than she did.

Jennifer Gluckow: … From a referral, so that was proof.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh.

Jennifer Gluckow: We met that lady in the grocery store and she started raving about how great Jessica was.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wait a minute, how did we meet that lady in the grocery store?

Jennifer Gluckow: She was wearing a non-Eagles t-shirt or something, I forget.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I was busting her balls?

Jennifer Gluckow: It was another sports team and you were like, “You’re not rooting for the Eagles?” And then she was like, “Wait, you look familiar. Oh, you’re Jeffrey Gitomer. I’m trying to get on your guys’ podcast.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah.

Jennifer Gluckow: That was funny.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Did she get on the podcast?

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah, we have her booked. She’s coming here to the studio to record.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, cool. What a happy ending that is.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah, that was so crazy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But I think we were in like Whole Foods or something weird.

Jennifer Gluckow: Yeah. No, we were in Dean and Deluca, so a little bit pricier.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, pardon me. Yeah. Oh yeah, that’s the referral lady.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh wow.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, cool.

Jennifer Gluckow: All right, so Valorio says, “I design and paint and lowering my price would lessen the quality expectation, so I never lower price.” Way to fucking go.

Brent Thomas: And that is Valorie O.

Jennifer Gluckow: Oh, Valorie O.

Brent Thomas: Yes. I know her.

Jennifer Gluckow: Oh, no way.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You do?

Brent Thomas: Yes.

JenniferGluckow: Cool. Sorry, I butchered your name.

Brent Thomas: She happened to birth me.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, that’s your mama?

Brent Thomas: Yeah. That’s my mom.

JenniferGluckow: Oh.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Totally cool.

JenniferGluckow: Valorie O. Way to go. We love Brent. He rocks.

Brent Thomas: Her name is Valorie, but she added ‘O’ because she spells it with an ‘O’ and that’s like her unique …

JenniferGluckow: Well she’s artsy, so she has to be creative with her name. I love it.
Brent Thomas: Yeah, she’s extremely artsy. Valorie Art and Accessories.

JenniferGluckow: Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Dot com.

JenniferGluckow: You do know her, I guess.

Brent Thomas: I do. Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Dave Ferguson, who is coming on our show I think this week or next week, we’re recording with him. Hey, Dave.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He doesn’t want to miss anything. Oh, by the way, when we were at Dean and Deluca meeting this lady, we had just come from the movie …

JenniferGluckow: The Greatest Showman.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The Greatest Showman.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: If you guys don’t go see that movie, something’s drastically wrong.

JenniferGluckow: It was amazing. I’ve listened …

Jeffrey Gitomer: The audience applauded at the end of the movie.

JenniferGluckow: I’ve listened to the soundtrack now, like no joke, maybe 30 times already.

Jeffrey Gitomer: One of my heroes in sales and promotion was PT Barnum. I have his autographs, I have all of his books. If you want to really understand what life was like … I’m sure they embellished it a little bit.

JenniferGluckow: Elaborated.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. But the bottom line was, it was about a person who was willing to risk everything in order to win. It was about a person who had ideas and ideals because he was put down and determined and he ended up winning. He’s obviously one of the greatest showmen of all time and Barnum and Bailey Circus only went out after 125 years of being in business. They couldn’t [crosstalk 00:24:14]

JenniferGluckow: Well, that’s because they banned the elephants.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, they couldn’t haul the elephants anymore. But if you’ve ever been to the circus and you’ve seen Gunther Gebel Williams do the elephant thing at the Barnum and Bailey Circus, please note that right now in our notes.

JenniferGluckow: Give us some hearts. Give us some hearts if you’ve seen it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. Come on. I want to know if you’ve been to the circus with your kid or you’ve been to the …

JenniferGluckow: Just type in ‘circus’, how about that?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. Because life is a three-ring circus.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yeah. So guys, Ashley is on and Ashley actually designed our brand new mugs. The link is in the comments if you haven’t gotten your mug yet. We’re actually doing a promotion where you can buy one mug and get a second mug free. All you need to do is …

Jeffrey Gitomer: All you have to do is pay double.

JenniferGluckow: But it’s only for the first 50 people, so … No, no, no, no it’s not double.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh. It’s free, the second mug is free.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. All you need to do …

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re not even bumping the postage.

JenniferGluckow: If you buy 10 mugs we’re going to ship you 20 mugs, so think about everyone you know that needs a new mug. They’re really fricking cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But if you only have two friends, then this is going to be perfect for you.

JenniferGluckow: Well, that’s sad. Yeah. We’re only showing you buying three, but if you bought 20 you would get 20 extra mugs.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’ve had a lot of …

Brent Thomas: Buy 10, get 10.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’ll just tell you this, we’ve had a lot of multiple orders.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The mugs are limited …

JenniferGluckow: We are not discounting the price.

Jeffrey Gitomer: … So get your order in right this minute, and that’s final.

JenniferGluckow: All right. Carson says, “Tons of great service.” Carson’s the DJ guy. He says, “Tons of great service. 4.9 reviews on WeddingWire, 150 reviews, and the problem is our competitors. Don’t judge my comment before knowing about our company. We are the leaders in the market and …” No, we loved your comment … “and book 200+ weddings a year. We got $600 DJs undercutting us. I’m talking about why they should pay three times that.” We agree.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We totally agree.

JenniferGluckow: We totally agree.

Jeffrey Gitomer: All you need is the bride and/or the groom and/or the groom’s mother and father or the bride’s mother and father to give you a video testimonial … Not just a rating, but literally a video testimonial at the wedding when they’re the hottest …

JenniferGluckow: In the excitement.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Just get that … Their shoes are off because they’ve been dancing all night and …

JenniferGluckow: They’re a little drunk.

Brent Thomas: And keep it specific, right? Not just, “Man, he was a great DJ …” but, “Hey, I thought the price was too high at first …”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. He played the music we loved.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. Use it to overcome your objections.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Exactly. I thought the price was too high.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He’s worth every nickel.

JenniferGluckow: Exactly. I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He’s worth every overpriced dollar that …

Brent Thomas: I’ll never get divorced because of him.

JenniferGluckow: Now, if you do a party for us, we will give you a video testimonial.
Jeffrey Gitomer: Listen, that is the most valid reason for someone paying your price is someone else saying: It was worth the money or worth more than the money.

JenniferGluckow: Totally. Richard Travino just joined us. Hey Richard, what’s up?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hey Richard. How are you?

JenniferGluckow: What’s going on.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We have a lot of people, too many to name, but the people from out of state or out of mind or wherever they’re from, we want to know where they are.

JenniferGluckow: Ron says, “The discount is 100% out of your profit.” Exactly, that’s why it’s so important to hold to it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. If you have a $10,000 price and you sell it for $9,000, 1000 bucks comes right out of the bottom line. There’s nothing in between. There’s no cost of anything, it is pure profit that you have given away to somebody.

JenniferGluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Wes says he thought he’d won the other day for being one of the first five … Wes, you did win last week and I believe your mug is on the way. We will get you that tracking information.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Alex, who is sitting here behind the scenes, is going to make sure that mug has gone out to you and we will send that over to you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, quit your whining.

JenniferGluckow: Hey, hey, hey, he shared. Okay, guys the next person to share, the very first next person to share and comment in the comments ‘shared’ will win a free Sell or Die mug.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Go for it. We know who you are because we can see it right her.

JenniferGluckow: Ryan says, “Jeffrey, please give a shout-out to viewer Mitch Tam. He gave me my first Gitomer book.” I think we said ‘hey’ to Mitch at the beginning.

Brent Thomas: We did. We absolutely did.

JenniferGluckow: We can say ‘hey’ to him again because that is pretty awesome. I love that.

Brent Thomas: Hey Ryan, do you and Mitch work together?

JenniferGluckow: Oh.

Jeffrey Gitomer: How many people do you have and do you understand what the Gitomer Learning Academy is? Because we’re going to be calling you right after the show.

Brent Thomas: Let’s connect.

JenniferGluckow: Well actually I think we have a little promo from the Gitomer Learning Academy so we’re going to take a quick coffee break while you stay tuned, because we’ll be sitting right here when we come back.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Welcome sales warrior. You’re about to go on the path to greatness. I want to share with you … We’re going to go fast. Luckily it’s being recorded.
Philosophy drives attitude. Attitude drives action. Action drives results.
Picture this: You’re in an argument. You’re somewhere between difference of opinion and screaming mad.
Attitude is everything and attitude is the foundation for everything.
Wow, that was fire, wasn’t it?

JenniferGluckow: I love that fire.

Brent Thomas: That was fire.

JenniferGluckow: Some of the graphics are really cool in The Learning Academy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s really well-produced. Who produced that? The only.

JenniferGluckow: The one, the only Mr. Doug Branson.

Doug Branson: What? What? Huh? What? Huh? What?

Jeffrey Gitomer: That was really well done, though.

Doug Branson: Thank you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You’re damn good at this. You should do it full-time.

JenniferGluckow: So Brent, you sell The Learning Academy day-in and day-out.

Brent Thomas: Yep.

JenniferGluckow: That’s no secret. What’s your favorite part about it?

Brent Thomas: Other than the accessibility of it?

JenniferGluckow: Yep.

Brent Thomas: My favorite part is … Well, the assessment, that was probably my first favorite part.

JenniferGluckow: Because it …

Brent Thomas: But really, I mean …

JenniferGluckow: Why?

Brent Thomas: Because really it’s eye-opening.

JenniferGluckow: Oh.

Brent Thomas: It’s revealing, powerful and it’s humbling.

JenniferGluckow: So like you think you’re good at sales and then you take the assessment and you’re like: Oh shit.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You know, it’s funny. I’m going to just bust in for just one second. We have a lot of people who take the assessment, literally thousands. The older they are, the less valid they think the assessment is.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, this isn’t really real. This is …

Brent Thomas: What do they know?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m just telling you.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, I don’t know. I’ve had so many people say to me, “Wow. I was surprised by how accurate that assessment was.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, it’s accurate.

JenniferGluckow: Because they know deep down it’s real.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. It’s totally real.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, that’s cool.

Brent Thomas: What a lot of people are doing is, like sales managers would say: Okay, yeah. I love The Learning Academy but I’m just going to get the assessment for now for my people. A day later they call me back: We want the academy.

JenniferGluckow: We need the goods.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: I love that. That’s pretty cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s funny.

JenniferGluckow: Okay, so if you want to assess your team, all you need to do is reach out to Brent or just say ‘assess’, it’s spelled with A-S-S-E-S-S.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I don’t know how it’s spelled. I’m from Jersey.

Brent Thomas: Yes.

JenniferGluckow: Like ‘ass’ first.

Brent Thomas: Ass SS. Assesses.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. Just type ‘assess’ in the comments and Brent will be sure to follow up with you.

Brent Thomas: Yep.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. That’s all you’ve got to do, because we know you’re on Facebook.
JenniferGluckow: I love that. Okay, so the winner right before that nice clip from the learning academy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah, the mug.

JenniferGluckow: The first person to share was Greg. Way to go, Greg.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Greg.

JenniferGluckow: Someone said they shared on Twitter. Who was that?

Jeffrey Gitomer: This mug is on its way to you, postage paid.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, Chris. Hey, Chris because you shared on Twitter 10 minutes ago, we are also going to send you a mug, how about that?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Whoa.

JenniferGluckow: Two mugs, Chris and Greg.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Don’t call us cheap bastards.

JenniferGluckow: Greg Hine.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We go the extra mile to give stuff away.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yeah. Hey, Ken Walls. What’s going on, bud?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let me throw this at you guys. We’re talking about money, we’re talking about price, we’re talking about de-commoditizing your product. We’re talking about value. I hope we’re talking at and to you because every single person faces ‘will you sell this cheaper’ at some point. Many of your customers are going to ask. My line has always been: My prices are fair and my prices are firm. That’s the easiest way to not have to back down or negotiate or whatever, but there are things that we can do for you beyond price that I think you’re going to love.

JenniferGluckow: I’m used to saying it, but when I heard it on the line from someone else, I respected her more.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. You knew she’d been reading my stuff.

JenniferGluckow: I really wanted to buy more.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I respected the hell out of her.

Brent Thomas: Hey, now Jeffrey, do you recommend saying that right after you tell them the price or once they ask if you can lower it?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I don’t try to justify the price at all. The price is the price. I don’t have to say: Well, we’re a little high but … I don’t say that. A lot of people think we’re a little high … I don’t say that either. Here’s the price, and if they object then I say: Our prices are fair, our prices are firm. Here’s what else we can do that would put a little bit of … Here’s why this is our price, and then we have a couple of things that we can help out with that might make it a little bit more attractive.

Brent Thomas: And also, I would recommend at least … You know, that might just be a question that just comes out of them.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right.

Brent Thomas: They might think your price is fair.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Almost a reflex.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Right.

Brent Thomas: Well hey, what discounts can I get?

Jeffrey Gitomer: What can you do?

JenniferGluckow: Right.

Brent Thomas: Yeah. What negotiation can we do? Come on, everyone negotiates.

JenniferGluckow: Exactly.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’ll give you my best one.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, hey Jeffrey Jagling.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh dude.

JenniferGluckow: What’s up?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Wow. My barber.

JenniferGluckow: Okay, Jeffrey gives the best haircuts on the planet.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, no.

JenniferGluckow: Not just in New York City, but on the planet.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hold on a second. Gabrielle’s hair’s getting long, Jagling.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah. We’re going to have to come to you or you’re going to have to come to us.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, no. Here’s the deal. I say: Gabrielle, your hair’s getting long. She goes, “Yeah, I think we need to see Jeffrey Jagling.” She knew who you were.

JenniferGluckow: Well no, also you offered her, “Would you like to get your hair cut in Paris or would you like to get your hair cut with Jeffrey?” And what was her response?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Jeffrey.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yeah.

Brent Thomas: In Paris. Well think about the things that you would not negotiate over and I think hair cut is one of those things.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, you’re not …

Brent Thomas: You don’t want to negotiate because you don’t want a bad haircut.

JenniferGluckow: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You also don’t want a bad heart transplant.

Brent Thomas: That’s right. I’m not going to negotiate with my doctor.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Sure. Yeah. Can you do … Or like teeth. You’re not going to negotiate your teeth.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, we have a special today, two for five dollars. You’re right, there are many, many things that are not price-negotiable.

JenniferGluckow: But people have the balls to ask, especially if you’re in New York.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Everyone asks for a cheaper price in New York, even for a cup of coffee.

JenniferGluckow: Jeffrey, how many people ask you for a cheaper haircut?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Can I come in and be a hair model? I mean, I’m sure it’s asked all the time.

Jeffrey Gitomer: For those that … I forget the name of his … Autonomy.

JenniferGluckow: Art and Autonomy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Huh?

JenniferGluckow: Art and Autonomy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let me tell you what, he is overpriced and damn good. I mean, that’s the best I can tell you, and his Instagram is phenomenal.

JenniferGluckow: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: He takes a lot of pictures of befores and afters.

JenniferGluckow: But he’s not overpriced. The value … It’s your look, it’s what people see every day.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right.

JenniferGluckow: What kind of price tag can you put on that?

Jeffrey Gitomer: You know, for a girl not a lot but for a guy, a hell of a lot.

Brent Thomas: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Like, my haircuts are done.

JenniferGluckow: Actually, you just got your hair cut for the first time in like a decade.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, but I don’t like it.

JenniferGluckow: What?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m going to do it myself.

Brent Thomas: You didn’t like the style they did for you?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. Well, they took too much off the top.

Brent Thomas: Oh, yeah.

JenniferGluckow: Jeffrey Jagling says, “Of course they do. You have to know your value.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly. No, he knows his value.

JenniferGluckow: And he says, “Let’s go to Paris. We’re in.”

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. You know what, he does. He’s really smart. I don’t want to give away a trade secret, but he has a camera studio right in his studio and he can film you and talk to you right after the haircut, which he does.

JenniferGluckow: When you feel and look your best.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: It’s the height of the emotion.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Plus, right next door is this gourmet food place that’s absolutely amazing, so you can buy a bunch of stuff, go get your hair cut, eat your heart out, drink your heart out and get your hair cut out.

JenniferGluckow: I love it.

Brent Thomas: Best day ever.

JenniferGluckow: It literally is.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well, top five.

JenniferGluckow: Oh man.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So we’ve talked about money, we’ve talked about what the process is. I’m challenging you to build deeper belief in what you’re selling and who you’re serving and get proof of what you’re selling and who you’re serving so that you can offer that to others so they can just have confidence. It’s not a matter of going here, it’s a matter of building confidence in that buyer so that they will invest in who you are and what your product is, and that’s the real deal.

JenniferGluckow: I love that. So Brent, what is your salesperson commitment of the week?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Brent Thomas: My commitment of the week is to not back down on my price.

JenniferGluckow: I love it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: That’s a big one, but we’re going to talk about this next week so be here for Motivation Monday because the topic is going to be ‘Pipeline’.

JenniferGluckow: Ooh, building your pipeline.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And how you can keep yours flowing until your pipeline runneth over.

JenniferGluckow: I love that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

JenniferGluckow: Okay. Make sure you share this out guys and go get a mug. We may even throw in … Do you want to throw in some Death Wish Coffee?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No.

JenniferGluckow: Come on. We can share a bag.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No. No, we’re not throwing in Death Wish Coffee. No.

JenniferGluckow: All right. We can’t give you any of our Death Wish Coffee, it’s too valuable. Sorry.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, get your own Death Wish Coffee. Subscribe. When you’re addicted, you don’t give away your drugs.

JenniferGluckow: Oh wait. I feel like we had other things to show. Should we send it out to Doug?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Doug, what have we done wrong?

JenniferGluckow: Doug, do we have other stuff?

Doug Branson: Sure. We can take a look at what’s going on at … What are you asking me for? You guys are the hosts of the show, you tell me what to do.

JenniferGluckow: I don’t know. I feel like we had … Doug is amazing and prepares stuff without us even asking.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, without even being prepared.

JenniferGluckow: No, without us even asking. He just knows what to do and so he’s usually one step ahead of us.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: He mentioned at the beginning that there were two little clips that we could share today.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, a Jenny clip.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah, so there’s a Sales in a New York Minute clip for you guys.
When the sale is … Oh, should I wait?

Doug Branson: Mm-hmm (affirmative). You’re good.

JenniferGluckow: What do you do right after you close a sale? If you’re like most salespeople I know, you’re busy counting your commissions.
Start your week off with a sale and you’ll be closing more and more deals in a New York Minute.
All right. We’re back.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

JenniferGluckow: That is a little bit from New York Minute.

Jeffrey Gitomer: The great Jay Kemp has joined. How’s it going, Jay? He moved to Asheville, North Carolina where it’s freezing ass cold today, I guarantee you.

JenniferGluckow: I can imagine. If you want more of Sales in a New York Minute just follow me …

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or if you want to go to the Grove Park Inn.

JenniferGluckow: Oh, I like the Grove Park Inn.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I know, me too.

JenniferGluckow: But you can follow me on Facebook or download my free e-book or subscribe to YouTube to get more.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We will … I think we’re about done for the day.

JenniferGluckow: Unless anyone has any questions. It says that Michael is tuning in from Georgia. Anthony liked the tennis racquet Jen.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Georgia, that’s a foreign country.

JenniferGluckow: Anthony, I actually play tennis so it’s a real racquet, thank you.

Glenn Eames says, “Ken Wall sent me.” Thank you Ken. Well done Ken. Ken really wants a mug and they are for sale on the website, we will post the link.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We might shake one loose for Ken.

JenniferGluckow: Well, he’s a good guy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, exactly.

JenniferGluckow: He’s a really good guy. Hey, did you mention your upcoming events in Chattanooga and Austin?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No.

JenniferGluckow: Is anyone here from Chattanooga or Austin?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or close by.

JenniferGluckow: I want you to tag a friend who’s from Chattanooga or Atlanta or Nashville, anywhere that you can …

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m doing a two-hour very intimate session on sales and why they’re good, on how to build better relationships, get your price, close a sale. I’ll answer everyone’s questions. It’s a really hootenanny. You have to go online to find the price, I don’t want to [crosstalk 00:39:46]

JenniferGluckow: It’s or

Jeffrey Gitomer:

JenniferGluckow: Like see, S-E-E, like see.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh. I got it.

JenniferGluckow: Not like S-E-A.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I got it.

Brent Thomas: Or ‘si’.

JenniferGluckow: Right, or not ‘si’.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Like, and if you’re not from Chattanooga you won’t know how to spell it but if you are you will, and /austin.

JenniferGluckow: There are two T’s and two O’s, I will never forget that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Brent Thomas: Chattanoo-, yeah sound it out.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: See [crosstalk 00:40:14], see Rock City and see Gitomer.

JenniferGluckow: It’s a pretty cool event that you’re doing. It’s in two weeks or so and it’s a private event. You can buy a ticket to see Jeffrey. You can fly in from anywhere if you want.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. We will not accommodate you, you will accommodate yourself, but the bottom line is we will be there together and you will learn a ton of stuff.

JenniferGluckow: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Ken Walls has friends in Austin, I bet you do Ken, invite them.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We have actually some testimonials from the last one I did in New York.

JenniferGluckow: Yeah, they’re on the page.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay.

JenniferGluckow: They’re on that page, the or Chattanooga.

Jeffrey Gitomer: All right. Thank you, everybody, for hanging out today. Thank you Brent. Thank you Jen.

JenniferGluckow: Thank you, thank you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Thank you Doug.

JenniferGluckow: And Alex.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Thank you Alex.

JenniferGluckow: You guys can’t see this, but behind the scenes we have a whole team here and they fricking rock.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Right here in the studio and the studio is lit and technologically backed by the great Doug Branson, who comes in here on a daily basis and makes it happen and we’re ever so grateful for it.

JenniferGluckow: Yep, we are.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So Brent, go sell something, even if you’re ass falls off.

Brent Thomas: Yeah, I’m about to right now.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, cool.

JenniferGluckow: All right. Sweet.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Cheers everybody.

JenniferGluckow: Bye guys.