manifest your desires



Manifest Your Desires and Commit to Create the Life You Want

Can we all just agree that New Year’s Resolutions are for the hopeful, naive few to actually live up to? If that’s you, we suggest you stop reading now. Go adhere to your “new year new you” self, and leave the rest of us alone to wallow in our noncommittal self-loathing. But, you want to know a secret? We’re pretty sure New Year’s resolutions are on the way out anyway. Instead of beating ourselves up over habits we “should” try and break, or incorporating new ones we hate, we’d rather manifest our DESIRES.

manifest your desires

Wait, Aren’t Those the Same Thing?

Is there even a difference? Yep and it’s right there in the word- a desire is something you want. Something you really want, and this will motivate you to make it happen. Instead of resolving to get up and run before dawn or something else equally soul-crushing, why not imagine something you want above all else…and then start taking steps to achieve it.

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Material goals come and go, but your true heart’s desire is forever. And who knows, maybe in growing and changing in an attempt to reach your ultimate goal, you’ll end up shifting and changing into a 5am runner after all.

manifest your desires

It’s all about motivation. If you’re doing something you hate because you’re trying to tell yourself you have to, chances are it’ll last a few weeks at most. BUT if you are changing in the name of attaining some lofty goal you never considered attempting to reach before, you’re much more likely to make changes and stick with them.

Just start small, with attainable steps on the path to reaching your true desire. Try and write down the steps you need to take; writing out a map for yourself improves your odds of following through. It’s literally science.

Failure is Just a Detour: The Bottomline

Aw, boo did you already fail? Big whoop, get back on that desire-horse and ride it to the finish line. If you have one roadblock and give up, did you even really want it in the first place?  Just recommit as many times as it takes, and anticipate it won’t all go smoothly. But if you truly want to reach your goal, all your effort will be worth it. The first step is just to start. 

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