make your money work for you



Brainstorm Financial Strategies With the Best: How to Make Your Money Work For You With Louis Llanes

When we look at 2021, we see a stark dichotomy of those who prospered and those who…did not. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the financial landscape and investment strategies. That being said, the excuse of the pandemic can only go so far. Some of the loss was egged on by COVID, but the victims probably weren’t in a great financial situation to begin with. We were lucky enough to get to chat with financial wizard Louis Llanes, author of Financial Freedom Blueprint, to brainstorm ways to prevent losses no matter the political and social climate.

make your money work for you

Liquidity: A Fun Word and a Fun Financial Situation

The long and short of it is, you always want liquid money to help you navigate tough times. If things are rough, the last thing you want is the added stress of worrying about making your mortgage payment. 

If you’ve got 2 incomes coming in, you each want 6 months of an emergency fund saved, if you have 1 income/you’re flying financially solo, you want a year, and if you’re a rockstar, you’ll have 5 years.

These may seem like longshot goals, but we assure you they are very possible. Not only that, but they are a true godsend when hard times come a’calling; and trust us, they always do. 

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Common Financial Mistakes

We all must heed the warning of the dot-com busts that have come before us. Tech stocks are great, but they can’t be your sole focus. They’re hot right now, but slow and steady wins the race. Tech changes abruptly and outdates itself constantly.  And frankly, tech stocks are living large right now but on borrowed time. Diversify!

This next tip goes out to all the business owners, especially the new ones. You’re starting out or trying to persevere during an economic climate we’ve never seen before. Hats off to you. But, especially if you’re new, please make it your priority to get cash positive as soon as you can (this may seem obvious, and much easier said than done, but we believe in you, you little mogul). 

If you do climb to the summit of success, congratulations! Now live like you could fall off the peak at any time. Save your money. Success is fun and it’s also wildly unpredictable, so skip the BMW and Rolex for now. Lots of financial gurus out there like to set a percentage that you should save, but we’re here to ask, “Why limit it?” Save as much as possible. Every month. Just do it. 

make your money work for you

Get a Financial Warlock

We know they’re called “financial advisors” in the real world, but the real world is boring and ours sounds cooler. Regardless of what you call them, once you start saving it’s time to call in the experts to help you manage your money in more effective ways. 

Especially if you’re running a business, you don’t have time to manage a roster of investments. Or maybe you don’t want to; there’s no shame in consulting an expert and having them manage this critical component of your financial life. Invest in yourself. Literally. 

All For the Big Picture

We always hear people saying we should live in the moment. And sure, in terms of family and life, you should. BUT not financially. It’s easy to think that if times are good now, they’ll always be good.

This is false. I know we’ve said this before, but we’re saying it again. Save. Your. Money. 

Don’t celebrate at the expense of saving. Make your money and be smart about it, not just happy about it. We bet the inventors of the VCR wish they’d done this (we actually don’t know their current financial conditions, but you get the idea).

Set goals, exceed them, think on ways to move forward with an eye on moving up…but always anticipate the downtimes. And be prepared for them. It’s a dance of managing risk while you’re seeking opportunities- that feels like a Pasodoble to us, but we’re no experts.

Inaction is Costly: The Bottomline

Like we said above, investing now is much different than investing 100 years ago. Things taken as gospel back in the day make no financial sense now. Things progress at such a rapid pace that it’s important to invest now with an eye on the future- where will X product be in 10 years? Is it adaptable to inevitable technological changes?

This is also key for your own business. In terms of ideal financial situations, you need your income to outpace annual inflation. This means your business has to endure and grow consistently. So you’re going to have to try and anticipate what your customers want not just now but in the future, so you’re growing with your clients. 

And, perhaps most importantly; beware of inaction. This idea of planning for a future that hasn’t happened yet aka “I’ll tackle my savings when…” This has a compounding effect most people don’t notice till it’s too late. If you don’t start saving as soon as you can, down the road you have to save all the more to catch up.

Our last tip for you is to just be flexible. You need to have a general strategy for both your business, investments, and money in general, but it has to have some bend to it. Things are going to evolve in ways you can’t predict, and having financial tools in place that will help you absorb impact from those changes means it has to be adaptable. 

Until next time, flexible savings equal long-game financial freedom!

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