LIVE from Paris for Motivation Monday – 4/2/18


Get motivated with Jeffrey, Jen and Brent! Every Monday we hop on to have our weekly sales meeting help inspire you to LEARN and EARN!

This week we’re live from Paris discussing consistency! Only by being consistent in your actions can you achieve the success you desire.

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Jen Gluckow: Hey.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, hey, everybody. Welcome. We’re live in Paris, France, and we’re here on spring break, and we’re working, but we’re living, because I wanted to make sure we got motivational Monday out on the air.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right. This is Sell or Die.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, I’m Jeffrey Gitomer.

Jen Gluckow: I’m Jen Gluckow.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And we are live on Facebook live from Paris, France. Many people think geez, how the heck do you do that? The answer is about 60 years ago, no, 50 something years ago, they sent a couple of people to the moon, and there are doubts that they ever went to the moon. No one would swear on the bible that they went to the moon, all kinds of crazy things, and we don’t think they went to the moon, but we are definitely in Paris. Come here, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Gitomer: What?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Come here. I want to prove … We have to prove that we’re in Paris, correct? Gabrielle, where are we?

Gabrielle Gitomer: [inaudible 00:01:12].

Jen Gluckow: For those of you who couldn’t understand, she said we’re flying to Uranus. That’s her favorite place to go.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, but we did yesterday. We did make these macaroons at the macaroon-

Jen Gluckow: Other way.

Jeffrey Gitomer: -cooking store.

Jen Gluckow: There. Ooh, I just cracked it.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Me too.

Jen Gluckow: Here’s what they look like. They actually look pretty professional.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, we had lemon ones.

Jen Gluckow: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Don’t eat when you’re talking.

Jen Gluckow: Seriously.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s rude.

Jen Gluckow: Okay, so for those of you who don’t know what Sell or Die is, and this is your first time joining, maybe you’re off from work today and haven’t caught us in Facebook live yet, Sell or Die is our podcast where we help sales people, sales managers, people in sales, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sell, because if you’re not selling-

Jeffrey Gitomer: You’re dying.

Jen Gluckow: -you’re dying.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We are here live to talk about a very important subject I think, but it came to us today as we were walking on the streets. By the way, send hearts if you have ever been to Paris.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah, and please share this. Share this out. What happens if we’ll do it on Facebook live today. Then, it goes live on our podcast, which you can get wherever you get your podcasts, just search for Sell or Die, but share this out with your network, with your friends, like it, and the first person to share and write shared in the comments will get something from Paris, France.

Jeffrey Gitomer: A free croissant. No, something. We’ll bring you back something.

Jen Gluckow: We will send you something when we get back that we bring back from Paris. Let’s say hello to people on here. We have Rachel Berlin. I’m actually off today, so I have time to watch. Thanks for joining us, Rachel.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Thank you.

Jen Gluckow: Joel Davidson from Alabama, Roger from Laden, Utah, Mark, is this show typically broadcast at 12:15? Mark, we are actually going to talk about that in the episode today. We are trying to come up with a consistent time. Give us some likes if this time is good for you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: Rachel’s from Culler, Wisconsin, Mark from Louisville. When will Jeffrey ever have one of his shows in my town?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Where? Louisville?

Jen Gluckow: Louisville.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay. We’ll do one.

Jen Gluckow: I don’t know when. Kirby, thank you. Your podcasts are the best. Mark has been to Paris, London, Kentucky. Rachel shared. Rachel is the winner of something to be determined cool from Paris, so thank you, Rachel.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We’re going to get you an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower sold by some guy from Nigeria who sells them for a buck outside the tower.

Jen Gluckow: We’ll bring back something cooler than that. I promise.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, they’re cool. It’s like a little Eiffel Tower souvenir. I’m sorry. It’s not a buck. It’s a euro here.

Jen Gluckow: Oh.

Jeffrey Gitomer: A dollar’s worth about a nickel now to the euro.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Anyway, what we wanted to talk about today was a subject that’s very important to you and equally as inconceivable to us. The topic is consistency, and I want to make sure that you are doing the things that are consistent for you to win in your world. Consistency breeds success. Most people give up way too early. I consistently have been going to Paris since 1967. Whoa.

Jen Gluckow: How’d that turn out for you?

Jeffrey Gitomer: So far, so good. I can speak 2000 words of French but no verbs. I actually was going to study French here, but they were so rude that I went to Germany and studied German, but that’s another story for another day. A lot of people think French people don’t like Americans, but that’s not true. French people don’t like anybody. We’re just part of the deal. We only had to ask for breakfast three or four times when we’re sitting in there, but that’s the country. You deal with it because it’s wonderful for food, fashion, ambiance.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah, I don’t care about having to ask more than once.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, okay.

Jen Gluckow: You’re in Paris, you know?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Let’s talk about your consistency. I want you to take a moment.

Jen Gluckow: Hey, Ron. What’s up, Ron?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Die hards out there I want you to take a couple of moments with a pen or your fingers with your iPhone and talk about the thing that you have done most consistently that is winning for you at this moment.

Jen Gluckow: Write about it?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Type it out so you know what it is. We’re getting some photo bombs here.

Jen Gluckow: Hello, Gabby.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So I’ve been writing since 1992. It has brought me 13 books. I do it consistently. I never miss. I’m making certain that I published 13 books since then. Writing wins. Now, the question is what are you doing consistently? What is it? What do you do consistently, Jen?

Jen Gluckow: I read consistently, I write consistently. I work out consistently. All though I did have a lapse in my working out for a while, a couple of months. That wasn’t fun [crosstalk 00:06:20].

Jeffrey Gitomer: What do you guys … Post up there. What do you do consistently you’re the most proud of, and what has won you success? That’s what I want to know. I want to know is your goal to continue to do it? If you continue to do it, you’re going to win. If you don’t continue to do it, obviously it’s not important enough for you to be able to make happen.

Jen Gluckow: Don says, “Good afternoon, Jeffrey.” Good afternoon Don. Ron says bonjour.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh wow, how French.

Jen Gluckow: I love it. Gabrielle would like us to read your comments, so if you write in we will make sure to read them. She just whispered that to me.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh cool. Gabrielle wants to read the comments.

Jen Gluckow: She is very-

Gabrielle Gitomer: Sure, I’ll read the comments.

Jen Gluckow: You’ll read the comments? Okay, she is very good at social media.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Reading. Oh, that’s true.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah, she is. Okay. So when we started this podcast, I don’t know how many of you die hards out there have been listening consistently from the first episode, but when we started this podcast, we were sort of haphazard about it, would you say, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, I would.

Jen Gluckow: We wanted to do a podcast, but we weren’t the best at being consistent at it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But we took the advice of our producer, the great Doug Branson, who said, “If you’re not going to take this seriously, then stop doing it, but if you’re going to take it seriously, then start doing it better.”

Jen Gluckow: Yes, and he said, “If you’re going to take it seriously and choose to take it seriously, then what you need to do is you need to be consistent, meaning you need to put out an episode the same time every week,” right, Doug? Can we hear Doug?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No.

Jen Gluckow: Oh.

Speaker 4: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Thanks, Doug for that affirmation.

Jen Gluckow: All right, cool. I was looking for a bell or some fun chime here.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Anyway.

Jen Gluckow: Anyway, so we decided … We sat down and we said, “Okay, so is this really something we want to do?” Yes. Let’s commit to it, and let’s be consistent about it. Once we decided to commit to it, we decided to put in a ton of energy and effort and be consistent about it. Then, the question is for you what are you committing to every week?

Jeffrey Gitomer: So our commitment is-

Jen Gluckow: Whoa, we have some here.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I know. Gabrielle, let’s hear it.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Okay, so Roger says I network consistently. Ron says I learn even if you already know or think you do.

Jen Gluckow: Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Kirby.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Kirby says-

Jen Gluckow: Come on, guys. Give some likes for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Gitomer: -reading something positive each morning in bed with my coffee, usually something out of Jeffrey’s books. Rachel says-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Hopefully one of my chapters is get your butt out of bed.

Jen Gluckow: That’s at the end. It’s kick your own ass.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Rachel says I’m a consistent student. I love to learn. Tom says waking up at five, reading, praying, thinking [inaudible 00:09:13] with a cup of coffee. Then, working. Then, planning for the day. Finally, I am blogging weekly.

Jen Gluckow: Hey, Tom, do you like Bulletproof Coffee? I drink Bulletproof Coffee too. I even brought Bulletproof to Paris. It’s awesome. Look at those likes, Gabrielle.

Jeffrey Gitomer: This is a city of coffee. You don’t have to ask for espresso. You just say, “Coffee,” and they bring you espresso.

Jen Gluckow: Caf sil vous plat.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. If you say, “Caf American,” they look at you and they say, “We’re out of it.”

Jen Gluckow: Well, they don’t have water?

Jeffrey Gitomer: The challenge here, of course, is adapting to the culture. Everyone has a different culture, and everyone has a different style. I like in sales you have to adapt to the culture of the company that you’re trying to sell to. You have to adapt to the person that you’re trying to sell to. Not manipulatively, but just in a human way. Here, the culture’s more transactional than it is emotional. You have to get used to that, because since Gabrielle was born we’ve been coming to Paris literally every year. Many of the same people, the same crepe guy, the same delicatessen guy, the same bakery guy-

Jen Gluckow: Cookie guy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Huh? Cookie guy, yeah. All the same people.

Gabrielle Gitomer: [inaudible 00:10:30].

Jeffrey Gitomer: I challenge them that they’re not as happy as they could be. They seem to be smiley because they remember me and they’ll say, “Hello,” to me, but deep down are they happy people? I don’t know, and the reason I don’t know is there’s no real incentive for people here. Sales people deal with a salary, not too much of a commission. It’s just a different kind of [crosstalk 00:10:52].

Jen Gluckow: Or tips. A lot of the waitresses or waiters here don’t even make tips.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: [crosstalk 00:10:57].

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s a tough environment, and they have macaroons of course. I think that’s the most important part of their society are the bakeries that are open every day and have the most amazing bread on the planet. The coffee is amazing. The crepes are amazing. It’s just an amazing food place, right? We ate at an Italian place last night that we discovered last year. It’s phenomenal. I mean, the food is just amazing. The service is always iffy, always iffy, and they tell you what you can have and what they can’t do, but it’s Paris. You just deal with it.

Jen Gluckow: That’s fine. I mean, I don’t care, because we’re in Paris. This is motivation Monday. We want to get you guys motivated. We don’t want to talk about the crap of whatever goes on where it’s not as good service anymore. We’re going to move on. We’re going to get to motivation. Some of you, Tom, you mentioned that you’re getting back to blogging weekly. What are some things that you guys haven’t been doing that you want to get back to? Ask yourself what’s been preventing you from doing it? For us, if we go back to the Sell or Die example that we wanted to commit to it but we weren’t committing to it consistently, we weren’t making it a priority, would you say?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I completely agree.

Jen Gluckow: Not that we didn’t have time. We could make the time. We just weren’t making the time to do it or allocating it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Here’s the deal, everybody wants to improve. Everybody wants to get better. Everybody wants to be more wealthy. Everybody wants to be considered great at what they do, but most people are not willing to allocate themselves or to dedicate themselves to the consistency of making that happen. If you ride on Miami Beach on the-

Jen Gluckow: Freeway, the highway?

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, no, no.

Jen Gluckow: The beach?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: Strip?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Down in SOB. In south beach. You’ll see people roller skating down the-

Jen Gluckow: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Those people are ripped. I mean, you don’t see fat guys rollerblading down the 101 or [inaudible 00:13:02].

Jen Gluckow: Not very well.

Jeffrey Gitomer: They’re consistently doing it. They didn’t get that way in a day. They got there day by day. Anybody’s who’s a great sales person, I’m a great sales person. I’m going to get greater, but I got there day by day. I started selling in 1972, so ’73, ’74, it’s a long time.

Jen Gluckow: I wasn’t born yet.

Jeffrey Gitomer: No, but I study it in a way that I’m eager to learn, and I learn new things all the time. Sometimes people pull it on me and I get it and I love it, but the challenge is are you a consistent student? Are you willing to consistently do the things that it takes for you to get to be great at what you want to do, or do you just go, “Nah, I can make another $100 a week some place else. I think I’ll go some place else”?

Jen Gluckow: That’s the thing. A lot of people commit to doing something, and then they don’t put all of their focus and energy into getting that thing done, so if you want to become the best sales person, how much time are you spending every day trying to learn how to be the best, you know? How much time are you spending every day learning, working with customers, getting feedback, doing the things you need to do, seeking mentors, whatever it may be, doing the things you need to do to become the best?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I think if you do that, you’re more willing to prove to the world that you’re getting better at what you want to do.

Jen Gluckow: Prove to the world and prove to yourself.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well, you prove it to yourself because you realize you’re getting better, and you feel yourself getting better, and you can tell if you’re getting better because you have more self-confidence. You can tell if you’re getting better because you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning. You can tell that you’re getting better if you just decide for yourself that you’re going to wake up and tell yourself it’s going to be a great day and tell yourself you’re going to have a good time. Sometimes, it’s not that great of a day, and sometimes I don’t want you to fake it until you make it.

Jen Gluckow: I hate that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Rather, I want you to live it in advance. You wake up in the morning and you don’t have to fake you’re going to have a great day. You just tell yourself, “I’m going to have a great day today.”

Jen Gluckow: Then, you have a great day.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But it will include the consistency of what will make you great, so maybe it’s dedicating half an hour or dedicating an hour, but whatever it is, you want to make sure you do it.

Jen Gluckow: So here’s the deal, back to Sell or Die. We decided we were going to commit to this, and now we’re in Paris, and we could be anywhere. We could be visiting the Eiffel Tower right now.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: We could be visiting a museum right now or eating a great dinner right now.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, let’s get the hell out of here.

Jen Gluckow: We decided we’re going to commit to it and we’re going to be consistent about it, so we are here because we can’t just ask you to be consistent. We have to do that too, and so when it came down to it, we planned ahead. We got with Doug and we said, “Let’s do it at this time,” right?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: So think about in advance, there’s always going to be some excuse for why you can’t do something, some reason, something or some person to blame for why you can’t or why something is difficult to do. You need to figure out how you can do it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: So Gabrielle’s going to read a few more things.

Jen Gluckow: Ooh, we have more comments.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Sorry.

Jen Gluckow: That’s okay.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, here we go. Thank you, Gabrielle. Let’s hear that one.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Great job, Gabrielle. Yeah, Gabrielle, so smart, so beautiful. She has great mentors. Smash that share button [inaudible 00:16:32].

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh.

Gabrielle Gitomer: I try to constantly schedule-

Jen Gluckow: Hi, Amy.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I try to constantly or consistently?

Gabrielle Gitomer: Consistently schedule time to take care of my not so pleasant tasks, block it out, get it over with. Then, go on with my day.

Jen Gluckow: Cool.

Gabrielle Gitomer: I need to be and will be more consistent with shooting sales videos.

Jen Gluckow: You do that, Roger. Send us one.

Gabrielle Gitomer: Roger, you’re my sales sensei. Roger, [inaudible 00:17:01].

Jen Gluckow: Hola, Raphael.

Gabrielle Gitomer: [crosstalk 00:17:07]. Then-

Jen Gluckow: Tom.

Gabrielle Gitomer: -Tom. The lizard brain garden or residents [inaudible 00:17:16] gets me unless I’m really careful. Then, I hear a great croak. Motivation is for amateurs. Do the work whether I feel like it or not whether the work to say good day or not, and the work gets better. Like Jeffrey says, live it in advance.

Jen Gluckow: Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, so we call it motivation Monday because that happens to be the alliterative piece, or the onomatopoeia of what we’re trying to convey. If it were me, it would be inspiration Monday, but there’s no pizzazz.

Jen Gluckow: It just doesn’t roll of your tongue.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

Jen Gluckow: Sorry.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I have been a person who’s tried to be inspired his whole life and inspire other people.

Jen Gluckow: Why don’t you explain your difference in terms of meanings of motivation versus inspiration? A lot of people still use the word motivation and don’t get the difference.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Interestingly I belong to the National Speakers Association, or did belong. I think I’m dropping my membership, but the biggest category is motivational speaker. Dude, I don’t want to be a motivational speaker. I want to be an inspirational speaker. You can think about your high school teacher, your college professor, the people that inspired you the most are the people you still either talk about or maintain contact with. That’s number one. Motivation lasts for a day or two. Inspiration can last for a lifetime. I maintain if you want to motivate somebody, motivate yourself.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s very difficult for people to motivate others, but they can inspire others, and you can see it all day on Twitter. You can see it all day on Facebook. I can see it all day on LinkedIn or YouTube. You look at the inspirational message that people have posted that get reposted, or they get shared, or they get liked, or they get subscribed to. Those are the things that matter right now. It’s very difficult for people to understand the difference between motivation and inspiration, because motivation is the word they heard all their life.

Jen Gluckow: Well, next episode on either next Monday’s episode or the following one let’s talk about people who have inspired us.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: It’s hard to find people who motivated you or people who’ve motivated me. I motivate myself.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I motivate myself too, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking for, you know, somebody to just kick me in the ass and give me a way to go. I can tell you that people stop me in the airplane or on the street. It’s inspirational to me. They, “I got your book. I got …” We’re in a barbecue place the other day, and I walk down the aisle and somebody looked at me and pointed at me and go, “Red book.” I’m like, “Yeah, red book.” That guy got a-

Jen Gluckow: That is pretty cool, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Gitomer: -free red book, and he was inspired by it. I can guarantee you.

Jen Gluckow: Roger says inspiration lasts, motivation doesn’t. That’s true.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. Now, motivation can last for a day or two, but inspiration can last for a lifetime. You know, I don’t want to pump somebody up. I want them to pump themselves up. I want them to feel as though this is something for them that will help them and inspire them for a lifetime.

Jen Gluckow: So what we’re hoping we’re doing for you on motivation Monday is actually inspiring you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: You mean, you’re not kicking the bucket.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right. Tom says inspiration feeds intrinsic motivation. I like that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Very intelligent, Tom.

Jen Gluckow: I like that, Tom.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Very intelligent. Mark-

Jen Gluckow: Jeffrey, why don’t you create a category in your Easy Nerd podcast as inspiration speaker of the week?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Okay, cool. Actually, what I’d like to do is create inspirational video of the week of people that would just send me something on LinkedIn or Facebook or my email,, and we’ll stick it up there. If somebody’s really good, I’m happy to promote [crosstalk 00:21:08].

Jen Gluckow: Ooh, that’s a challenge. That’s a challenge.

Jeffrey Gitomer: If you have something and you want to share it, then damn, share it. I would tell you also, and this is pretty interesting. This is probably the reason that we are doing this on our quasi holiday. I’m inspired by Paris.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m inspired by all the things that are here and it continues to be inspirational to me. That’s why I have consistently done it.

Jen Gluckow: I was at Merci today, which is the coolest store with everything you never need. It’s like a gift store, and they have a caf. We went to the caf. The caf is a used book store, and all these really cool books, like floor to ceiling books, and then seats where you can sit, and it was full. The waitress said, “Why don’t you go sit in the other restaurant with the cinema? It’s called Cinema Merci or whatever. It’s right next door.”

Jen Gluckow: I said, “No, I want to sit with the books. I came here to sit with the books, because to me, that’s inspirational,” so I was seeking inspiration, and she just, you know-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, took it away. So this is for you, this motivational Monday. I think that you need to look at your own backyard. I think you need to look at the things that have motivated you or inspired you over the course of the last decade, and decide what you’re going to consistently dedicate yourself too. Decide what things you’re going to do for life and what things you’re going to do forever that will help others and gratify you, you know, that will help fulfill you. I write for gratification, fulfillment, and to help other people. There’s legacy involved in that. That’s why I do it. I’m here for eight days. I’m going to be writing.

Jen Gluckow: Cool. All that, Jeffrey. I want to go back to that challenge that Jeffrey just threw out there to come up with an inspirational video, and for those of you who know people who are doing those kinds of videos, why don’t you hashtag them with Sell or Die and tag us both in the video rather than sending it to your email? This way we can find them on social media and capture the best videos to publish.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, you know, I have an Instagram account, @jeffreygitomer, and I do things that are inspirational to me, but I do it consistently. I’ve been doing it for the last several years, and it works. You know, I have thousands of followers.

Jen Gluckow: For those of you just joining us, consistency is the theme of today’s meeting, today’s motivational Monday.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, and if you’re just joining us, this is Sell or Die motivation Monday, and tomorrow-

Jen Gluckow: Please share this out to your network.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, we’re live from Paris-

Jen Gluckow: Give us some likes.

Jeffrey Gitomer: -and we’re doing the best we possibly can under the circumstances. You know, it’s tough over here. You got to have fresh bread every morning.

Jen Gluckow: You wake up with croissant.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s horrible. Coffee, ugh, so bad. Then, you have to go out in the street and you see the most beautiful architecture of the world.

Jen Gluckow: Oh man.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yesterday we took a class to make macaroons.

Jen Gluckow: Guys, these things are literally, if you follow my Instagram, I put a whole story up, but these macaroons are the hardest things in the world to create.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, but look how perfect this one is, huh?

Jen Gluckow: That is a good one.

Jeffrey Gitomer: It’s the one I made. Gabrielle made them. You had to be 12 to be in the class, and she used her fake ID to get in at [inaudible 00:24:37].

Jen Gluckow: No, she used her sales skills.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, and her 100 euro fee to get in. The bottom line is it was fun and inspiring, and for the last three or four times that we’ve been to Paris we consistently take a class. We consistently go to museums. We’re going to take a train to Brussels on Wednesday to visit the Magritte Museum, which is my personal favorite modern artist. I’m going to meet an old friend there from the Dale Carnegie office in Brussels. I mean, the consistency of doing this is what wins. I want you to be a winner. I want you to win more in your life and the only way you’re going to do it is by consistency. For the young people that are job hopping out there because you’re looking for a greener pasture, I’m telling you, eat the grass or smoke the grass in your own backyard.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Try to stay at it until you get something better for yourself and be a better person. Don’t leave something for money. Leave something for value, and go do something that you absolutely love to do, and it will pay you huge dividends.

Jen Gluckow: Oh, Wes is here. Hey, Wes, Tom says tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Exactly.

Jen Gluckow: Thanks for the sacrifice. Hey, guys, while you’re here, submit your questions. Jeffrey. You want to know how to make macaroons you can even ask that to us, because we now know how. Submit your questions, submit comments, tell us what you’re going to sell this week. What’s the one thing you’re going to do no matter what this week? We want to know.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And-

Jen Gluckow: Ashley’s here. Ashley, how you feeling? Aw. I hope you’re feeling better.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Aw, yeah. Ashley.

Jen Gluckow: Mark, I just passed on my Facebook network a great video on how to create macaroons. It looks easy [inaudible 00:26:27].

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, it’s real easy to make.

Jen Gluckow: It is so difficult. Oh man. You have to have something at an exact temperature before you put it into the blender. The blender has to be at an exact speed. Then, you have to reduce it at an exact new temperature. It’s crazy town. It took us three and a half hours, but they’re really good and so much more satisfying when you make them yourself.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh yeah. Instead of two bucks a macaroon they’re like $50 a macaroon.

Jen Gluckow: Tom says value, not money, not dollars. Yes. John says what’s up, Jeffrey, the football make it home okay?

Jeffrey Gitomer: The football made it home perfectly well.

Jen Gluckow: This is the coolest thing. John, Jeffrey is obsessed with that football. Let me tell you.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I was given-

Jen Gluckow: Dave, hey, what’s up, Dave?

Jeffrey Gitomer: -significant flooring. I did a seminar for them, and they gave me an autographed football from the Super Bowl. I know. Autographed by you know who, the MVP of the Super Bowl, Nick Foley.

Jen Gluckow: You know, it’s funny. I thought we were going to get through a Sell or Die episode, just one, without mentioning the Eagles, but John, it’s worth it to mention it this one last time [crosstalk 00:27:41].

Jeffrey Gitomer: I almost-

Jen Gluckow: That was so cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: -cried when they gave me that ball, because-

Jen Gluckow: I think you secretly cried.

Jeffrey Gitomer: -it’s a [inaudible 00:27:48] ball, and it sits on my desk right now so I can see it every day, but I’m so grateful to them for doing that, because it’s a lifetime memory.

Jen Gluckow: So John, he sent me a picture of the bag it was in on the airplane. He’s like, “You’re never going to guess what I got.” I’m like, “What? You can’t do that.” Then, he took off. The whole rest of the plane I was wondering what was in the bag? He was super excited about it. Oh man, Zack, our favorite young hustler, Zack Krupp, is here. What up? What up? What up?

Jeffrey Gitomer: I also must say that we beat the New England Patriots 41-33-

Jen Gluckow: Ron wants to know who won?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, 41-33. It wasn’t that close. We actually beat the crap out of them and Tom Brady pulled his normal horse shit at the end of the game but still fell short, and I’m so happy. It was such a great sportsman to stay on the field after the game.

Jen Gluckow: Jeff-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh wait, he didn’t. He cried off the field like the baby … Oh, did he just retire? Can somebody confirm that Tom Brady just retired?

Jen Gluckow: I don’t know.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Was that an April Fool’s thing?

Jen Gluckow: I have no idea. Wait, so okay, so-

Jeffrey Gitomer: They don’t have April cry baby day. They only have April Fool’s.

Jen Gluckow: The story with John giving you the football is so cool to me, because first of all, they didn’t have to give you anything.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Correct.

Jen Gluckow: Okay. They paid your fee, that was great. They didn’t have to give you anything, but they did. They could have given you anything. They could have given you flowers. They could have given you a gift card to a restaurant. They could have given you-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Or a jacket with their name on it.

Jen Gluckow: Right, something with their name on it. They could-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right, bling.

Jen Gluckow: -have given you anything under the sun, but what they gave you-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Was it.

Jen Gluckow: -showed they got to know you. They wanted to build a relationship.

Jeffrey Gitomer: If I would have built a wishlist, that would have been the top of my list.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I mean, literally at the top of my list, so-

Jen Gluckow: I can’t believe you beat me to it, because I should have bought that for him.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, but listen, the bottom line is, and I don’t know whether I said thank you five million times or not, but thank you again.

Jen Gluckow: That is so freaking cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Tell Bobby and tell all the other people that are there that I’m so grateful for it.

Jen Gluckow: Look how grateful he is. Now ask yourself what are you getting your customers? When-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Consistently, so McDonnell, I expect another one next week.

Jen Gluckow: No, no, no.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I know.

Jen Gluckow: No, but seriously, are you getting them something personal and memorable, or are you getting them something that they’re just going to put in a box and say, “Thanks”? You know, or maybe a trash can and say [crosstalk 00:30:14].

Jeffrey Gitomer: Well, listen, but here’s the deal. The consistency of anything is what will win for you. What they’re doing is thinking about how memorable they can be, and that’s going to manifest itself in how memorable they can be to their other customers as well.

Jen Gluckow: Dave says he’s very grateful he told me about it last week. He’s telling everybody.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: It’s so true. He’s so grateful.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Reminds me of an old joke, but it’s not appropriate for Facebook Live.

Jen Gluckow: Mark is going college campus touring spring break week. Cool. That’s fun. Enjoy that.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah.

Jen Gluckow: Especially the application applying part.

Jeffrey Gitomer: I’m assuming it’s for the enrollment of a child rather than your particular enrollment, but that’s just a guess.

Jen Gluckow: Zack’s on the macaroons the other day. That’s right, Zack.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Cool. All right, so listen. Here’s the deal. We are here in Paris. We will be back again consistently at least once more this year.

Jen Gluckow: Our goal is to be doing this every Monday at 12:15 eastern time, but let us know in the comments whether you’re watching the replay or right now if that’s a good time for you-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Please.

Jen Gluckow: -because we want to be here at a time that is going to be great for you to be able to join, and to be able to join with your sales teams so that you guys can have a part of your Monday meeting with us.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Right. We’re here to converse with you. If you ask a question, we will answer it. If you have a concern, we will deal with it. If you have an idea, we will accept it and extile it and steal it, but I think that the whole idea is for us to be able to be accessible and be approachable and to you at least be responsible to you as our die hard listeners and our die hard watchers to provide the best possible sales information on the planet.

Jen Gluckow: Tom likes 12:15 on Mondays. Cool.

Jeffrey Gitomer: All right, Tom, well whatever you want is fine with us, Tom. If anybody wants 1:15, we’ll do it at 1:15 again, right?

Jen Gluckow: He can watch the replay.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, exactly. Maybe 12:15 is too late. Maybe we should be doing it at seven-

Jen Gluckow: 8am?

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, so the people in California have to get up at five to watch it live.

Jen Gluckow: Yeah, that’s a little early.

Jeffrey Gitomer: We don’t care. Oh, we do care, California. I swear.

Jen Gluckow: Oh man.

Jeffrey Gitomer: But listen, the bottom line is this. It’s information that-

Jen Gluckow: Just for the record, it’s like seven o’clock here, so clearly we do care.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Oh, that’s true. We haven’t eaten dinner yet.

Jen Gluckow: That’s right.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Because no one eats dinner in Paris at seven o’clock. If you go to a restaurant in Paris at seven, they’re setting up. Anyway-

Jen Gluckow: All right, guys. We’ll try to do another live before we leave Paris in case you do have any sales questions this week. We want to-

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah, just for the heck of it.

Jen Gluckow: -hang out with you and see you again.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Post them up. If you have some questions, post them up. We’ll be more than happy to answer. Is Paris safe? Yes, Paris is safe. Is Paris friendly? It’s mediocre friendly. Is Paris the most beautiful place on the planet? Yes it is. Is there more culture here than any place in the world in one city? Yes, there is, so it’s a place for me to feel-

Jen Gluckow: Amy wants to know where the wine, cheese, and bread is. Don’t worry, it’s right over there, like that way. It’s plentiful.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Yeah. But you know, this is the epicenter of culture in the world. We’re happy to be broadcasting from it and happy to be here for you, our die hards, and we will see you shortly back in the United States of America.

Jen Gluckow: Until next time, I’m Jen Gluckow.

Jeffrey Gitomer: And I’m Jeffrey Git omer, and good bye to motivation Monday and maybe we’ll see motivational Thursday or Friday. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Jen Gluckow: Bye.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Thank you.