improve customer experience



The #1 Way to Create Customer Experiences That Build Loyalty & Profits

In this episode of The Sell or Die Podcast, we discuss why properly training your staff is the fundamental step you need to implement in order to build customer loyalty, improve customer experience, and increase your profits.

improve customer experience

But before we dive right in, let us introduce ourselves in case this is your first visit. Welcome to the Sell or Die Podcast. We’re your hosts, Jeffrey & Jen Gitomer. Between the two of us, we’ve written the books The Little Red Book of Selling, Sales in a New York Minute, plus 15 other best-selling books. We’ve also created the 7 figure sales formula program and the Breakthrough Business Babe Community. 

Sell or Die is for sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to sell more at full price, earn loyalty, and have an unlimited stream of referrals. Every single episode will give you real-world, easy-to-implement solutions so that you can get your calls returned, your proposals read and acted on while creating relationships that you can take to the bank. 

It’s time to sell or die…

It’s true, customers will tell twice as many people about their negative experience than they will their positive experience. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to properly train your staff to ensure you are creating positive customer experiences. If you can implement this fundamental step in your business, you are guaranteed to build your loyal customer base and ultimately drive your profits. We’re here to help make that happen.

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We can relate

Every single one of us has the need to buy a product or service. Whether it’s your daily coffee, your night out at a restaurant, a new car, or a new TV; we are always in need to buy something.

You probably can’t remember the last time you went out and received excellent service. But you can remember the last time you received lousy service. Did you tell your friends and family? Were you tempted to write about your negative experience online? 

The point is, we all have felt that frustration as a customer. We want to be heard, especially when there is no remedy to the issue. So we share our negative experience which is the catalyst to businesses losing loyal customers and profits. 

It’s sad, too, because the business could have avoided it if they had just invested into properly training their staff.

improve customer experience

Lousy service dominates our society

We want to share Jen’s story. 

Jen needed a projector and had decided to go to Best Buy. She researched their inventory online, confirmed they were in stock, and headed to the store located 45 minutes away.

When she got there, the customer service associate explained that even though they were listed online, she mistakenly missed the “red dot” which meant they were out of stock. Come to find out, there was only one projector in stock — the most expensive one.

Now, this is where the situation began to take a step towards a slippery slope. Jen was made to feel like she did something wrong and that it was somehow her fault their online inventory list wasn’t user friendly.

However, Jen still had a need for the projector, so she headed to the projector aisle with the associate.

Train your staff to improve customer experience

The projector wasn’t anywhere to be seen so the associate asked Jen if she wanted him to look on the top shelf. 

Was that a trick question? 

After not seeing it on the top shelf, he went to the warehouse to look. The associate came back empty-handed, and Jen asked if he could check the top shelf one more time, which he did. Jen then asked if he could double-check the warehouse, to which he replied, “No, they can’t waste their time looking again.”

At that point, Jen was frustrated and her experience turned negative. The associate ignored her problems and didn’t offer any solutions, even though she was a loyal customer who drove 45 minutes to the store and was planning on spending close to a thousand dollars on the projector.

What could have been done differently to improve customer experience and maintain customer loyalty?

It’s not about the problem, it’s about the solution

No matter what, your staff will always run into issues with customers. Maybe the coffee was too bitter, the meal took an hour to come out, or in Jen’s case, a specific product wasn’t available.

What are the solutions the Best Buy associate could have offered to Jen?

  • Research projector inventory for the nearby Best Buy
  • Help Jen find comparable projectors on Amazon for same-day or next-day delivery

But, because she was rejected and not offered any alternatives, Best Buy lost a loyal customer and profits.

And now she’s talking about it on a podcast that is shared for the world to hear.

Get great service, give greater service

Here’s the deal: if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO or VP in charge of a sales team; it’s imperative that you train your staff.  

Your goal is to improve customer experience and build customer loyalty. Teach your staff how to deal with these unexpected situations that you know are bound to occur. 

Invest in people, the dividends are phenomenal: The Bottomline

It starts with you, implementing the training, and ends with your staff, the face of your company. 

Your team is the last point of contact your customers have. So if they are trained properly, they will improve customer experience, build customer loyalty and streamline your profits.

If they aren’t trained properly, the world is going to hear about it. It’s easily avoidable, if you just invest in your people.

Be sure to listen to all of episode 570 for more details on why properly training your staff is the fundamental step you need to implement in order to build customer loyalty, improve customer experience, and increase your profits.

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