Expertise and Reputation Development for Client Attraction

When it comes to making sales, it’s much easier to talk to someone who already wants to buy as opposed to convincing someone to buy. In episode 515 of the Sell or Die Podcast, we are talking about the number one way you can establish expertise and attract people who want to buy from you.


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It’s time to sell or die…

 So read the points below to learn how you can attract clients by utilizing our number one tip. And for even more details on each point, listen to ALL of episode 515 of the Sell or Die Podcast on your preferred streaming platform!

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Expertise and Reputation Development, Point #1: If you put out value, people will want more.

When you join a company and you’re in sales, a lot of times people give you the advice to go cold call. They tell you to make 100 calls a day and you’ll touch 20 people directly, out of those 20 people you’ll get 5 appointments, then you make a sale. Rather than picking up the phone calling people unsolicited or sending out cold messages on LinkedIn, if you focus on putting out value, people will want more. 

The questions for you die-hards, do you know your expertise? What do you want to be known for and as? For example, Jeffrey is known for his expertise in sales. He is also known for attitude/personal development but ultimately known as the king of sales. How did he get that title – king of sales? Jeffrey earned it, the bottom line is that he gave that title to himself when he felt that he deserved it. 


Expertise and Reputation Development, Point #2: What's the title you give to yourself? That’s what you can become known as, and ask yourself if this title portrays something you are trying to transfer.

Jeffrey named himself after who he wanted to become and stepped into the role of that title. In a way, it’s like practicing and living the title in advance of becoming it. It’s putting out a name into the universe of who you want to become. If you are not ready to own that uber-confident title, what you have to ask yourself is, what do you want it to be, and start calling yourself that.

Once you start referring to yourself as that title, you will think about how to make decisions as that person. When you ask yourself that question and come up with the answer, you are acting like the person you envision to be. Be better than you were the day before, learn something new in the morning, put it into practice in the afternoon. When you do this for decades, you can’t help but get better, it’s inevitable. I’m convinced that if a salesperson decided to believe in themselves, and identify what their expertise is and what to call themselves, they can achieve any height of success they want.

Expertise and Reputation Development, Point #3: Figure out what you’re an expert in and determine if you are communicating your expertise in the best possible way.

Start thinking about what your zone of genius is and what your true area of expertise is. How are you showing up in the world? Look at how you can broadcast yourself, we are living in a world right now that’s gone virtual. You have to take advantage of that time, go on Facebook Live. Figure out what you are an expert in, and then determine if you are communicating your expertise in the best possible way. Build your expertise every day. 

We’re asking you die-hards to establish yourself with expertise and position yourself as a leader so that people will be attracted to you for your value, not your cheap price. Back in the day, it used to be all about calling and outreach, now we truly believe if you put the right stuff out there because you believe you are the expert and you are willing to share value freely, then people will be coming to you ready to purchase whatever you offer. 

Expertise and Reputation Development for Client Attraction: The Bottomline

It comes down to simply disciplining yourself and determining that you are going to become an expert in your field. Then, putting out valuable and attractive content. Nowadays, you have such an accessible way to do this, you can start building a social platform right now. Invite your friends, build a base, put out value, and start building that client attraction. 

So to hear more of our insight on the number one way to attract customers and buyers, don’t forget to tune in to episode 515 of the Sell or Die Podcast.

Thank you so much for listening to Sell or Die! We hope that this episode has helped you to transform the way you think, given you new ideas, and provided a new perspective on the sales and business challenges you face every day so that you can win the customer to the bank.

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