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Defining Your Elements of Character: Where Is Your Moral Compass Leading You?

Today we’re going to make you squirm a little as we embrace a touchy subject—moral compass. No, not a compass—North, South, East, and West, but your moral compass—your elements of character. A moral compass doesn’t have to do with your physical direction, well sometimes it does, but basically what it says is that mentally you’re going to start here with what to do morally before you begin to act physically or verbally. What are your customers telling you? Every single thing that’s coming out of their mouth is said for some reason and you need to pick up on those subtle or maybe not so subtle clues of what they’re really hoping for, looking for, what they want, or what they hope the outcome will be. You react with your moral compass, which tells you how that communication is going to go. You may think it’s “woo-woo”, but we assure you it’s not! What is a moral compass? It’s rooted in truth, character, ethics, and attitude. Are you heading in the right direction?

elements of character

Truth: Don’t Get Caught In A Web of Lies

We can’t discernibly say what’s more important than another, but if we had to choose one, we would choose truth because the truth is going to determine your ethics. Truth is going to determine your character and truth is going to determine your attitude. Those make up your morality.

Once you understand that there is a compass for this, then it will tell you what direction you need to go in order to be able to achieve your desired outcome and if there’s a conflict in the way you present truth or the moral character that you possess, or even the reputation that’s attached to your character, you’re going to have an issue.

The first conflict is then going to be with yourself.

One of the things you might want to consider is how good, or “moral,” are your truth, attitude, character, and your ethics?

Where do you stand on each of those elements, and which one stands out to you as something that you are really strong in and something that you want to focus on improving?

My dad, rest his soul, gave me a lesson early in life that said, “When you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.” –Jeff

There’s truth in the cliché of truth. What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive, and so when we don’t tell the truth it becomes a tangled web of deception that you have a hard time, or an impossible time, of getting out of without actually having to admit the truth.

Eventually, all the lies will be revealed.

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Character: The Fiber of Your Being

How do you define character in a way that people can figure out what they want to work on or if they feel like their character is already perfect?

What is the makeup of your humanity? How do you carry yourself? What are the ways that you appear to others, either physically or mentally?

This is part of your moral fiber—that is part of your makeup. You can look at it as the root word for characteristics, but you can also look at it from the standpoint of “How do people talk about you when you’re not there?”

How do they perceive you, do they believe you, do they want to buy from you? It is tied to their belief of you. Your truth and your character. They’re going to look at that as the foundation of “Do I move forward, or should I move forward?”

Truth is a binary—it’s a yes or a no, it’s on or off. -Jen

Character has elements. How much integrity do I have? What’s my work ethic? People notice these elements. These are elements of your reputation and how people will talk about you.

Ask yourself—what are the elements that go into this process of you that make up who you are, that other people view as either positive or negative or neutral?

elements of character

Ethics: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The fact that people have to put ethics in their mission statement usually means that they are not.

You don’t need to tell me that you’re ethical. I’m going to figure that out by the actions that you take. -Jeff

I’m going to judge your ethics by your actions, not your words. Yes, your words matter, too, but they don’t speak as loudly and as profoundly as your actions.

I’m going to look at your deeds—how you did something to someone else. This is ethics.

Attitude: Is The Cup Half Full or Half Empty

Your attitude is something you can work on and create daily. -Jen

You either think positively or think negatively. You think of yourself as a good attitude person or a bad attitude person.

Your attitude influences every relationship and communication you have and you have control over how you choose to respond in every situation.

Your Elements of Character

Think about it from the perspective of—these are the elements that put together your compass that comprise your character—that create your reputation.

We challenge you to really dig into these elements of the moral compass and your moral compass and determine where you stand and what you’d like to work on this year.

Let us leave you with this to give you something that may help create some glue for you—

Do the right thing the best way you know how. This will help guide your own internal moral compass.

If you’re always doing the right thing and you’re always doing it the best way you know how to, others will judge you in a positive way.

Until next time…We’re challenging you to be moral!

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