Core Values and Entrepreneurship with Teresa Kwon


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Sell or Die with Monte WyattSell or Die with Teresa Kwon


When is it time to expand what you are doing as a salesperson? When is it time to hire more salespeople? Knowing when and how to take on “more” of anything can be difficult and scary.


Today’s guest, Teresa Kwon, Founder and Managing Director of Daringly Great. She will take the fear out of growth and help you lead and achieve your wildest business dreams. Teresa is a seasoned business strategist and leadership coach devoted to helping successful online CEO’s attract, hire, train, and lead a world-class team to scale their business to millions.

She’ll offer strategies on who, when and how to hire up so that you’re getting the right people for your business. PLUS she coaches us up on how to be leaders for ourselves by establishing core values that guide every decision toward furthering our end goals.


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On today’s show…

7:32 – The moment when Teresa realized she had a gift for building teams

9:24 – “I always start by listening”

15:40 – How should salespeople begin to form bonds with leadership AND prospects

17:30 – The value of establishing your own core values

18:50 – Core values vs. mission statements

25:50 – Establishing company culture as an island

31:08 – Knowing who to elevate into leadership

36:56 – Becoming your own leader to achieve your own goals

39:00 – It’s always time to hire someone


More on today’s guest

Teresa hails from the taco-lovin’ Austin, Texas where she is a high-impact leadership speaker, strategist, coach, and Founder of Daringly Great Leadership  For 25 years she has helped leaders of startups, businesses, and reputable organizations build and scale with aligned and high-performing teams. Teresa holds a Master in Public Administration with a specialization in Nonprofit Leadership & Management from the Henry W. Bloch School of Business Management and is  Certified Scrum Professional, Certified in Fundraising, and a PMP. Teresa is an avid globetrotter, foodie, philanthropist, bookworm, and nature lover. She is married to a her rock and Sushi Chef and is fur-mom to an adorable toy poodle named Blackjack. They were last spotted wandering the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios outside London after conquering the GOT glacier in Iceland.



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