Building Rapport



Building Rapport That Will Lead to More Sales & Referrals

Building rapport is key if you want to create more sales and referrals for your business. That’s why episode 501 of the Sell or Die Podcast is all about how YOU can transform your business for the better by building rapport!

Building Rapport

But before we dive right in, let us introduce ourselves in case this is your first visit. Welcome to the Sell or Die Podcast. We’re your hosts, Jeffrey & Jen Gitomer. Between the two of us, we’ve written the books The Little Red Book of Selling, Sales in a New York Minute, plus 15 other best selling books. We’ve also created the 7 figure sales formula program and the Breakthrough Business Babe Community. 

Sell or Die is for sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to sell more at full price, earn loyalty, and have an unlimited stream of referrals. Every single episode will give you real-world, easy to implement solutions so that you can get your calls returned, your proposals read and acted on, while creating relationships that you can take all the way to the bank. 

It’s time to sell or die…

 So read the three points below to find out more about how building rapport – and we mean DEEP rapport, not just the connection you can make over a single email – can lead to more sales and referrals. And for even more details on each point, listen to ALL of episode 501 of the Sell or Die Podcast on your preferred streaming platform!

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Building Rapport That Will Lead to More Sales & Referrals, Point #1: Building deep rapport is a key new sales strategy post-pandemic.

Today, we are going to talk about the best ways to build deep rapport that will actually lead to more sales and more referrals, especially as we’re emerging from this pandemic. And there is going to be a new way to sell, post pandemic. And that new way to sell is going to be much softer than the old way of selling because people may not want to buy right now. Cold-calling is not going to work. Instead, building rapport is critical so you can get potential clients to talk to you about what has happened and what they need now. 

So creating deep relationships is more important now than ever before. And if you don’t have deep relationships already, you’re not going to establish some tomorrow. The relationships that you have right now are the ones that you can count on to be able to deepen. And you’re also going to need to approach people differently, post Coronavirus. Most connections will be virtual. 

And for even more help adapting to the post-pandemic world, check out Jeffrey’s The New Normal Course.

Building Rapport

Building Rapport That Will Lead to More Sales & Referrals, Point #2: To start building rapport, find out what your customers have been experiencing and what they need.

What I’m challenging all the people I work with to do is find out what’s been going on in their customers’ lives. Hopefully you’ve already been communicating with some of them and maintaining a relationship, but now we want you to ask them, “What’s been happening? What do you need?” And ask from a place of real concern and wanting to help them and maybe not even sell to them. But even more importantly, take notes on their answers! Because that means you’re documenting what a customer needs, and the more customers you repeat this process with, the more you know the kind of help your customers need right now. 

Because here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter if you send out tons of emails offering your stuff at a super low price if people don’t need what you’re trying to sell. 

So the best thing you can do is figure out how to help people. Now, how do you do that? Well, guess what? They’re going to tell you what’s been happening if you have a deep enough relationship with them. They’re gonna tell you if they laid people off or if they’re having the best month they’ve ever had. Because, you know, grocery store employees might be having the best month ever but an insurance agent or a car dealer may tell you a different story. So the challenge is understanding what’s been happening for your target customers and figuring out how you can help them in this time of need. That way, as we all emerge from the pandemic, you’ll be able to win sales based on your helpfulness, not just how well you can sell.

Building Rapport That Will Lead to More Sales & Referrals, Point #3: Strategies for effectively building deep rapport.

So how can you build the deep rapport you need – especially now that we’re walking around wearing masks and we can’t build connections by smiling, etc.?

Well, long story short, I (Jeff!) had a conversation with a certified neuro-linguistic programming trainer, and it turns out that rapport and shared values go hand-in-hand. So shared value has become my new mantra, and I’ve focused on going into the minds of other people and looking at how deep I can get into a relationship with somebody just based on the things that we both know about or like.

And it makes sense that shared values are so effective at building relationships when you consider that values come from your beliefs. Values are the elements that you fight for because you believe them to be true and important to you down to your core.

So whether that shared value is intellectual, political, philosophical or even medical, that is going to breed some kind of feeling of camaraderie. And I think it would be interesting for you diehards to do a deep dive into what your values are and compare them to the values of the five people you spend the most time with. Jen and I were even talking yesterday and I told her, “I love the fact that we both laugh at the same things.” And that is a shared value – it can be as simple as that. And over the years, a shared value like that can deepen a relationship or deepen the feeling of love in the relationship. 

So if you’re looking for a strategy to deepen existing relationships, thinking about shared values is a great place to start. But it’s not enough to simply have the value in common. If you want that deeper relationship, you have to decide you want to talk about that shared value, too.

Building Rapport That Will Lead to More Sales & Referrals: The Bottomline

We left you with a lot to think about by the end of this episode, but we’re certain that all we discussed will empower you to emerge from the pandemic with a new, winning sales strategy that takes advantage of building deep rapport. And don’t forget to tune in to episode 501 of the Sell or Die Podcast to learn even more about all three points outlined above.

Thank you so much for listening to Sell or Die! We hope that this episode has helped you to transform the way you think, given you new ideas, and provided a new perspective on the sales and business challenges you face every day so that you can win the customer all the way to the bank.

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