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How to Build Trust With Your Customers by Using Words of Empowerment

Last week we talked about gratitude, and this week, we want to discuss how you express your sincerity not just to others around you, but to your customers. Gratitude and sincerity go hand in hand, but being sincere in your words just might impact a little bit deeper. Your sincerity is felt by the other person significantly when you use the right words and begin to build trust.

build trust

But before we dive right in, let us introduce ourselves in case this is your first visit. Welcome to the Sell or Die Podcast. We’re your hosts, Jeffrey & Jen Gitomer. Between the two of us, we’ve written the books The Little Red Book of Selling, Sales in a New York Minute, plus 15 other best-selling books. We’ve also created the 7 figure sales formula program and the Breakthrough Business Babe Community. 

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It’s time to sell or die…

How can you be sincere in selling and build trust and rapport with your customers without coming off hollow?

There are 3 words you should absolutely avoid if you’re trying to learn how to build credibility to build trust with your customers in your sales.

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How to build credibility, honestly

Did you just read that with a sincere tone? 

Saying “honestly” to your customers can have quite the opposite effect than actually affirming your honesty. It’s like you’re trying to trick them, and even yourself, into thinking what you’re saying is the truth. How does that build trust?

If you’re always honest, you’ll never have to use the word because you’re always telling the truth. Especially if you’re affirmative with your actions. When you talk with your customers, it should build trust and make them feel empowered to connect with you and what you’re selling. Not just because you said the word “honestly.”

build trust

Do you really mean what you say?

The next phrase to avoid if you want to build trust is “I mean that.” 

Think about when you compliment someone. Or when you’re being complimented. The difference between saying “I appreciate you for who you are,” and “I appreciate you for who you are, and I mean that,” is sincerity. 

When you say “and I mean that,” it’s a marker, especially if you’re being repetitive with it. If you’re going to say it, say it once and say it sincerely…You say it honestly, and then you’re done. 

Sorry to let you know, but..

You know the one phrase that is supposed to build trust but never comes off authentic? “I’m sorry.” When your customer expresses a concern or issue, they don’t want to hear how sorry you are about it. That holds no true empowerment and doesn’t build trust. Instead, give them the other ‘S’

Learning how to build credibility starts with catching yourself when you’re saying these words and can mean the difference between building trust or destroying it.

Challenge your own word choice

When you realize you’re using these “soft words” that hinder your credibility, you can start changing your vocabulary to words of empowerment that build trust. 

You need to put yourself in a position where you’re happy with your words because they mean something to you, not just to someone else. 

Think about it, what words are you using that make you come off insincere or less confident? It doesn’t have to be the three we just mentioned. Are you using these words in your emails? Are you using these words in your day-to-day life or using these words at home in the workplace? Come up with a list of your insincere words and then cut them out of your life. You don’t need those words, and neither do your customers.

Be affirmative in how you build trust

For the last couple of weeks, I (Jeffrey) have been taking a certification program that touches upon language and the power of your words. I learned that when you use soft words like Jen and I stated above, you’re hindering the opportunity to build trust with your customers. Especially because when you use them, you sound less confident.  

The words you choose to speak to someone can either build their trust or destroy it. The challenge for you is that you need to be affirmative and assertive in what you’re saying. Don’t confuse that with aggressive, the goal here is to empower your customers with the choice that makes them want to connect with you, buy your product, and tell their friends. That’s the foundation of how to build credibility.

Believe in your own words and let your tone tell the other person whether to believe them or not. 

Be sure to listen to all of episode 574 for more details on how to show sincere gratitude for your clients & others around you. Then head over to our Insider’s Club to take the assessment and learn what skills you can optimize for success. We’re here to help provide you with the tools you need to effectively improve upon your skillset and move to the top sales spot on your team…We’ll see you on the inside.

Thank you so much for listening to Sell or Die! We hope that this episode helped you to transform the way you express your gratitude for your customers to start building more trust & rapport within your business relationships.

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