Balancing Art and Business With Alex Beard


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Sell or Die with Alex Beard

How do you chase your passion AND pay your bills at the same time? Our guest expert this week is Alex Beard, artist and owner of the Alex Beard Studio, is living proof that it can be done.

We all want to pursue things that we’re passionate about but the struggle to monetize can often put people back into the daily grind. It takes courage and a powerful drive to turn a “passion project” into a “profit project.” Today we’re introducing you to someone who has empowered his soul to feed his wallet.

Alex will share his thoughts on creativity, business and reveal how he has managed to avoid the title of “starving artist”.


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On Today’s Show:

05:58 – What do Jeffrey and Jen have planned for Sell or Die in 2019?

11:53- When did Alex realize creativity was at his core?

13:45 – “I was never a prodigy. Wasn’t that I was great at it out of the gate. I loved doing it. And as a result, I pursued it.” – Alex Beard

15:50 – The combination of factors that equals success for an artist.

25:51 – Looking for universality in sales and art.

30:04 – What to do if you’re an artist and not business inclined?

40:15 – What’s your “stepping stone” in sales?


More on today’s guest:

American painter and author Alex Beard is best known for his elaborate wildlife compositions created in his signature style of gestural painting, which he has coined “Abstract Naturalism.”


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