Back To School With David Siteman Garland

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Our guest expert this week isDavid Siteman Garland,CEO of Rise To The Top

David sits down with Jeffrey and Jennifer to explain why people should always continue learning. Find the common threads between David starting his business and your common sales day.

David Siteman Garland is the creator of The Rise To The Top & Create Awesome Online Courses. David helps expertscreate & sell online courses with thousands of students in over 100 countries who have created successful courses on everything from kindergarten teaching to snowboarding.

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On today’s show…

02:26 – “Our business model is we teach people to do it themselves for their audience and their community” – David on the business model of

10:36 – “We actually have a saying in creating awesome online courses, small but mighty. So we have a lot of people that are starting from scratch as well. They’re going to have a website. They are thinking about what they want to do and they also do quite well in the program” -David Siteman Garland on the creation of small online courses.

14:03 – How David builds his email list via webinars

23:31 – The pitfalls that some go through when creating going through when creating online courses.

31:52 – How David’s online courses cycles into the rest of his business ecosystem

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